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   Chapter 32 Today, She’s My Girl

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Lashed by his family, Eason indignantly responded with one hand on his chest, "You four gang up on me. Hey buddy, say something!" Eason turned to Samuel with an expectant look on his face.

Samuel totally ignored him, "I'm not on your side this time." The two elders were extremely satisfied with his words.

Jenny glared at her desperate son, "If you are not married in three months, we will only have a son called Samuel and a daughter, Ella."

Ella looked at Jenny in surprise. She remembered that when she had her son, her mom was still rather dissatisfied with Samuel. Since when did she start to take him as her own son?

Maybe it was just as what the ancient proverb said: for a mother-in-law, the more time she spends with her son-in-law, the more satisfied with him she becomes.

Eason beat Samuel on his back. "Buddy, take good care of my parents, I am going away."

"Pa!" Jenny pressed the chopsticks on the table with such force that Eason and Ella suddenly trembled with fear.

Mom was angry. How terrible!

Samuel said leisurely, "Filial piety is mandated by law. If it is serious, you could be found guilty of abandonment. According to Article 261 of our Criminal Law, abandonment is punishable by prison sentence."

... Feeling speechless, Eason turned his eyes to Samuel, ?who was still as calm as ever.

"Abandonment? I just don't want to get married.How is refusing to get married a crime?"?

"Sure it is. No marriage. No children. It's unfilial. Mom and Dad, you can prosecute him, and Samuel will be your lawyer." said Ella.

Jenny clapped her hands, "That's it. Go on."


"Ella..." said Eason with a threatening tone. Feeling cornered, he decided to fight his way out by picking on the weak link

Samuel also cut in, "According to Article 293 of China's Criminal Law, a person, who commits threat, abuse, assault and so on, shall face maximum five-years jail time. You're threatening my wife. I can turn five years into a decade."

"Ha ha ha

did not want to join in, but she finally gave in when she saw Ella was very happy to tell her how to join the group.

All eight people's nicknames were changed by Eason. For instance, Harry: Lola's boy. Lola: Harry's girl.

Of course, Anna's nickname was changed to: Eason's girl.

There were only three people who had issues with this: Anna, Chuck and Daisy!

However, they didn't say anything.

"Chuck, when's the wedding?" Harry asked. Soothing music was playing in the room.

But the question reminded Samuel. He came to realize that he had been so negligent that he didn't even give his woman a wedding or a ring.

Ella also heard his question. After a pause, she continued to add Daisy on her WeChat.

The wedding was not so important to Ella. As long as Samuel accepted and loved her, other things didn't matter.

"I don't know." Chuck only said three words. Actually, he was not lying. His grandfather took full charge of the wedding. He didn't ask anything about that.

Daisy clicked on the phone's screen with her head down, making it hard to see the look on her face.

Harry glanced sideways at Samuel who seemed to be lost in his thoughts. This time Eason directly said, "Samuel, you owe my sister a wedding!" His tone was rather critical.

Ella was deeply rattled by her brother's statement.

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