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   Chapter 27 Mom Likes Emma

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After the baby fell asleep, Ella put him in the middle of the bed. She piled some quilt along the bed edge in case the baby should turn and fall, then she walked downstairs.

In the kitchen, the maids were still busy working. They completely ignored her when she walked in.

Because of Viola's attitude, the maids did not treat Ella fairly.

Ella knew about their attitudes but she did not say anything. She took out a box of milk from the fridge and pulled some milk into a pot to heat.

One of the maids disagreed and murmured: " I just washed that pot clean..."

Ella was cross, so she turned around and confronted her: "So what? I cannot use the pot you just washed?"

The maid curled her lips and walked away with no more words.

Ella looked at her back and took a deep breath. How come they all treated her in such a nasty way? Wherever she went, she was always neglected.

When Ella carried the warm milk back to the bedroom, Samuel just stepped out of the bathroom.

He was in a piece of gray robe and was drying his short hair with a towel.

"Samuel, I just heated up the milk for you. Please drink it while it is still warm." She carefully walked up to him and held the milk up for him.

Samuel stared at the milk and frowned his eyebrows: "You don't need to do these things. Just leave them to the maids." What he was trying to say was, she was his wife and there was no need for her to do these errands in person.

However, Ella paused, as she thought he did not like her doing these things for him. "Oh, okay!"

Samuel took over the milk and randomly put it on the table next to him. He intended to drink it after he had dried his hair.

Ella mistook his behavior and confirmed that Samuel did not like her doing that for him. She looked at the milk and then cast a sad glance at her sleeping son. Ella felt a little bit down as she walked into the bathroom.

In the bedroom, Ella's phone on the table started ringing.

Samuel drank the milk and picked up the phone. He saw the caller's name and his face was gloomy instantly.

"Mr. Su." He answered the phone.

Sum was quite surprised to hear a man's voice. He paused for a second and then he directly asked: "Mr. Shao, where is Ella?"

'Ella? How dare he call her like that!' Samuel sneered, "My wife is in the shower. Wha

way. Her world was only filled with joy and happiness.

The woman standing right in front of her wore delicate make-up on her face. She was in a green short suit and had a pair of black high-heel shoes on her feet.

She looked charming and mature, like a real independent business woman.

Ella stared at her and she was staring back.

Emma had not seen Ella for a long time. She now glowed with happiness.

Her long hair was simply tied into a knot on her head. She only wore light foundation on her face and her lips were highlighted with a sweet orange color. Ella was in a light yellow suit and she had a pair of white wedges on her feet.

She was dressing quite casually, and yet she still looked outstandingly beautiful.

Especially the happiness glowing on her face hurt Emma deeply.

"Ms. Bo, I have just had a meeting with Samuel. I am afraid I will see him quite often in the future." Emma sounded very cocky.

Ella controlled herself, and despite the fact she was greatly cross, she still smiled and replied: "Ms. Gu, you don't need to report your own issues to me. You should know that the only reason you are getting any chance of doing business with Samuel is because he obeys his mother."

Samuel had a great argument with Viola when she proposed that the he and Emma should conduct business cooperation. Viola passed out due to high blood pressure and this made Samuel give in.

Samuel told Ella everything yesterday.

Ella was very pleased that Samuel sincerely shared everything with her. She trusted him.

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