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   Chapter 26 You Go and Marry Her Yourself

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"You are welcome, madam. If you don't need me, I will return to my work." Anna had a good impression of Ella as she did not put on air and was very casual. She gave Ella a kind smile and left Floor 23.

When she went back to Floor 68, she hesitated for a moment. In the end, she decided not to mention the incident to Samuel. Because the topic the staff of Floor 23 had been gossiping about was a private issue between the two, she was in no position to judge.

Now she only hoped that Ella could stand up for herself whenever she got bullied, instead of bottling up her feelings.

That evening, Samuel finished work early and he went back to the Shao villa with Ella. Ella was greeted by the happy Jerry whose big smile melted her heart instantly.

"My dearest baby, mommy misses you so much!" Samuel was touched by the scene of them greeting each other. He was in a good mood too.

Melody noticed that there was something growing between the two. She looked at them and was very pleased with such progress.

Vincent and Viola returned at dinner time. As Jerry was staying at the Shao's villa these days, the old couple always returned here whenever they were finished with work.

During dinner time, the family was chatting and laughing. The ambiance in the dining room was quite relaxing and harmonious.

However, a sudden call from Viola's phone broke the harmony.

She stared at the phone and checked the caller's name. Then she answered the phone without any concern, "Hello, Em."

Samuel heard the nickname and frowned his eyebrows. Ella did not know who Viola was referring to, and was still concentrating on her meal.

"Oh, sure, does Samuel know about this?" Viola seemed very pleased.

Then she gave Samuel a stern look and said to the phone, "What? He blocked your number? I will tell him off."

These words finally drew the attention of Ella, she looked at Viola curiously. She looked so joyful. Her mother-in-law never showed such a joyful expression in front of her before.

Ella looked at Samuel and noticed that his face was quite gloomy and apparently he was eating food at a much slower pace.

Em? What does she mean by Em? Is it Emma? Ella instantly felt sad when she realized that cruel fact.

Melody knew who Viola was talk

"Keep an eye on our son, I am going to run a bath for you." She wanted to do more things for him from now on. She wanted him to get used to her and her companionship.

After finishing these words, she walked into the bathroom. It felt like the time when they just started a relationship. She was timid and tried very hard to please him in every possible way.

Ella was in the bathroom for almost twenty minutes. She never came out.

When Samuel walked in with Jerry in his arms, she was squatting next to the bathtub. She looked absent-minded.

The water in the bathtub was almost full and she was not even aware of that.

Samuel walked quickly towards the tap and closed it.

Ella only came to her senses when Samuel was standing right in front of her. "Oh Sam... The bath is ready." Ella was a little bit embarrassed as the water was really full. She was totally lost in her own thoughts.

When she was about to take Jerry, Samuel grasped her wrist and asked:

"What was on your mind?" His voice was very soothing and comforting. Ella paused and looked up at him, his face was full of gentleness.

"Nothing…. I was only thinking about... about..." She was not good at telling lies. Her face, even her ears were now reddish.

Samuel knew she was lying. But he did not challenge her on this He handed the baby to her and said: "I will go shower now."

She took the baby and walked out of the bathroom.

Jerry was now yawning, so Ella hummed a lullaby softly and tried to put him to sleep.

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