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   Chapter 25 The Child She Was Carrying

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"Help yourself." Samuel gave the chopsticks to Ella and walked towards the door.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?" Ella asked him curiously. Four dishes and one soup were on the table and they seemed untouched. He probably hadn't eaten anything yet!

Samuel put both hands in his suit pockets and smiled at her, "You eat first. I still have some work to finish. Once I'm done, I will come back."

"I will wait for you then."

"No need. You eat now." He said no more and walked out of the lounge.

Ella put a little bit of each dish onto her plate and started to eat slowly.

Halfway through her meal, her cellphone started ringing. She put down her chopsticks and looked around for her phone.

Her phone was on the bedside table not faraway. She took it over, only to see a strange number.

"Hello." She sat back onto the sofa.

Then she heard Catherine's cold voice: "It's the office hour now. Where are you?" Catherine looked at the empty seat in the corner and was really upset.

Ella looked at her meal and then checked the time. The lunch break had been over for more than half an hour.

"I will be right back." She didn't want to talk too much to Catherine. She hung up the phone and began devouring her food.

When Samuel walked in, Ella was pacing restlessly up and down. "What's the matter?" He looked at her with confusion and wondered what she was looking for.

Ella's face was reddish and she patted on her own chest and said: "I ate too fast, I need water..." It was all Catherine's fault. She urged her to go back to work and she ate so fast that she got choked up.

Samuel walked towards a cabinet and opened it. Inside, there was a wide selection of bottles of mineral water, neatly organized.

He took out a bottle, screwed it open and handed it to her. Ella took a sip. Samuel patted her lightly on the back and asked: "How can you be so careless?"

A big girl like her shouldn't choke on food anymore.

Ella took several sips of water and finally felt better. "Oh, I am just running later for work." Otherwise she would not worry at all.

Samuel shook his head and explained to her: "You are 'Mrs. Boss' of this firm. You can come and leave at will." In other wor

nt. She had been working in her position for six years straight. She was a tough woman with strict disciplines. She held such a high reputation in the company that most of the staff did not dare to cross her.

Anna walked elegantly in her high heels towards Ella and said: "Madam, your cellphone was left in the Boss' lounge. Boss wanted to return the phone to you himself, but some important client just showed up so he sent me instead. Madam, I hope you don't mind."

These words shocked everyone, as they all heard loud and clear that Anna just said Boss wanted to deliver the phone himself. Besides, returning the phone was such a small errand. Even if Samuel was occupied, he should not bother his top assistant. Instead, he could just send any junior to do the job.

What's more, Ella was in Mr. Shao's lounge during the lunch break! Anyone who had worked in the firm for over three days was aware that Mr. Shao did not like anyone going near his lounge.

Even the cleaning lady needed to wear full set of hazmat suit including gloves and mouth-mask to get into his private lounge.

Everyone present felt like they had been slapped hard on the face as it turned out Mr. Shao was quite nice to Ella.

Ella gazed fondly at elegant Anna and she was really moved. Ella was bullied in the firm since she started her job. She was truly touched when someone finally stood out and defended her.

"Thank you." She took the phone from Anna's hands and smiled at her.

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