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   Chapter 24 You Don’t Have the Right

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Samuel was happy as Ella was in a good mood," The car is at the 4S shop on Donghua Road. We can get it today or tomorrow."

The elevator came. Samuel blocked the door and went in after Ella.

Ella nodded," Okay." They reached the 23rd floor. Ella looked at him and waved.

At the moment before the elevator stopped, Ella was ready to go out, but Samuel stopped her and kissed her on the lips.

The elevator door was open. She ran out of the elevator, blushing.

Looking at her back, Samuel wore a big smile.

When Ella gave the translated documents to Catherine, she obviously saw a touch of surprise on Catherine's face.

Thinking of how excellent Samuel was, Catherine wasn't surprised.

"Read this case and write a plan for me." Ella was pleased as a new job was assigned to her, But it was difficult for her to do that. She had never appeared in court or engaged in any lawsuit... Thinking of that, Ella, a layman, felt worried.

Catherine was disgruntled by her reluctance to take the portfolio and squinted," What are you doing? Do you want to quit?"

Every word that Catherine said irritated Ella.

Ella sneered," Catherine, this is my husband's company. You don't have the right to fire me!" She had never said something like that before, but in the face of Catherine, she had to rely on nepotism.

The two words," my husband", cut Catherine to the quick.

Her cousin Emma had been in love with Samuel for many years, but eventually Ella became his wife.

"Ella, you said Samuel was your husband. But are you sure he loves you?" What she said depressed Ella instantly.

She wasn't sure about that…

Looking at Catherine, Ella felt something was wrong," You like my husband?" She made a daring guess and carefully watched the reaction of Catherine.

Catherine's heart beat quickly. She was infuriated, obviously trying to hide something. "I am simply feeling sorry for my cousin. What are you

inking of it, she suddenly opened her eyes and sat up in bed.

She confusedly looked at the furnishings around her. There was simple furniture in the large lounge and a vertical-type freezer and mahogany wine rack on the other wall.

The bed she was lying on was three meters wide and covered with grayish bedding.

So where was it? Wasn't she in the library? She got out of bed quickly, put on her shoes and gently opened the lounge door.

There was a huge office outside. A few people sat on the sofa, obviously discussing something with each other..

As the lounge door was opened, they all?turn around and looked at her.

She saw Samuel. Was this his office?

Although she worked here for a few days, she had never been to his office.

After saying something to others, Samuel stood up and walked over to her.

"Are you hungry?" Samuel pulled Ella back into the lounge again and closed the door.

Ella smiled and nodded timidly," Yes." The lunch time had already passed.

Samuel lifted his chin to one direction and said," Go wash your hands." The direction he was pointing to was the washroom. Ella walked over and washed her hands.

When she returned, Samuel had already opened some take-out. The sight of the sumptuous meal made Ella swallow her saliva.

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