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   Chapter 22 Touched the Switch

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Ella already knew something had happened on her way to Catherine's office. She knocked on the door three times. Catherine looked up and her face became even gloomier.

"Ella, where are the files I told you to print out yesterday? Why there are only two copies of them?"

She knew it was coming. Ella took a deep breath and confronted with Catherine's accusation. She explained: "I worked till 10 o'clock last evening..."

"So what, your working late has nothing to do with me! Ineed to see results from you! Don't you know that I am going to need all these files for a contract signing later?" Catherine angrily threw the A4 paper on the desk and glared at Ella.

Somehow, Ella couldn't shake the feeling that Catherine was deliberately picking on her.

"Excuse me, Ms. Gu, sorry for causing you inconvenience." Ella apologized to her in an indifferent tone.

Catherine loathed her so much that she had to stop herself from scratching Ella every time she saw her.. "What's the use of you being sorry? Now go and print out all the documents I need. If you can't complete the task within 2 hours, you should pay for the loss you cause for the company!"

Ella saw her raging face, and she simply said "alright" and left her office.

She now knew for sure that this Catherine had a huge grudge against her. But she did not know where the grudge came from.

As soon as she sat back at her desk, Ella turned on her computer and began working.

10 o'clock in the morning, Ella felt thirsty. So she saved the document on her computer and walked to the break room with her mug.

At the door of the break room, she heard someone talking in a low voice: "Ella, that mistress is so unlucky. She got bullied by Ms.Gu the first day at work. Did you actually see that Ms.Gu herself touched the power switch?"

"Of course. I would not tell you this if I did not see it myself!"

"Mistress? Touched the switch?" At that moment, all Ella could feel was a rage building up inside her.

"Catherine, I got you!" thought Ella.

She quietly moved into the break room. The gossiping employees gathered there stopped talking immediately. They all went back to the office area with a guilty conscience.

Ella eventually completed the task and handed over the last piece of the

me and yet I am still mad at him...' thought Ella.

On hearing that she was still in the office, Samuel frowned his eyebrows. 'How come she is still at the firm at this hour?'

"What's going on?" He knew it very well that sometimes Catherine could be as much a workaholic as Emma. But still he never saw Catherine making her staff work this late.

Ella signed silently and explained: "I have not finished the work assigned by Ms. Gu." In order to avoid further conflict with Ms. Gu, it would be wise for her to finish the work first and then go home.

Samuel did not say anything anymore and hung up the phone. Ella gazed at the phone and felt a little bit down as the call was cut off abruptly by Samuel. She then concentrated her attention on translating.

Twenty minutes later, someone showed up in the office quietly.

The file in her hands was taken away all of a sudden, which startled Ella a lot. She looked up and saw Samuel standing next to her. Her heart began beating faster and faster.

All her fatigue was driven way and her heart was full of joy. Sam was here for her...

Samuel examined her translation. The content of this document was too difficult for a layman. No wonder Ella worked so late.

But why would Catherine give such difficult files to Ella to translate? One peculiar thought crossed his mind but he shook his head and denied it.

He tidied up the desk and gathered all the files and the A4 paper together. He put them all in a folder and said to her, "Let's go home."

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