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   Chapter 21 There was a Woman Named Emma

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Ella's cell phone rang. It was a WeChat message from Samuel, "I'll eat out with my client later. Get something to eat by yourself."

With a sweet smile, she replied "OK."

On second thought, she texted, "Will you come back to the company in the afternoon?" If he came back, maybe they could get off work together this evening.

Before Samuel replied, something bad happened: the computer suddenly had a breakdown... Come on! The document with nearly 10, 000 words hadn't been saved yet!

Ella anxiously checked the computer, wondering where the problem was.

"The power is off. Alas, let's go to have lunch!" Hearing the complaint of her colleague in front, she was dumbstruck.

Her cell phone rang, but she ignored it.

Come on, she could only type no more than 3, 000 words per hour. It cost her nearly five hours to type 10, 000 words… She wanted to cry now.

Though sad, she decided to fill her belly.

She ate something in a restaurant and started to work again.

This time she became alert and saved every 1, 000 words. At over four p.m., Jenifer, the secretary of Catherine walked over, "Ella, Catherine asked me to fetch the printed data."

Ella printed out the documents retyped and handed it to Jenifer.

After a short time, Jenifer returned and told her what Catherine said, "Ella, these documents are urgently needed, but you only typed 10, 000 words in one day. You have to work overtime!"

"I could have typed more, but the power was off at noon. I didn't save what I had typed, so it was so slow." Ella explained with embarrassment.

Jenifer looked at her doubtfully, "The power was off? Why wasn't it off in my office? Just admit that you haven't finished it. Don't make an excuse." She used to have a good impression on Ella, but it was gone completely now.

Ella could say nothing. Fine, she typed too slowly, so she shouldn't make an excuse but worked overtime!

She sat back in h

catch them just now, would some other things have happened?

"Oh, I see." Her voice was the same as usual, which didn't even reveal her feeling. This made Samuel very anxious.

He got up from the bed, took up his pajamas and went into the bathroom.

The door of the bathroom was closed. Ella's tears fell on the pillow.

When Samuel came out, she still laid in that position. Samuel took her in his arms, and she didn't reject it.

The next morning, when Ella's alarm clock rang, Samuel had been dressed and walked out of the cloakroom.

"I'll go for breakfast first. Let's go to work together later." He would make time to buy her a car.

Ella nodded and Samuel left the room.

Ella was still very sad about what happened last night, so they almost said nothing on the way.

Samuel felt guilty as Ella was depressed. He wanted to finish work early this evening and take her out to have dinner.

Upon seeing Ella on the 23rd floor, Jenifer said, "Ella, Catherine is calling you."

Although Jenifer also knew that Ella was Samuel's wife, Catherine said that Ella was just "the other woman." She used the baby in her stomach to take Samuel away?from Catherine's cousin Emma, so she was not worthy of being respected.

Jenifer quickly spread this in the company.

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