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   Chapter 20 Mr. Bo, Sorry for Keeping You Waiting

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Nevertheless, Samuel married another woman. If only she could get a chance, she would definitely not let go of Samuel or just watch him be happy!

The dinner held for the one-month-old Jerry was rounded off. They went back to the old house.

Due to granny's request that night, Jerry would stay in the villa for a couple of days.

On one hand, Melody really liked her great-grandson. On the other hand, she hoped that Samuel and Ella could spend time alone together.

Ella handed over her son in hesitation to Melody. It was true that the nanny was here to help and her parents-in-law were not quite occupied these days. All of them could offer help if needed.

Ella sat in the empty room, waiting for Samuel to come back. He was on the errand of sending some baby necessities to the villa.

After Jerry left, she felt quite relieved from all the burdens. But somehow, she also seemed to have lost something.

When Samuel came back, Ella was dozing off. When she heard his footsteps, Ella sprang up from the bed.

She quickly ran over, held up his wrist and asked impatiently: "Was Jerry crying? Was he naughty? Did he drink the powdered milk? Did he miss me or not?"

Samuel laughed and took the impatient Ella into his arms, "Our son was behaving well. He was not naughty and I would assume that he was not missing you that much." He was teasing her on purpose.

Ella fell for the trick and curled up her lips. She uttered: "This little monkey, I don't like him anymore." Of course she did not mean any of that!

Samuel looked at the discouraged Ella and whispered in her ears, "You don't need to love him. I love him. So all you need to do is to love me."

... Her face went red. Ella lowered her head and buried it into Samuel's chest.

Sam was just so annoying sometimes!

Samuel felt amused when he caught her being embarrassed. He said: "Wait for me, I am just gonna have a quick shower."

He was definitely hinting at something in his words. Ella quickly ran back to the bed and pulled the sheet over her head. She was all embarrassed now.

She could feel that Sam's heart was gradually warming to her these days.

He was more caring when with her. This kind of happiness made

e said sorry but her tone did not imply she was sorry at all.

What's more off-putting, she knew it very well that I am Samuel's wife, and instead of addressing me as Mrs. Shao, she called me Ms. Bo.' Ella knew what was going on and simply smiled: "No worries. Ms. Gu, please assign some work for me."

Catherine sat in her chair, lifted up some folders from aside and put them all in front of Ella. She said:"Print all these documents out today. Turn left at the door, the last cubicle on the fifth row is your seat. Go ahead!" With these words, she lowered her head and continued her work.

Facing such a tepid response, Ella responded indifferently, "Thank you." She picked up all the folders and walked out of Catherine's office. She went to the place as she was told.

One, two, three... The fifth row was the last row. Her seat was at the corner.

There were some green indoor plants in front of the window and some printers.

She was delighted as she would sit by the window. She could now enjoy a good view of outside.

The girl who sat in the next cubicle had freckles on her face. She greeted Ella with a friendly smile when she sat down.

She seemed to be timid, but her smile was very soothing. Ella smiled back and turned on her computer.

She opened a folder and saw some hand-written documents. Ella created a new word document on her computer and started typing.

Time went by so fast when one was focusing on work. Soon it was lunch time.

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