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   Chapter 19 He is Gonna Shine After He Grows Up

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It was getting darker and darker. Everything went quiet.

Jerry cried at the right moment. Ella Bo touched her weary eyes gently. She was so sleepy.

Samuel was in a good mood. He put his son onto the bed, beside his mother, then he lay on the bed, too.

Seeing his son lying between them, he started pondering.

Sometimes when one began with something, it became addictive and hard to quit. Samuel had grown accustomed to this domestic life.

From that day on, Samuel moved back to the bedroom voluntarily. His relationship with Ella Bo strengthened over time.

Their life was simple but happy.

Before long, Jerry's first-month celebration came.

A five-star hotel was already reserved.

Ella Bo wore a pinkish purple knitted sweater on top and a black dress the lower half, with her feet wearing black flats.

With long hair tangled up into a bun, she looked like a college girl instead of a mother.

At this moment, she was holding her son, who kept his eyes open, accepting various praises from different people in the hall.

"The Shao family's little boy is so lovely. See, his eyes are just like the mother. Apart from that, he is more like his father."

Ella Bo was happy to hear that her son was more like his father.

"Yes, his father and mother are of good appearance. Their son must be handsome, too."

"The father is a well-known lawyer. He must be good at coaxing girls when he grows up. Ha ha ha."

Several rich ladies made jokes about Ella. Hearing what they said, Ella smiled.

'I hope my son will be as excellent as Samuel.;

Samuel was greeting guests in the doorway. Melody headed for Ella Bo as soon as she arrived.

"Good day, grandma." Ella Bo stood up instantly, dragged a chair out of the table and offered to help her sit down.

Melody clenched Ella's hand and said, "Ella, you ar

ple in the upper class, Melody nodded, "Good day! Sit down, please."

Lola took Jerry over from Melody and sat beside her.

"See? Harry was good to his wife. You should learn from him, Samuel." Melody couldn't help saying that to her grandson.

Ella Bo blushed, "Grandma, Samuel is good to me now. Don't worry."

Samuel grabbed Ella Bo's shoulder and hugged her, "Grandma, see?" Then he kissed on his little wife's cheek.

People here chuckled and laughed.

'Oh my god, Samuel kissed me in front of everybody!' Ella Bo blushed and lowered her head, not daring to see everyone.

Lola and Harry looked at each other with a sigh of relief.

At first, she thought Samuel would not be good to Ella. But now, seeing her face glowing with happiness, she felt relieved.

Later on, Chuck and Daisy arrived here with Eason, who arrived in Country C last night, along with Ella's parents.

People drank and people talked. The air in the room was laid-back and pleasant.

Jerry received much pocket money. Lola gave a check with a large number to Jerry.

In the corner, a woman glared at Samuel, who was cuddling Ella Bo. "Men were always mean. Samuel was so in love with my cousin, Emma at that time." She thought.

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