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   Chapter 18 My Wife and I Are Both Very Happy

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Samuel had better be nicer to Ella, or I will grab every chance to win her over.' thought Sum.

Dinner somehow ended in a pleasant way. After bidding Sum goodbye, Ella naturally got into Samuel's Porsche.

"Ella, keep in touch. I am not leaving this time. If you need any help, please let me know!" Sum looked at the woman who was sitting on the car seat and hinted something in his words.

"Thump!" Samuel slammed the car door shut and cut off the gaze between the two.

He scornfully glanced at Sum and thought: 'Am I invisible? How dare he say that in front of me?'

"Even if my wife needs help with something, she can always turn to her husband, me! We don't need to bother Mr. Su." Samuel said to Sum. Samuel thought to himself: 'Isn't Ella blind? This guy apparently has intentions for her. But she is just too ignorant to see it herself! Why on earth did she still have dinner with him?'

Sum lost all his smile. He did not even try to hide his scorn and said to Samuel, "You sneak around behind her back with other women. How can you make her happy?" Sum thought to himself that Ella was out of Samuel's league!

Samuel knew it very well that he was referring to Emma. His clenched his fists out of anger.

"Be a man. If you cannot bring her happiness, you should just let go, instead of trapping both of you in agony." Sum's gaze lingered at the car window. He swore to himself that if Ella was not happy with Samuel, then he would not let her go.

"Mr. Su, you think too much. My wife and I are both very happy!" With these words, Samuel sat into the car decisively and roared away.

Sum stood there and watched the Porsche disappear into the distance. He really regretted that he was away from C Country all these years.

Ella looked at Samuel and noticed the anger on his face. She did not dare to say anything. She wondered what were they talking about just now? She started to nurse Jerry to sleep with a soft lullaby.

When they arrived at the apartment, Samuel left the car. Unlike his usual behavior, this time he slammed the door shut and walked directly into the building.

Ella was very confused. She sat in the car for a moment and and walked out of the car with Jerry in her arms.

Inside the apartment.

Actually, Ella really wanted to ask Samuel what was going on? But the door of his room was closed tightly; she could only return to her room

gloomy. He thought he had expressed his intention obviously.

He rose up from the bed and turned off the ceiling light. He left the bedside light on and then went to sleep.

After a while, Ella carefully stepped up to the bed and lay down far away from him in the corner.

Just as she pulled over the sheet, the man sleeping next to her turned around and faced her.

He laid his hand on her waist and she froze. Ella did not dare to do anything.

Under the dim light, Samuel carefully examined the woman whose eyes were closed tightly.

Her body shape was not yet recovered from the labor. She still had some soft flesh around her waist. She had such round cute face and red juicy lips.

Ella knew very well that he was now gazing at her. She could also sense his warm breath.

She quickly drew near and kissed him on the lips. Then she pulled over the sheet and covered up her face.

The instant soft touch on his lips was not enough, Samuel was quite disappointed. He had expected more!

He pulled away the sheet that she was trying to cover her face with. Ella instantly turned over.

She was very shy and dared not look at him anymore. 'Wouldn't Samuel think that I am too open?'

Samuel spun her around to face him.

Despite the light being quite dim, he still found her feverish face extraordinarily attractive.

She was so beautiful and adorable at this very moment. He got hot.

He could not control himself anymore and lowered his head to kiss her on the lips.

Then at the the last minute, he whispered the question in her ears: "May I?" She nodded...

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