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   Chapter 15 As if You were Not a Scumbag

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Samuel looked Ella and saw her sad expression. Somehow his face did not hurt that much anymore.

Eason also looked at Ella's sad face and thought to himself: 'If only I did not need to attend the pressing of International Garments in Milan, I would come back sooner!'

'If my buddy dares to be mean to my sister, I will not let him get away with it!'

Eason gave Samuel a stern look and picked up his nephew who was kicking his tiny legs in the pram.

His mood was better as he looked at the adorable Jerry. Eason turned to Ella and asked: "Ella, what is his name?"

Ella was still not pleasant with what had happened. She gazed at her big brother and said:, "Jerry Shao."

Samuel heard what she said and raised his eyebrows. He noticed that Ella had completely different tones when addressing to her brother and himself.

She was always gentle and soft when talking to himself. But when she talked to Eason, she sounded crisp and playful.

Eason seemed very used to Ella's tone. He looked happily at his nephew. Normally he should be very happy about the fact that his sister was with his best friend, but why she was with Samuel whose heart was occupied?

Maybe all these were fate!

Eason looked at Samuel who was sitting on the sofa in silence and said: "Why don't you two join me in dinner? I am literally starving to death!" Eason's voice sounded weary.

"We are not going.?Look what you have done to him. How can he still eat dinner?" Ella gave her brother who had now calmed down another stern look and walked into her room. Right before she closed the door, she said:"Wait for me, I am going to get changed."

She and her brother argued sometimes but she did understand that Eason meant well. So it did not matter who gave in first.

Eason looked at the closed door and turned around with Jerry in his arms. He looked at Samuel seriously and said: "Samuel, I know you have been with Ella for a long time, but you actually don't know much about her. You might think that she is weak and soft but that's only because she likes you very much. If she was with someone she dislikes, she would not even cast a glance in their direction."

Then Eason looked at Jerry and continued: "She can be quite timid sometimes, but she does have a stubborn temper. She grew up with parents' and a brother's love and care. With that kind of environment, of course she is a little bit spoiled and ill tempered. But the way she treats you, I see nothing but carefulness and respect."

On hearing these words, Samuel already knew what Eason wanted to tell him. It was quite clear that Eason wanted to tell him that Ella liked him and he must cherish her.

"You two already have a child together. If you can treat Ella decently from now on, we can still be good buddies. I do not want to be friends with a scumbag!"

Samuel scornfully glanced at Eason and said, "You sound like as if you were not a scumbag yourself!" Samuel thought to himself, "The rate this guy changes his girlfriends is faster than me changing my clothes."

Eason proudly shook his head and replied, "I am charming and most importantly, I am single without a wife!"

"I can be with whoever I want."

"Sure, just don't complain when you get an STD." Samuel commented in a cool voice and took Jerry out of Eason's clutches. "Don't contaminate my son with your dirty face."

... Eason had no idea since when Samuel had become so annoying that he had to restrain himself from slapping him!

The door was opened again. Ella showed up with a loose light yellow blouse and jeans. She had a pair of flat shoes on her feet. In her hands, was a big mother bag full of diapers, a water bottle, wet tissues, etc. She had packed everything.

Now that she had a small baby, she could no longer wear dresses and high heels!

She looked at the two men in the living room who were gazing her in silence and then took her son fr

om Samuel and said, "Let's go."

Ella's face was lit up with joy and she seemed quite happy. This made Eason relatively relieved.

The three walked out of the apartment. In the elevator, Samuel took the chubby baby and the big bag from Ella's hands.

During the dinner, Samuel noticed the good and relaxed ambiance between Ella and Eason. It was something that he and Ella had?never experienced. ·

With Jerry around, the meal they had became very enjoyable. ·

After the dinner, Eason went directly to the Bo family's villa. Samuel watched Ella getting seated in the car and then handed Jerry over to her. Then he went to sit in the driver's seat. ·

Ella took out the water bottle and fed some water to her son.

The car was quiet. Only the sound of Ella nursing the baby could be heard. It sounded quite loving and peaceful.

"Little Jerry, have some water!" "Water makes your body healthy..." Jerry gazed back at his smiling mother. He was truly happy.

Samuel curled his lips as he heard Jerry's babbling sound. The interaction between the mother and the baby was so pleasant.

Jerry fell asleep while still holding onto the bottle. When they arrived in the apartment, it was Samuel who put him down into the cot.

Ella was busing tidying up the scattered toys in the living room. Then she went to the balcony to collect the dried clothes.

Although all these things could be done by the nanny, she still preferred tidying up her son's toys and folding his little clothes herself.

Samuel sat next to the cot and watched Ella running up and down managing the housework. For a moment he was moved and the sense of true happiness struck him.

At this very moment, there was no cheating and fraud from the lawsuits. He did not need to look at people's fake faces. There were no complicated terms and conditions bothering him...

The sight of his son's face and his wife walking around doing the chores relaxed his otherwise weary heart

"Was your wound still hurting?" He asked so suddenly that Ella paused. She was about to refill her son's water bottle.

Was he showing care to her? Ella could not reply for a moment and then she stammered: "Not really..." 'Sometimes it does hurt...' "If I do not touch it, then it is OK."

Samuel looked at his red-faced wife and stood up from the chair. He took over the water bottle from her hands and put it aside. ·

As he laid his hands on her thin shoulders, Ella held tightly onto her own clothes and her heart almost skipped a beat.

"Ella, you are already my wife. You don't need to feel nervous around me. Don't you know that?" He fondly gazed at the woman who looked confused. All of a sudden, he realized she was a little bit cute.

She nodded her head hastily and replied: "I..." "I know, Samuel."

The room was quiet again. In such a spacious bedroom which was 100 square meters big, somehow Ella still felt suffocated.

There was an inexplicable ambiance between then, and Ella opened her mouth and tried to say something. But nothing came out of her mouth.

Samuel looked at her soft red lips and slowly lowered his head. He kissed her.

Ella's eyes were wide open. The man with such a handsome face was exactly what she had longed for and loved for ages.

Ella's eyes were reddened. She carefully cuddled him and embraced him closer. ·

She wanted to be closer to him, not only physically but also spiritually. She hoped that Samuel would not refuse her anymore.

The haste breathing sound echoed in the room. However, they were soon interrupted by the babbling sound of Jerry from the cot.

Ella immediately came to her senses and let go of Samuel. She ran towards her son with a feverish face.

"My dearest, don't cry. Let mom cuddle you!" Samuel turned his back against them and tried to calm himself down. But the sound of Ella softly nursing the baby made him feel really attracted to her...

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