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   Chapter 11 Jerry Shao

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Ella laid on the ward bed in silence. She heard what Samuel said, but she did not know how to react.

She could not hold her feelings in and a teardrop went down her cheek.

She was surely not asleep. Samuel wiped away her tear gently with his thumb.

"Ella, move in with me to my apartment when you are out of the hospital." He stroked on her cheeks with gentleness.

Ella slowly opened her eyes and looked confused. Was the man in front of her really Samuel? All these made her feel unreal.

But it was really Samuel...

What an unexpected turn of events! Samuel actually asked her to move in with him. Was it because "A son can make his mom honored?" That was all she could think of.

Samuel laughed and shook his head. "You think too much."

Ella slowly nodded her head. Now she could really be with Samuel. The thought made her smile happily.

For the moment, the unhappiness was gone and the ward ambiance was light and relaxed.

"Where is my baby?" Chuck only let her take a quick look and then the boy was taken away. The crib next to her bed was empty.

"He has been taken upstairs and is now getting a bath." The thought of his son made Samuel smile. His eyes were full of joy.

After a while, Melody came downstairs with the baby in her arms. She loved the boy so much that she had to hold him all the time.

She came to Ella directly and pushed Samuel out of the way and said cheerfully, "Look Ella, your baby son!"

Samuel looked at his grandma speechlessly. Why was he sidelined like that!

Ella looked at the baby sleeping soundly. She was glowing with motherly pride.

His little hands and his little face were just so adorable.

This was her son. Her son with Samuel. The sweet thought made her smile even happier.

Melody and Mrs.Qi were somehow no longer in the ward. The family of three were now enjoying their moment. ·

Samuel walked over and held up the other hand of the baby. His eyes were full of gentleness.

"What shall we name him?" It had never occurred to Ella till now. She was always by herself as Samuel was never there. She never thought of this question.

Now the baby was here. They must face the question now.

"Do you have anything suitable?" The baby was clinging onto Samuel's finger. His heart almost melted away. Samuel took out his cellphone and took some photos of his son.

Ella looked at Samuel as he was taking photos. At that very moment, she was truly happy.

"I don't know yet. Samuel, please name him." Their son named by him. How wonderful!

Samuel put away the cellphone and thought for while and then he said, " I want him to grow up healthy and happy. Let's name him Jerry."

Jerry Shao? Ella paused a little and then she heard him saying, "Yes, Jerry Shao!"

"Jerry Shao." She murmured the name to herself and nodded. It was a nice name. It was settled then that their son would be called Jerry Shao.

The ambiance in the ward was peaceful and relaxing.

Not long, the door was opened and Samuel's parents walked in.

Samuel's mother, Viola Yang was a senior manager at the bank. She had a tough and independent character just like Emma. Samuel's father, Vincent Shao was the vice president of the bank. He was a practical and honest man.

All Viola could see was the baby since the moment she stepped into the ward. She reached out for him and said, "My dearest, come to granny and let me have a good look at you."

"Mom, Dad, you are here." Ella smiled and greeted them. Viola glanced at her and did not have much reaction. She just nodded and then turned to the baby.

Vincent was more caring and asked her, "Ella, are you feeling better now?" Originally, Vincent's ideal daughter-in-law was Emma Gu. But now since Samuel and Ella had

already married, then he had to let bygones be bygones.

Ella was quite moved. She looked at Vincent and replied, "I am feeling much better now. Thank you, Dad!"

Viola who was busy teasing Jerry curled her lips when she heard their dialogue. The feeling she held towards Ella was not dislike, but it was definitely not affection.

If it weren't for Melody's objection, her daughter-in-law should have been Emma. While thinking of Emma, Viola smiled. She was such an ideal type. Emma was beautiful and elegant. She was independent at her work and she was skilful at cooking as well.

Samuel observed his parents' looks and he knew it well that his mother was still thinking of Emma. This thought made him frown. He tucked Ella in and said, " You rest well. I need to go outside now."

Ella looked at Samuel as he helped her with the quilt and nodded tamely: "Fine."

Samuel went to the smoking area and lit up a cigarette. He looked at the garden outside of the window and fell into deep thoughts.

Ella fell asleep. Melody and Viola were still holding Jerry with great affection.

The ward door was opened again. This time came in the parents of Ella. Ella's mother Jenny Si and father Richard Bo.

Jenny's dark long hair was neatly dressed into a knot on the top of her head. She wore a piece of green Chinese silk dress and a classic hair pin was the only accessory on her. In high heels, she ran towards to the bed eagerly without checking out the baby first. Jenny looked at her pale-faced daughter with great sorrow and held up her hands tightly. My poor daughter!

"Don't worry Jenny, Ella is alright. She is just sleeping now." Richard and Vincent were chatting. Melody came to her and stood next to her.

Jenny was looking at Ella with great affection. She did not want to move her eyes away from her. On hearing Melody's words, she nodded, "Melody, did Ella give birth naturally or have a C-section?" She recalled?that?Ella's due date was two weeks away.

With a gloomy face, Jenny quickly glanced at Viola who was just about to put the baby back into the crib.

She had visited the Shao family's villa quite a few times. But she had never met Ella's parents-in-law. It was always Melody who greeted her.

Melody was feeling awkward as well. After all, it was her grandson who pushed Ella and made her give premature birth. "It was C-section. The doctor said the baby had an incorrect fetal position and natural birth would be risky."

At this moment, Samuel walked in as well. He saw Ella's parents and greeted them:"Mom, Dad!"

Richard nodded at him. He was quite pleased with his son-in-law. But Jenny was not very pleased. She looked all gloomy and questioned him, "Samuel, shouldn't Ella give birth like at least half a month later?" "Why on earth did she give birth today?"

Samuel recalled what happened in the villa and felt great guilt. He apologized to them: "Mom, Dad, it was my fault. I argued with Ella and accidentally pushed her belly..."

"What did you say?!" Jenny was shocked and her eyes were wide open. She raised her voice. An argument? Pushed her belly?

Viola noticed that Jenny had raised her voice when talking to Samuel and she was not pleased. "Come on, Jenny. Samuel has already apologized." "You should not be mad at him." "Besides, everything turned out fine, right?"

Samuel noticed the dryness of his mother's tone and winked at Viola, hinting her to stop talking.

Jenny was offended by Viola's tone. She was already quite angry.about the fact that it took so long for this couple to get married. What's worse, there was never even a wedding ceremony. And now there was this news that her darling daughter had been mistreated, so naturally jenny was further infuriated.

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