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   Chapter 10 Congratulations on the New Baby

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Ella Bo tried to loosen his grip on her wrist and sincerely looked into his eyes. "I have never said those words."

Samuel angrily threw her hand away. He was so annoyed that he forgot she was pregnant. Ella was caught off guard and did not keep her balance. She bumped against the dresser.

"Ah!" Her belly hit straight onto the dresser and she instantly felt sharp pain.

Samuel shockingly looked at Ella, as she collapsed against the dresser and held her belly in pain.

Samuel gazed at his trembling hands. What did he just do? He threw her away and made her fall!

"Are you alright?" Without thinking, Samuel quickly walked up to her and held her tightly as her body was sliding down against the dresser.

Ella held his hands tightly. Cold sweat came along with the severe pain.

"It hurts..." She uttered the words between her teeth.

It hurts? Shit! Samuel immediately held her up and carried her out of the room.

On the first floor, Melody looked at her grandson who was rushingdownstairs and then at Ella who apparently was in great pain. She asked, "What is going on? What now? Is she delivering now? How can it be?"

"I think so. I need to send her to the hospital first." Samuel walked fast with Ella in his arms to the car and put her on the back seats.

'Delivering now? Right now?' Melody was at loss and did not react quickly to the situation. It only occurred to her that she needed to bring stuff to the hospital after she had paced in the living room several rounds.

Samuel was anxiously driving the car as he dialed Chuck Si's number. "Mate, are you still in C Country?"

Once he got the answer, Samuel sped up and drove directly to Chengyang Private Hospital.

In the back seats, Ella was so painful that she had to bite her bottom lip and pressed against her belly.

Her face looked very pale and she was sweating.

"You need to put up with it a little. I am taking you to the hospital right now." Last night he was thinking of bringing her to his apartment and letting her give birth there.

Right now, as he looked at the woman who was enduring great pain in the car seat, his heart was filled with regret and sorrow.

Why did he throw her away like that? She was pregnant with his child...

When they reached the gate of the hospital, Ella was so painful that she started moaning.

Samuel parked his car at will, carried Ella in his arms and started running into the hospital.

Chuck Si had experienced the incident with Lola Li. When he heard how anxious Samuel sounded on the phone, he knew something was wrong. When Samuel and Ella showed up, Chuck was already waiting there with doctors and nurses.

On seeing them, he ordered nurses to run over with a gurney.

Ella was laid down by Samuel onto the gurney. Then he followed her towards the surgery room.

"Shouldn't it be another fortnight?" Chuck was quite confused and asked Samuel as he knew normally babies could arrive a few days earlier, but never a fortnight earlier.

Samuel recalled what happened at home and remained silent.

Chuck took a glance at Samuel and saw his gloomy face. He could roughly guessed what had happened. Samuel was stopped in front of the surgery room. He gazed at the red light as it lit up and sat down on the bench regretfully.

Nothing should ever go wrong with Ella and her baby!

Louder and louder screams from Ella could be heard from the surgery room. Samuel was in great sorrow and closed his eyes as he leaned against the wall.

Why did he fight with a pregnant woman!

At that moment, a nurse ran out of the surgery room and told him, "Mr. Shao, the Director said that an incorrect fetal position happened and now a Caesarean section is needed!"

On hearing Ella shrieking in agony, Samuel?clenched his fist and nodded. "Tell Chuck to protect Ella no matter what!"

"Okay!" The nurse replied and ran back to the sur

gery room.

Time went by so slowly. Around fifteen minutes later, Melody arrived with Mrs. Qi in a hurry.

Samuel then realized it was time to inform the family, so he reached for his phone and called them one by one.

"Samuel, what have you done to Ella?" Melody stood in front of her grandson and seriously gazed at Samuel, whose look was obviously full of sorrow.

Samuel closed his eyes for a while but said nothing.

Melody could do nothing but stood in front of him, waiting in vain. Just then, the door of the surgery room opened.

They first heard a baby's crying. Samuel was full of surprise and joy when he heard the sound.

Then a doctor held a baby in his arms and walked out of the room. He said to them, "Congratulations on your new baby!"

Melody was very excited and she rushed forward. How wonderful! Her great-grandson was here! He was here!

Samuel stood up from the bench. His face was full of amazement and excitement.

He looked at the baby who was waving his limbs and crying with an open mouth.

Mrs. Qi quickly took out a small quilt and wrapped the baby up. Melody took over the baby from the doctor's hands. She was so happy that she was close to tears.

Samuel stopped the doctor who was about to return to the surgery room and bitterly asked, " How is she now?"

The woman inside?had carried his child for almost 10 months and now gave birth to a healthy baby. What could he do to thank her?

"The Director is now sewing up the cuts and wounds for her. Later she will be sent to the ward."

On hearing that she was doing fine, Samuel felt relieved.

He turned around and saw Melody was teasing the baby with great joy. His mood was also lit up. He was now a father!

The baby was then sent upstairs for bathing. Melody and Mrs. Qi went there as well.

Samuel received Ella as she was pushed out of the surgery room on the gurney. The effect of the anesthesia hadn't worn off but Ella did have a clear mind.

She heard when Samuel asked Chuck, "How is she now?"

Chuck took off his mask and looked his buddy in the eyes. "Everything is alright now. But if you were five minutes late, both the mother and the baby would have been in danger!" He was toning it down a little bit; the truth was if they arrived five minutes later, nobody could've saved their lives!

Samuel looked at the woman lying on the gurney. Her eyes were closed tightly and her face was so pale. He was overwhelmed with regrets.

"Samuel, have you informed Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo?" Chuck suddenly asked.

Samuel nodded and replied, "Eason is still abroad. He will be back by tomorrow."

They moved Ella to the Exclusive Ward. With joint effort, Samuel and a doctor lifted Ella onto the ward bed without touching her wounds.

Ella was put on a drip and then everyone walked out of the ward.

Outside of the ward, Samuel was about to see Chuck off. Chuck took a quick glance at Ella and whispered, "You know, she is awake."

As a close friend, he knew all this time Ella liked Samuel while Samuel liked Emma.

But then out of blue, Ella was pregnant with Samuel's child and this shocked everyone.

But Samuel was not very keen on Ella. It was not until Ella was eight-months pregnant that they got the marriage certificate.

Their relationship must stand the test of ups and downs!

However, it was easy for him to see through other people's relationship. When it came to his own relationship, Chuck was quite agitated when he realized that he himself was about to get married soon.

Samuel had some hard feelings when he heard Chuck's reminder. Maybe she didn't want to see him right now!

When he walked back to the ward bed, Samuel looked at the woman whose eyes were still closed and tucked the quilt for her.

Maybe he owed her an apology. "I am sorry." He sat down on the edge of the bed and tossed her fringe away from her forehead.

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