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   Chapter 8 Be Right There

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A big palm rested on her waist. Feeling the temperature from her waist, Ella opened her eyes wide. What was Samuel doing? Was he giving her a waist massage?

He was unskilled. It was just an ordinary massage, but her waist was significantly better.

Samuel sat on the bed and gently massaged Ella. Her skin was smooth. Would her baby have smooth skin?

Every place touched by the palm was burning hot.

About five minutes later, Ella pulled Samuel's big palm that gave her a massage, "Thank you. Samuel, I'm Ok now, you should get some sleep!" Her voice sounded pleasing. Samuel pulled his big palm out of her chubby hands and lay in bed silently.

He felt empty. Maybe they slept in the same bed but dreamed different dreams.

After a long period of time, Ella was still awake, but she just dared not move.

Samuel heard the uneven breathing of Ella and judged that she was not asleep. So he pulled her into his arms and let her rest her head on his arm.

With this move, Ella's eyes turned red. She stuck tightly in Samuel's arms and boldly rested her right hand on his waist.

Samuel didn't refuse. She raised the corners of her mouth and closed her eyes.

It would be nice if she could sleep like this in Samuel's arms every day.

Samuel smelled the scent from Ella and regretted for a moment. As a normal man, how could he bear to cuddle her in his arms?

Samuel tried hard to think about the case that would be tried, the information and evidence...

Ella was about to fall asleep in his arms, but he was still holding himself back.

At this time, his cell phone suddenly rang. Ella who was already asleep in his arms shook slightly and woke up.

The ringing disturbed her sleep. He annoyingly picked up the cell phone on the bedside table. Who was calling in the middle of the night?

Seeing the caller ID, Samuel's eyes became dark, but eventually he pressed the answer button.

He heard the voice of a man over the phone, "Hello, are you a friend of the owner of this cell phone?"

Samuel frowned. Why did a man use her cell phone?

Ella changed her position and left his arms. He got out of bed and walked toward the window.


"Sir, here is the thing. The owner of this cell phone is drunk here, but we are closing soon. Could you pick her up?" The man over the phone was very polite. He should be a waiter or something.

Emma was drunk? "Be right there."

After asking the man for the address, Samuel immediately turned on the bedside lamp and put on his clothes.

Ella, staying in bed, watched what Samuel was doing. He was leaving? Would he come back? It was from that woman, right? When the phone screen was lit up, she saw the name of Emma.

The room was still very silent. Only the sound of Samuel dressing could be heard. He turned off the bedside lamp.

In the darkness, he stopped and said in a low voice, "Sorry to bother you. You should go back to sleep!" His strangeness and politeness hurt her heart.

Then he opened the door and left without looking back.

Soon, Ella heard he started the car downstairs. He left...

His smell remained on the bed. Ella moved to his pillow, lingered on it to smell his smell and closed her eyes.

A tear fell silently on the pillow and soon disappeared.

Just as Samuel appeared, he also disappeared quickly...

At Green Sun Private Club.

Samuel parked the car at the door of the club and strode to a private room on the second floor.

Pushing open the door of the room, he saw the wine table was messy and three pairs of used chopsticks were thrown on the wine table in a muddle.

A woman was lying on the table, her eyes closed and her face reddish.

"Emma." He gently shook the unresponsive woman. Emma moved a bit, changed her posture and continued to slumber.

Samuel helplessly lifted her up by her waist and left the private room.

At Lake Garden.

Normally, only Samuel lived in that several thousand square feet apartment on the 26th floor

Only his grandma, parents, and Emma had come here, while only he and Emma had lived here.

He put Emma, who was still asleep, in the room next door to the bedroom. She temporarily stayed here after this return.

Samuel put Emma on the big bed and wanted to take her shoes off.

Emma hung on to his neck tightly and refused to let go.

Samuel wanted to push away her arms. She opened her eyes and seemed to have sobered up some, "Samuel." She called out his name in surprise.

Samuel smiled, "Well, let go of me. I'll take off your shoes."

Emma looked at the man who was smiling at her. Didn't he go to the old house to accompany his wife?

Not only did she not let go of Samuel, but she kissed his thin lips. Samuel's smile disappeared.

He leapt from her body hard.

She looked coldly at the man who was avoiding her and stood up from the bed, "Samuel, don't you love me?" She asked coldly.

Samuel looked at her with a touch of complexity in his eyes, "Whether I love you or not is irrelevant. Since I am married now, we can't be together."

"Why did you bring me back?" As he refused, Emma raised her voice, and her face was full of pain.

He turned around and walked away. Emma rushed over immediately to stop him by putting her arms around his waist.

"Samuel, don't go. I feel bad." Her tears fell down her cheeks.

Samuel turned around to take the woman who stopped him in his arms, "Emma..."

Before he finished his words, Emma kissed his lips on tiptoes.

"Samuel, stay with me tonight, okay?" He knew what she meant.

Without waiting for him to decide, Emma looked at Samuel, took a step back and loosened the waistband on her skirt without hesitation.

Samuel changed his countenance and thought of Ella who was carrying a baby and lying in bed in the old house.

Without looking back, he opened the door of the room, shut it, and went to his own room.

He and Emma were together because he saved her from his uncle.

Half a year after Emma broke up with Samuel's uncle, she began to chase after him. He was attracted to her straightforwardness and decisiveness.

His ideal girlfriend must be a decisive and straightforward woman, so they were together.

They had been on and off again through their school years up until recently.

However, they had never gotten so far as to get naked with each other.

As Emma and Samuel's uncle were once together, his grandma disagreed to their relationship.

He knew that his grandma didn't agree, so they weren't together in the true sense.

The watch on his wrist told him that it was past 2 a.m. A case would be tried tomorrow, so he didn't want to return to the old house.

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