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   Chapter 7 It was Tiring to Be Pregnant

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She goggled at every woman who was glancing at Samuel in admiration. When these women met her gaze, they changed their faces right away.

Samuel of course knew what she was doing. He didn't mind it at all. He just looked at the disappearing ice-cream in her hand.

When half of the ice-cream was eaten, he drew it from her hand without hesitation.

"Half of it is left. It's a waste to throw it away!" She was urgent to take it back. She still wanted to eat it!

Samuel grabbed her spoon and ate it up within seconds. Finally he threw away the empty box.


Ella Bo had nothing to say as the rest of the ice-cream was eaten by him.

The most important thing was that the ice-cream was her leftovers and the spoon was also used by her. As she knew, he was a slight neat freak.

Didn't he mind her saliva and used spoon?

Samuel looked at her regretful eyes and couldn't help saying, "You can eat as much as you want after giving birth!"

Finally Ella Bo nodded satisfactorily. At that time, the sky was getting dark.

They walked towards home without a word, but the atmosphere was nice.

When they walked into the living room, a gust of cool wind comforted Ella Bo.

She changed her shoes and rushed to the second floor.

It seemed that she was in a hurry. Why was she in such a hurry?

Samuel changed his shoes too and hurried to follow her upstairs.

Ella Bo was already covered with sweat and hurried to take a shower.

When Samuel ran into the room, Ella Bo was already in the bathroom.

Samuel didn't notice her when he came in, so he was a little curious and worried about why she ran so fast when he couldn't find her.

Opening up the door of bathroom, he heard a scream, "Ah!"

When Ella Bo was preparing to turn the shower on, Samuel came in. Usually she was not used to locking the door as Samuel never came back.

Samuel was stunned, as he saw something he shouldn't have. Looking at her crimson cheeks out of shyness, he went out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened. ·

After closing the door, Samuel leaned on the wall heavily.

Damn it! How could he have a physical reaction....when he saw her naked body.

Being agitated, he went to the first floor to pick up his computer and documents. He recovered his breath after a while.

As Samuel walked out of the bathroom hurriedly, Ella Bo bit her lower lip slightly and thought: 'My God! He looked all over my body unintentionally once again.'

She swore that she didn't mean to do that!

She wrapped her long hair with a tower which had been washed yesterday and took a simple shower to wash off her sweat.

When she finished it, Samuel was handling his business at his table near the window.

Closing the bathroom door, she lay on her bed directly without interrupting him.

Samuel felt the sound behind him and put down his documents. He found a pair of pajamas and walked into bathroom.

Ella Bo held her phone tightly. Would he really stay here tonight? She couldn't help smiling sweetly.

Flipping open her phone, she saw some phone numbers, all of which were from her brother. She called back.

"Brother." Her voice was so clear and melodious. This was the true Ella Bo that Samuel knew before.

Samuel at first wanted to get out of the bathroom and make an important call. When he heard Ella Bo's voice, he stopped.

"Samuel is at home.... He came back! ... Brother, you needn't worry about us. He is nice to me! ... It's true. We just came back after a walk!"

Ella Bo was grateful that Samuel came

back today and did these things for her. Otherwise, she would have no idea about how to answer these questions of her brother.

Over the line, Eason Bo asked Ella to give the phone to Samuel. But Ella said, "Samuel is bathing. Brother, don't worry about me. I am fine.... Half a month! Ok! See ya!"

Samuel never listened to others' calls stealthily, but this time he couldn't help himself. He didn't expect that Ella Bo would say good words for him.

When Samuel walked out of bathroom, Ella Bo was looking at her cell phone. She seemed to be overwhelmed with joy.

He stopped wiping his hair. He thought she was a kid before and was not his type.

But now, it seemed that as a kid, she was lovely.

He couldn't focus on his work so he turned off his computer and lay on the bed. Ella Bo was so surprised that her cell phone nearly fell down to the bed.

She subconsciously moved to one side and left enough room for this man.

Samuel took out his phone and had a look at the time. He noticed her slight movement and turned off the phone.

"Aren't you afraid of falling off the bed?" He didn't look at her at all and turned off the light directly. There was only bed lamp lighting.

Ella Bo was so nervous when the room became darker. This was her second time sleeping with Samuel in the same bed.

She moved towards him obediently and at that moment her fragrance distracted Samuel's mind.

Not a single word between them, they played with their phones for a while and then Ella Bo turned it off, preparing to sleep.

Samuel saw that she was going to sleep and he also turned off his phone, laying beside her.

The air conditioner was working so it was a little cold. He tenderly covered her with a quilt.

When Samuel was already falling into sleep, Ella Bo turned her body over, peeping at the profile of this man.

She dared not watch him in such an angle before. His eyes were closed slightly, the nose was high and the lips were closed tightly.

Every part of him was so attractive to her.

"Sleep!" Although the light was turned off, he could feel her eyesight and let out one word.

Being caught by Samuel, Ella Bo pretended to close her eyes right away. But not long after, she came a little nearer to Samuel.

She guessed that Samuel's hug must be warm.

The room was so quiet. Ella Bo could feel her breath.

She rolled over to lie on her back. At this time, her waist began to hurt again.

Since two or three mouth ago, her waist was always sore and painful. Sometimes she even couldn't move.

She signed voicelessly. It was so tiring to be pregnant. But fortunately she was going to give birth soon.

She checked what she had not prepared for baby in her mind and wanted to go shopping tomorrow.

She was forced to turn her body again out of the pain in her waist, with her back to Samuel.

Samuel felt this woman beside him didn't sleep well. Was she uncomfortable?

"What's the matter with you?" Finally he spoke out in the darkness.

Ella Bo opened her eyes right away and apologized carefully, "I am so sorry to bother you,. I didn't mean to do that."

Later she did not dare to make noise and move. She held her breath carefully lest Samuel didn't sleep well and never came back.

He frowned. Why did she always apologize to him? "You didn't interrupt me. Are you okay? You seems uncomfortable."

Ella Bo hesitated for a while and said, "Maybe it is because the baby is getting bigger, so my waist always feels painful if I keep the same position for a long time."

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