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   Chapter 6 Please Lend Me Some Money

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The woman's pleasant scent greeted his nose. He would never forget her scent that night. At this moment, he felt restless with his mind jumping around.

Ella Bo allowed him to drag her hand and wash it. What he washed was not her hands, but her heart.

Seeing the smile on her round face from the mirror, he raised a smile, too.

He closed the tap, wiped up her hands patiently and went out of the washroom, holding her little fat hand.

Seeing the couple walk hand in hand towards her, Melody smiled with satisfaction.

"Quick! Dinner's ready. Well, sit here, Samuel. Ella, sit beside Samuel." Melody deliberately put their seats together.

Samuel knew what his grandma meant. He did not say no, he just dragged the chair out of the table for Ella Bo.

He sat down beside her after she was seated.

Dinner tonight was quite abundant with six dishes and one soup as well as lotus seed wheat kernels porridge, Ella Bo's favorite.

With a look at these dishes, Melody winked at her grandson. Samuel had to refill Ella Bo's bowl with dishes.

Seeing the shrimp meat in her bowl, Ella Bo was deeply touched. That was enough. She was satisfied.

Lowering her head, she ate that shrimp meat happily, only to find that was more delicious than ever. Perhaps, that was when she started to love shrimp meat.

During tonight's dinner, Ella Bo's joy was so obvious. She was smiling all the time when talking to Melody. She ate quite a lot.

Yet her appetite was a shock to Samuel. Two bowls of porridge, six mini soupy buns along with other dishes.

Was this common that pregnant women were all big eaters?

After dinner, the sky was a little darkened. Melody told Samuel, "Now that you are home today, I'm gonna have a rest. You walk with Ella for a while."

Hearing what Melody said, Ella Bo took a look at Samuel, who was ready to start his business work, and refused, "No need, grandma. I'm OK alone."

Today she had been a big trouble to him. If there was more, he was bound to hate her more.

She walked to the door, wore her flats, opened the door and walked outside.

A gust of hot wind blew on her face, leaving her with a sudden sense of sweating.

However, for her baby, she had no choice but to walk for half an hour or an hour.

When she walked out of the Shao family's gate, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a figure.

Could that be him? She was so nervous that her heart beat so fast.

Samuel followed this pregnant women. It was getting darker and letting her go out alone was quite worrying.

Knowing he was walking along with her, she did not say a single word. She was afraid that he would hate her if she said a word.

This year, the hotness came quite early. It was in middle April and the temperature reached 82.04 ℉. The expected date of the baby was in early May. At that time, it must be very hot.

Luckily, the air conditioners would help. But as she would be in a month of confinement, the air conditioners could not be used all the time.

Although it was a suburb here, the green projects were quite good. She walked along the park.

Then she headed for the street. It would be more busy crossing the street.

People here all finished dinner not long ago and went out for a walk.

Walking to the downtown area, these two were still silent. There were too many people here, so Samuel approached Ella Bo consciously.

At the gate of dessert shop.

Ella Bo took a look at ice cream and then peeked at Samuel.

She wanted to eat ice cream but she had no money.

"Samuel..." She looked around

and didn't dare to look straight into his eyes.

Samuel looked at the women who was shorter than him and had been taken for his little sister. He seemed to know that she loved ice cream, but he didn't intend to say that out loud.

"I am not your Samuel now." He said that all of a sudden, which was a little confusing to Ella Bo.

Samuel looked at this little puzzled woman and became quite happy. "Call me Sam."

From that night, each time she called him Samuel, he always couldn't help recalling the night when she was under him and called him in that way.

"Sam?" She called him tentatively. He nodded casually. Whatever! As long as she would not call him Samuel again.

Ella Bo stuttered, "I want to have an ice cream, but I don't have money." Her round face blushed beautifully.

"So what?" He asked deliberately.

What so what! So, she'd like to eat one! The little woman's expression turned quite annoyed. "Please lend me some money." Her voice turned official, without previous shyness and uneasiness.

Samuel raised his bushy eyebrows and continued to tease her, "I've got no money, either."

Her face was filled with disappointment, but she did not stop asking, "Did you bring your cell phone with you?" She even forgot to bring a cell phone, but he probably remembered! Mobile-phone payment would do!

Quite clever. However, "I didn't bring my cell phone, either." It seemed quite obvious to Ella Bo that he did it on purpose! So he was unwilling to buy her an ice cream?

If he wasn't, she would give up.

She walked back with loss and disappointment, never thinking that Samuel was joking.

However, Samuel did not come along. She felt more disappointed as she did not see his figure through the corner of her eyes.

Was she asking too much? It was good enough that he was willing to go out for a walk with her. "Do not ask for too much, Ella Bo." She warned herself in a low voice.

"Men were always greedy. The more they got, the more they wanted."

All of a sudden, one thing just popped out and she was startled.

She took a closer look. It was a mango ice cream!

Her unhappy face turned into a big smile. Samuel played a joke with her.

"So I can't play a trick with you now?" Once when they were together, unabashed as she was, he always teased her and made her stamp her feet.

Ella Bo was eating the ice cream with contentment and did not tend to respond to Samuel.

Samuel looked at the little women who was eating ice cream attentively. Now what? He was no more important than her ice cream?

"It's OK to eat the ice cream, but you cannot eat it up!" A passenger walked at a fast pace, looking at his cell phone with his head lowered. Seeing the passenger almost bump into her, Samuel dragged her into his embrace right away.

The passenger found there was a person in front of him and edged away. Thus she was not knocked down.

Taking a look at that passenger, Ella Bo found out that if it were not for Samuel, she would have run into him.

"Thanks!" She stopped eating the ice cream and said that to the man.

Samuel let her go and said, "Never mind. Sit here and we'll leave after you finish." He pointed at the bench along the road and sat down with her.

The man was elegantly seated with his legs folded, attracting quite a few second glances. Though Samuel not the most handsome, he was quite good-looking.

As for Ella Bo, being pregnant, she couldn't dress up. If no one thought she was ugly, she would thank God, because she was not expecting anyone to compliment her appearance.

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