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   Chapter 5 Caused Ella to Feel Inferior For A Moment

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Ella Bo locked the door and leaned against it. Her tears fell down endlessly.

She cried for about two minutes and wiped her eyes dry. 'Ella, to marry Samuel is already what you want. Why are you still crying?

It is already a huge step between you and him to be able to stay silently next to him and watch him, isn't it?

Why are you having bad feelings now? If Samuel didn't get drunk that night, would he have slept with you? Would he have married you?'


On thinking that, she walked to the dresser, took out some tissue and wiped her tears away.

She flicked open her cellphone, the screen still showed the news page with the picture she had been looking at the whole night.

Emma looked all joyful while holding hands with handsome Samuel. They walked into a hotel room.

The smile on Samuel's face... also looked so happy and joyful.

Has she become the third wheel?

Tears came up again and she quickly wiped it away. She closed the web page and tried not to see the picture again.

She felt a little bit tired and went to the big bed which she had been sleeping on by herself all this time. Ella fell asleep soon.

The room was silent for a few minutes.

The door was opened from the outside. The man who walked in looked at the sleeping beauty and took a light step.

He walked to his bed. His bed sheets were either black or gray.

But now, out of nowhere, it was replaced with pink color. The sheets were spread neatly across the bed and did not fit with the room decor at all.

It looked like the woman had been crying, because her eyelids were reddish. She was putting one hand on her bump.

The air conditioner was set to a low temperature, even he could sense the coldness. But the woman wore nothing but a piece of maternity dress.

He walked quietly to the bedside and spread the nicely folded pink summer sheet on her.

However, as soon as he turned around, she kicked the sheet away and clumsily changed her pose.

He had to put the sheet on her again. This time, Ella felt that someone was putting the sheet on her.

At the latter stage of her pregnancy, Ella only had light sleep. She opened her eyes to see what was going on. All she saw was a familiar back.

The door was closed in silence. Ella was now fully awake.

She just saw Samuel. So the sheet on her was put by him then?

Thinking of this possibility, Ella held tightly to the summer sheet and her face was lit up by happiness.

When Ella woke up again, it was already five o'clock in the afternoon.

She got out of the bed, tidied up her hair a little bit and walked out of the room.

At the second floor stairway.

Ella looked at the man on the sofa who was working with his computer. For a moment, she thought she had seen an illusion.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and wondered, was it really Samuel who was now on the sofa? So he didn't take off?

She held down her joy and walked slowly down along the staircase to the first floor.

Samuel noticed her the moment she looked at him on the second floor.

He focused on the documents of his computer, however he could still see the pregnant woman who walked into the kitchen from the corner of his eye.

In the kitchen, Mrs. Feng and Mrs. Qi who had been looking after Melody Han were busy preparing dinner. Upon seeing Ella, Mrs. Qi called out, "Ella, you go and rest. We will soon be ready to serve dinner."

Usually Ella woke up early and would help around the kitchen, preparing vegetable. Clearly she was late today and the dinner was almost ready.

"Alright, I will go and fetch granny." She walked out of the kitchen.

Not far from here, the man was still focusing on his work. Ella walked as quietly as possible despite the fact that she seldom made any noise when walking. She hoped not to d

isturb him.

She barely walked one step up when the man called out to her, "You just sit somewhere, I will go upstairs to get granny."

She was so clumsy and with such a huge hump, it would be quite tiring to walk up and down the stairs so he would rather do it himself.

'He heard my steps...'

"It is fine. You can continue with your work. I am not doing anything anyway." It was obvious that her face was lit up with joy.

Samuel noticed that whenever she talked to him, her face was always lit up with joy and cautiousness. She was never like this when she was with him before. This was not Ella's original character!

Upon hearing her refusal, Samuel was not pleased. He put down his notebook and walked towards the staircase.

He cast a glance to her direction and without saying any words, he walked upstairs.

Ella felt a little bit awkward and touched her nose. She sat back on the sofa as he had told her.

She saw several folders on the desk and thought to herself that he must be very busy everyday.

After all, he was an internationally famous lawyer and surely a lot of people wanted to consult him.

Therefore, she must behave herself and not cause any trouble, or create anything unnecessary to bother him.

When she was still in the entertainment industry, she heard about that Samuel had already won several international cases.

Then she would read related financial news or international news and giggle like a silly child. In these news pictures, Samuel was always dressed neatly in suits and glowed with confidence.

When her brother had a gathering with Samuel and the others, he would sometimes bring her along. Samuel with his cool elegance and occasional jokes was always deeply attractive to her.

The first time she confessed her love to him was five years ago. Back then, he was with Harry on a trip to D city. It was such a long time ago, he probably forgot it himself.

Just like she had imagined, she was turned down. She was turned down many times afterward. He always had one reason: He loved someone else. Someone else occupied his mind.

She really envied the person who occupied his mind. However, she had never seen her.

It wasn't until the incident in Splendid Garden Apartments that Ella met her. She was indeed very charming and beautiful. She was just as well beaming with confidence as Samuel.

This even caused Ella to feel inferior for a moment.


Samuel looked at the woman who was gazing at his computer. She was smiling for a moment and then frowned.

He glanced at the computer screen. There was nothing but a Logo!

What was she thinking about then? He suddenly realized that she was bit goofy.

"Ella, dinner is ready!" Melody was downstairs somehow and Ella just woke up from her thoughts.

She leaned on the sofa arm and stood up. She walked towards the bathroom of the first floor.

Samuel walked into the bathroom with her. Fortunately there were two taps.

She sensed the man standing next to her in silence. Ella was nervous although she had no idea what she was nervous about.

"Plop!" She accidentally dropped the slippery soap onto the floor.

She looked at the soap as it was gliding away and helplessly walked to the room corner.

When she was about to pick it up, a big hand pulled her arm.

Samuel picked up the soap and rinsed it under the water tap. Then he handed it over to the little woman.

Ella took over the soap. With her bump pressing against the washing basin, she had to make an effort to touch the water.

Samuel felt sorry for her when he saw her having difficulty washing hands due to the bump.

He stood behind her, pressed closely to her back and surrounded her with his arms. He pulled over her hands, spayed some water on them and washed them clean.

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