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   Chapter 4 It Was Too Hard to Leave This Place

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In the flower garden.

Melody Han took out a wet tissue for Ella. "Wipe your sweat with this. Pregnant women cannot tolerate hot weather." While saying those words, she fetched out a wet tissue from a melon tray.

"Grandma, thanks for the watermelon." The two of them stayed in the old house, while the servants were out to buy vegetables. Ella felt much better after wiping her sweat off her cheeks.

Melody Han made a gesture to show didn't mind and said, "It is very easy to cut up a watermelon. The watermelon is so sweet!"

Ella responded with a nod of approval and placed the remaining peel down. When she was ready to pick up another slice, she heard somebody remark, "Don't you know that pregnant women shouldn't eat too much watermelon?"

Ella and her grandma turned around at the same time. They saw Samuel at the door in a white T-shirt.

At this moment, he, with a gloomy face, was staring at Ella who was subconsciously protecting her stomach.

Being pleasantly surprised for a while, Ella was scared into putting the melon in her hands back on the tray immediately.

Melody Han made a long face for a minute. With a hint of sarcasm in her voice, Melody Hand said, "I even forgot I have a grandson, too!"

Poor Ella! Though Samuel rarely kept her company, she never complained.

Worse, Samuel had the nerve to appear on the entertainment news with that woman, Emma!

The number of people who wanted to dig up Samuel's personal business increased, as his fame rose. Some news was unexpectedly exposed in public yesterday.

In particular, the provoking headline – "Golden Layer has an affair with Editor-in-Chief Emma, when he has a pregnant wife at home."

Ella got so upset upon receiving that news, that Melody Han was at a loss for how to comfort her.

Even so, Ella still felt pleasantly surprise the moment she saw Samuel today.

The fact that she didn't get angry over Samuel's inappropriate behavior was proof of how much her granddaughter-in-law loved her grandson. Melody Han thought to herself.

"Grandma!" Samuel greeted Melody Han respectfully.

Melody Han pulled a face and ignored his arrival. Somewhat embarrassed, Ella hurried to say, "Grandma, don't be offended, since Samuel is back."

Melody Han glared at Ella after hearing what she just said, "Why do you call him Samuel? You should still address him as 'husband', even in my presence."

Err......Err.... The stylish grandma made Ella purse her lips into a smile.

The weather didn't seem to be so stifling after Samuel saw the smile of the woman with rose cheeks.

"Grandma, let's head in. It is a bit hot here." Ella supported Melody Han by her arms, and they went toward the house.

Melody Han glanced at Samuel. She then patted Ella's hands, "Ella, don't concern yourself with someone who doesn't consider you worth his time and don't cry sadly at night on your own! You are now responsible for your own health and your baby."

How did grandma know? Embarrassed, Ella quickly denied with a flush face, "No, no, no.......I didn't cry. Grandma, I'm really happy being with you and having you spoil me!" Fearing that the man behind her might generate some strange ideas, she sped up the pace.

Perhaps her pregnancy caused her to become a little sentimental. She couldn't help shedding tears on the nights she lay on the large bed all alone.

Ella muttered in her mind, 'How did grandma know that? Did I cry rather loudly?'

Melody Han sighed to herself as she watched her granddaughter-in-law. She knew that her son, daughter-in-law and grandson all liked Emma. She prayed that everything would be fine after Ella gave birth.

Samuel genuinely felt uncomfortable, since he was completely oblivious of how the two supported each other.

However, Samuel was troubled by what grandma just said. 'Why would that woma

n cry at night? For his sake? Shouldn't she know that she was bound to spend those nights alone? So was she hoping that he'd stay with her?'

Ella felt much better after entering the air-conditioned living room.

After she helped grandma sit on the sofa, she spotted the approaching shadow in the doorway, and then she gladly walked into kitchen to open the freezer.

She washed some fruits, brought them over and put them down in front of Samuel, who sat opposite of grandma, "Samuel, eat some fruit." She awkwardly bent down and then stood up again, obviously making an enormous effort.

Melody Han grinned, "Ella, ever since my grandson returned, you have been focusing on him. What about me?" See, there was no fruit for her.

In this moment, being observed by Samuel's eyes, Ella felt somewhat shy and her face turned red, "Grandma, I'll peel you some dried fruit." Suddenly she took a tray with some dried fruit in sheer panic, and then expertly took up a nutcracker to crush the walnuts for Melody Han.

Samuel looked at them indifferently and thought: Is she trying to cater to him?

"Grandma, here you are." Her sweet voice interrupted his thinking.

While taking the walnut pulp and putting it in her mouth, Melody Han cast a glance at her grandson who was staring at Ella.

"Samuel, are you leaving?" A question was asked seemingly inadvertently by Melody Han when she looked at the walnut pulp in her hands.

He will leave later? After hearing what Melody Han said, a flash of disappointment appeared in her eyes, and the smile on her face also faded away.

Samuel leaned on the sofa, feeling that there was a little smile on that woman's face. It was too hard for him to leave this place while being aware of her state of sudden change.

He had just finished a lawsuit. Now he just came back to see his grandma. Emma was still waiting for him, so he would leave soon.

"You should go right now!" Her grandson's silence made Melody Han a little angry.

The smile on the lips of Ella was no longer hooked, and the movements of her hands started to be a little flustered.

"Ah!" A sharp cry came out owing to the pain from her hand. Ella did not focus on what she was doing, and she gripped her fingers with a walnut clip.

Melody Han heard the scream of Ella and quickly tried to figure out what happened. Surprisingly, the opposite Samuel was even faster than her.

He sat up and reached Ella in just two steps, clutching her hand.

Looking at her red finger, Samuel was angry and his tone became very blunt. "How stupid are you? How can you hurt yourself just by crushing walnuts!"

Ella had been thinking about rubbing it, but when Samuel reprimanded her, her eyes became moist.

He had never done this before. When everyone was together, Samuel was always happy and occasionally very funny.

But since they were together, Samuel had always been serious in front of her. Even now he was as cold as an ice.

She married him, depriving him of his love. Wasn't he also suffering?

"I'm... I'm sorry." She pulled her hand from his hand, stood up awkwardly from the stool and went upstairs.

'Sorry? Why did she apologize?'

Samuel began to wonder if he treated her too seriously when he looked at the awkward figure of the woman upstairs.

In retrospect, it was he who took advantage of her.

"Samuel, get out! Don't come to see me again!" Melody Han looked at the figure of Ella upstairs. She was very upset. She wore a distraught look and slammed her hand down on the table. She wanted to kick Samuel out.

Her grandmother wore a straight face, so Samuel knew that she was truly angry. In reaction, he scratched his black hair with irritation.

"I didn't say that I'm going to leave this evening!" Then he sat back on the couch. Melody's face looked radiant after she heard that.

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