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   Chapter 3 I Like Your Toughness

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Ella Bo stared at the ceiling. She thought that Samuel would return...

Samuel was absent this evening and for several days on end.

In Leroy Manor.

Harry Si carried the newly-discharged Nicole out of the car and to the castle.

Nicole Si had a touch of fever last night, so Harry immediately sent her to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Lola, with Daniel Si in her arms, followed. Sally Si was taken to the old house by Kevin.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?" Lola had heard that from Harry a few hundred times today.

As the doctor assured them earnestly that Nicole was fine, Harry allowed Nicole to leave the hospital.

"Daddy, I'm okay." Nicole rested her arms around his neck, and laid her head on his shoulder obediently.

Lola, cuddling Daniel in her arms, followed them into the castle. "Harry, can you care more about your son?"

She strove for an opportunity for Daniel. How could Harry prefer Nicole to Daniel?

Seeing that Lola suddenly turned hostile, Harry hurried to put down Nicole and said, "Come on, Daniel, I want to hug you!" He took Daniel from Lola's arms obediently.

Daniel looked at Harry. Unexpectedly, Daniel didn't cry but sucked his finger; obviously he was unhappy.

Harry looked at his unhappy son in his arms. In a flash, he wore an angry look.

Lola could say nothing.

Daniel and Sally were twins. Moreover, he had exactly the same eyebrows as Harry; otherwise Lola would certainly have him and Harry undergo the paternity test!

Harry should have to hug Daniel more to make them more intimate.

Suddenly, Daniel cried and muttered, "Mommy…"

Harry stared at Daniel, "Who allows you to bother my wife? I must hug you today!"

He sat Daniel up in his arms, strode out of the castle and took him to see the liger.

The cry was getting far away. Lola shook her head helplessly and looked at her daughter.

"Mommy, why does Daniel cry? He doesn't like Daddy? Every time Daddy hugged him, he would cry." She couldn't bear it, so she told him that Daddy was the best!

Lola squatted down and looked at her daughter. "Because Daniel likes me more, just as you like Daddy more." That sounded sad.

Nicole didn't fully understand, but she still nodded her head. After a while, she said, "Mommy, I also love you!"

Looking at her innocent daughter, Lola picked up her happily. Children would never lie!

At night, Daniel fell asleep. Lola put him on her big bed. Tonight, Sally was not at home, so she wanted Daniel to sleep with her.

Harry came out of the bathroom after his shower and frowned at the child on the bed.

"Let him sleep in the baby room!" He said to Lola, or else Daniel would affect them!

Lola rolled her eyes, "Harry, he is your son, not someone else's!" She solemnly emphasized that.

Harry dried his short hair and walked over, "Do you dare to have a baby with someone else?" Sitting on the bed, he watched Lola lightly.

"Yes..." Harry went to kiss her. She would dare to say "I do" out of anger!

The atmosphere of the room became sultry gradually with this kiss. Harry would make it soon.

Daniel cried suddenly.

Harry, who was pressing on

Lola, stared at Daniel in the center of the big bed angrily. He did that deliberately! Didn't he fall asleep?

Lola laughed and pushed Harry away, straightened her pajamas and picked up her crying son.

She now believed what Harry said. "My son was born to be against me. We were at enmity with each other in a previous life!"

Harry hugged both his wife and son and greedily smelled the aroma of his wife.

"Honey, Ella and Samuel got the marriage license a few days ago." Lola thought of the WeChat message from Ella Bo, so she mentioned it to Harry.

Harry listened to the word "honey" with satisfaction. "Well, I know."

"Why didn't they get the marriage license until Ella was expecting?" Samuel knew she was pregnant, didn't he? And he promised he would propose a marriage soon. Why didn't they get the marriage license until now?

Harry lay down and rested his head on the pillow. He said seriously, "Samuel loves Emma, not Ella." Emma and Samuel were together during their school years. But they seemed to break up a few years ago.

Samuel's grandma didn't agree to their marriage, and Emma always stayed in the United States. Fate plays cruel tricks sometimes.

"Despite all this, now that he will have a baby soon, he can't keep thinking about Emma!" She had suffered such losses!

Harry knew what Lola thought. He would talk with Samuel about it if given a chance.

He lay closer to Lola and smelled her aroma from behind. Only her aroma made him feel at ease.

"Honey…" Lola thought of the tender Ella, and gently stroked Harry's chest.

Harry immediately held her hand. "Yes? What's wrong?"

Lola pulled back her small hand from his big palm. "Honey, do you think I... am tough?" He reminisced on the past. She was indeed not very gentle in front of him in many cases.

Harry was confused. What irritated her? Why did she suddenly ask this question? Harry was confused, but he answered, "No, I like your toughness. I like everything of you." What he said was true.

Love me, love my dog.

Lola looked at his handsome face and kissed his thin lips...

Summer was approaching.

Ella Bo, who was expecting, took care of the flowers in the greenhouse and sweated profusely.

Samuel stood in his room. Many women's products suddenly appeared in his room. There were also many female clothes in the closet.

There was a faint scent everywhere, and those baby clothes and supplies reminded him that he would soon welcome a baby.

But the woman who let him appreciate this kind of joy was not the one he loved.

Going over to the floor-to-ceiling window, he saw a woman who wiped her sweat clumsily in the greenhouse in the back garden.

His grandma walked over and gave her a piece of watermelon. She immediately put down the kettle and took the watermelon from his grandma.

Maybe it was sweet. It was a pleasure to eat it.

She moved here more than a month ago. After less than half a month... She would give birth to the baby!

His parents always lived in the urban area. He didn't return often. Only his grandma and this woman lived here.

Samuel took back his gaze and strode to the back garden.

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