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   Chapter 2 You Can Do Nothing Except Pretend To Be Innocent

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Ella Bo also knew that it was because of the ambiguous stand of her parents-in-law that their registering in the civil affairs office was put off.

Moreover, Samuel was not in favor of her, so he didn't worry about getting the marriage certificate until his parents agreed to it.

At present, since the baby was taking shape and it was their grandchild, they had no choice but to accept this marriage.

Staying at home these months, Ella Bo pondered over this issue again and again. One was destined to be hurt in this doomed marriage.

"Really? Do they like you? If so, why don't they persuade grandma to agree to your marriage?"

Ella Bo leaned on the open door slightly, waiting for Emma to get out as soon as possible.

Emma's face changed again when she heard this sharp question.

This woman was not easy to deal with! She jerked her head and returned to sofa.

"How could you get pregnant with Samuel? It can't be out of his own will!" She said that firmly and then stared at Ella Bo.

Ella Bo did nothing. She didn't want to say a single word to this woman. "The fact is that I became his wife, Mrs. Shao. That's enough."

Emma was too furious to say a word. The biggest mistake she had ever made was to choose to work in America, leaving this woman a chance to marry him.

Night was going to fall, and the nanny would come back soon. Thinking of this, Ella Bo felt hungry.

She walked towards the dining table and found a piece of bread, eating it with appetite, and totally ignoring Emma.

"Don't get smug. You will be divorced sooner or later. At that time, I don't mind raising the child of another woman!" Emma stood up from sofa and walked towards the door with a smile, which was the same as the one she wore when she came in.

Ella Bo swallowed the bread and said indifferently:" Please close the door. Thanks!"

The door was slammed. Ella Bo put down the bread, eyes rimmed red.

Wasn't she despicable to sleep with him just for getting the man she loved?

Was this girl Samuel's real love?

At dinner time, when Ella Bo was drinking the soup, the door was knocked again.

Mrs. Qi, who took care of her, hurried to open the door. Ella Bo thought it might be her mother! She continued to focus on her food, without turning her head.

Suddenly her eyes flashed when she sensed a wind of familiar male smell.

"Samuel!" She rose to her feet and called out this familiar name.

Samuel came here to question Ella Bo, but became hard to open his month when he saw her swollen belly and bright eyes.

Ella Bo felt his unhappiness when she saw his face.

"Have you eaten? How about eating together?" She asked him in a low voice, thinking that Samuel was already in a bad mood, she couldn't worsen it.

A kind of agitation rose to Samuel's heart when he saw Ella Bo was looking at him carefully.

"Emma came here just to visit you. How could you drive her out? " At beginning, he didn't want to say it, but being annoyed, he couldn't help saying these words.

Emma used to be so bossy while today she shed tears. Samuel thought that what Ella Bo had done must have been too far!

Emma? Ella thought for a while. She must be the girl who came here today as she was the only female visitor.

Was she the well-known chief editor of Channel Fashion magazine in America?

She drove Emma out? "I didn't do that!

" Samuel sneered at her innocent smile.

"You can do nothing except pretend to be innocent! Emma never lied to me!" Ella would never lie to him either!

Pretending to be innocent? Ella was so angry. Emma never lied to him. Why did he think Ella Bo could lie to him?

"I didn't lie to you either!" She looked at Samuel's eyes directly. Her eyes were clear and there was no lie in them.

Samuel drew a long face and walked forward. Ella Bo took a step back and hurried to hold the chair at her side.

Samuel was so scary. What did he want to do?

"Ella Bo, move to the old house tomorrow. Don't play any tricks with me!" Emma was overwhelmed by grief when she knew he got married. But though marrying Ella, he would give her nothing in the future other than a certificate!

The door of the flat was slammed heavily. Ella turned back to her chair confusedly. What did he mean?

The next day.

A few people came to help move Ella's staff. It must be Samuel who asked them to do these things.

The old house was located in the suburb, a little far away from downtown. But it was quiet here and it was good for nourishing the fetus.

The gray-haired Melody Han was so pleased to see her granddaughter-in-law and was totally different from what she was as a serious senior teacher.

"Come here, Ella. This is Samuel's room and has been vacant for a long time. I have arranged others to clean it. You can live here without any problem!" Ella Bo smiled and nodded, looking around Samuel's room.

A room of 1, 000 sq.ft was decorated in deep color. Many medals were displayed on the pear tree-made shelf and witnessed his achievements as a lawyer.

On the wall hung some famous oil painting. The black wardrobe was empty. It seemed that Samuel didn't come back very often.

"Samuel firstly worked with Harry in D City. Later he went to A Country and finally he came back, got married and started his own business. I am so glad at this!" Melody Han took a good look at Ella Bo, who was so delicate, pure and lovely!

Emma was affected and highhanded. She disliked that kind of girl.

Ella held Melody's arm and said sweetly, "Grandma, I can accompany you in the future!"

She looked forward to living a plain life with Samuel and giving birth to a few babies, watching them running here and there in the yard. That was enough.

Melody was wild with joy. Touching her bulging belly, she said, "A naughty baby boy is on the way to coming into life!" The examination showed that this was a boy. Either a baby boy or girl was okay, for each one has his or her own merits.

She can have a girl in the future. A boy and a girl were best for a family.

"Yeah, I heard that boys are always naughty. At that time, grandma, you must teach him well!" At this point, Ella Bo was more eager to have this baby.

Will Samuel love this child? But this was his natural son. He would love him very much.....

Melody and Ella went to the back yard arm in arm. "Ella, you shouldn't be so tender, otherwise others would bully you." She heard that this girl was pushed down by another female star at the beginning when she had just broken into that scene.

This girl must be too tactless, not knowing how to prevent herself from being bullied.

They chatted while fiddling with plants and flowers as time went away.

Samuel didn't come back that night.

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