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   Chapter 4 Rickos Ideas and good time

Ricko's unexpected life turn By Vcreativeart16 Characters: 2432

Updated: 2018-04-26 00:01

Ricko had so many wonderful project, ideas, dreams, goals and despite his leaving situation he would pretend that everything is wonderful, and open the door with a smile to all his user and abusers has if it was ritual to be exploited everyday. Emilia and Elisa were leaving large and didn't care a bit about Ricko, and Berta was really this only good hearted Sister that Ricko had, he felt guilt for what he did but he couldn't ever get better unless he was seeking help and he knew that and wasn't ready to commit to a healthy leaving, Berta couldn't deal with this anymore, she had battle addiction for years and leaving with him was, the time she truly became immensely addicted and the longest she stayed with this way and she hated it!!!

All of these unhealthy surrounding had made things much harder to get off.

Ricko was building new project out of his home and his job was paying him pretty generously, and he had his little cousins Taron who spend many hours playing games with him, which made his life much better.

Ricko unexpected life turn was unpredictable, no one could have know, but no one truly cared enough to suffer with him like Berta did. Ricko at least didn't refuse a few world trave

l trip once every other year and this help him to maintain his sanity, this heavy workload alleviate this drug tear and wear effect and his nieces brought warm comfort to his soul.

His Father William, was a hard worker and always wanted the best for him but didnt know how to show affection he was ruled by his wife and didn't make the main decision at home. Celina, Emilia and Elisa were the boss of all familial big or small decisions and they wouldn't have it any other ways. They despise Berta so much they couldn't even bare to tolerate her presence for a few hours that they couldn't help to humiliate or hurt her any possible ways, they would talk negatively toward her to their kids and so on…..

He love working with plants, building sheds and eating, those were his main reason to stay alive.

His dream was to keep paying his home for the next 5 years and possibly sell it but Berta was afraid of his mental state condition in 5 years and worry that he would allow more psychological damage to go on. But it was Ricko's choice to stay so unless a new wife or a new girlfriend or a friend would appear out of the blue to save him and show him the light, the right direction, nothing would change

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