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   Chapter 3 Ricko’s delusion

Ricko's unexpected life turn By Vcreativeart16 Characters: 5869

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Ricko now was in a altered delusional leaving mental state of mind, he had endure too much emotional stress for his soul to cope with rationalisation and building new healthy strength, he's addiction took over his mind and body, he wouldn't compromise it either, this was his comfortable cushion and he was too tired to do anything else, Berta had finally came back and he felt less lonely now, but he took his frustration and anger toward her and he wanted a companion on his misery beside his actual abuser, so he had to keep Berta under his wing by having her possessions she needed and a home and use emotional abuse that he know had no control over what was right or wrong and use his hate, vindictive jealousy and revenge toward her into a new level, she needed to pay for leaving him alone all theses years!!!! So far she had always been here for him all his life until she left, she wanted the best for him, she wanted him to find this woman who will love him and take care of him, she wish that somehow that women will find him and that all this abuse and corruption will stop, once it for all, she didn't like seeing her brother suffer either, and she try to talk to him and show him the way but he was stubborn and his mind was set on many negativity and nonsens thinking, that it was barely impossible to cross over his mind, she tried for many years to tell him to start over, that his home was what was causing his suffering in the first place, that he needed to stop leaving in pain and go somewhere where womans, humans, friends and neighbors will treat him with the respect that he deserved, (She couldn't get better because he will always be waiting to make sure it didn't happen and she couldn't help him if she didnt get better herself, so it was a tricky dead end situation) but instead he continue to spend money on repairs and work himself to death, spend all his money irresponsibly on drugs and sex and fixing the house that was almost 100 years old.

The delusion is brain had formed due to so much confusion and drug administered in his bloodstream, had dissolute improper fractions of neurons and mix up negative thoughts in a derogatory manner, Ricko couldn't fight any longer…. this only way for him to surpass the pain was to use his developed self defense mechanical response habits, like many of us, do on a daily basis it doesn't mean we all wrong or all perfect, but the problem is that if someone has been deeply abuse they will pre-recreate this abuse to understand it and this will become this only way for them to cope and move on. So Berta became his muse and "he" without her knowing for years{ she remembered feeling unease from his constant interest in her private relationships when she was younger and then she left for Japan, and felt so sick of his weird need to use disgraceful sexual word content in his conversations on the phone or in person, when invading her privacy that she thr

ew herself in multiple sexual relationships, just so she could get this words and thoughts of her brother trying to intrude her bedroom out of her life!!! that she couldn't think of anything else to do but to choose to have has many relationship possible so she could regain her sanity""".

He started to develop sick thoughts toward her, and reduce her to a animal by calling her name and using sexual harassment words and gesture around her, squeezing her buttock, walking slowly by her bedroom late night, smelling her clothes hiding her underwear under his pillow, trying to get into a personal relationship details for some reason. Berta had enough trouble while in Japan, she explore a good deal and learned a lot there, she also got into big trouble herself and leaved with a terrible creature of a freak man who made her go crazy!!! After a few years trapped in stocking situation she came back then to endure more with another ex-stocker who had kept track of her for 8 years trajecture journey and now her 2 daughters were paying the price of it all! Celina had her big part on it too, she knew Ricko was keeping his relationship with Berta 's Stocker and that he was exercising cruelty and sexual harassment but he didn't stop him or Celina for doing something to end it, and invited him to stay longer in his home while she was residing now for a year and did felt bad but he was stock with himself has well and didn't have the strength to fight back this stocker. Berta's dad also was treating the stocker like family witch what seem to appear has off her father was unaware of his actions at the time, Celina during those hard time, was nowhere to be find, she would send out negative remarks, or complaint to Rickos and Berta about everything and only seem to share her peace offering gifts when it was time to destroy something new or good they were working on to get better and feel better.

Rickos became truly deeply sick around this age of 34 when the Pakistani woman had done enough damage for him to build deep extreme psychose and sick thoughts. Ricko was no longer aware of his thoughts nor he had any control, all he wanted was to feel better and good and not hurting anymore…. so like many deep abused person will do, they will start creating their own delusion, imagine their own word, hurt others at their expenses, ignore others feelings, act upon what make them feel powerful, unbeatable, strong, fearful and respected, """he became his abuser """ Someday he could be his old being and act normal but most of the time he realise that he was different and didn't exactly know why, all he knew is that he didn't want to feel weak anymore!!!!

Ricko was the worse version of himself but because he had a good soul he was able to maintain a minimum of decency and his heart was still alive despite all that he had been through. He needed serious Psychological help, but never seek for help…..Never….

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