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   Chapter 1 Introduction

Ricko's unexpected life turn By Vcreativeart16 Characters: 8357

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Ricko was a humble, pure, kind soul until he reach 26 and then his life was never ….

The same…..

I wonder sometime why bullies, cold heart, cruel sociopath, will want to teach their own kids that hurting and feeding on other feelings is the way to success< I wonder what happened to them, why they need to break, use, control, humiliate good heart

I wonder why is it that such humans being gets to seat in a comfortable chair, sleep in luxury beds, eat deluxe meals, go to 5 stars resort, travel anywhere they want, get reward and thanks from people who see them has good, get compliments, presents, money while using and scamming and leaving off others generosity, get a security life, new cars and safety with a large house to call home, //// While other seat on grounds and feel cold all night, sleep on the street dirty floors, have no bathtubs, no hot water, hundreds of rats in their home, families of cockroach surrounding all their precious belonging and crawling all over the room, unsafe neighbors, who harass and disgrace their things weekly, rob their cars, destroy their peace on a daily basis, threat, scare them, have to line up for free food, get started by strangers while they smile back at them, walk along the path of looser who sabotage and spit on them, get violated by bandit, , , , , "Here is the story of one of Ricko's abuser"

"What goes around comes around" Life turn around, see let's start over and re-analyze this:

This losers who gets the safety, money, comfort, gratitude, admiration of others, have burry his flaws, sins, lies for so long!!!!! that somewhere along the way, something is going to get overflow and it will need to feed more and more on others pain to survive but they can only go so far unless they decide to face their sin which is most likely to never happen!!! since they cross the path of non return, the path of the dead zombie leaving just enough space for their 15% of old being, the person that they used to be before it all started, so that tiny little part left of them is the one who is keeping old friends, memories and any past attachment that remind them who they were and has long has they have theses, they can still convince themselves and others that everything is just fine!!! That nothing is changed, that they have not lived in pain, sin and using their power of cruel intention everyday for the last 20 years.

Sad truth why is some people choose to deal with their suffering this way, they accumulate so much untold issues that they can't seem to resolve that they slowly start to regain they authority, strength, power and security by sucking on good hearted human, !!!! That is to me pitiful and weak! Shame on them and time is running out, something will go wrong and god or whatever spiritual force out there will know exactly how to deal with these type of people. It is just a matter of time, they're is up and down in life for everyone, in different point of time.


Once upon a time there was this weird story I was going to tell but I wasn't sure how and when I was going to do it because it was so sad and so weird that myself couldn't understand it and i wasn't sure that others would be able too but I had a friend who ask me to tell it by using other name in the story so in honor of her life and happy ending existence: she leaves, now with her husband of 3 years and has 4 kids, 2 prior and 2 with him.

So there was berta and ricko they were brother and sister and they were celina the mother, and elisa, emilia the sisters.

This story will start to take place in 2008 in Europe, let's say, berta was 26, ricko 29, elisa 21 and emilia 32 and the mother was 50.

Berta was so much fun she loved to play outdoors, any sports, meeting people and talking to the neighbors, working with kids at the museum was her summer job and she party all week-ends with friends, she never rarely had 1 night without visitor coming by the house, she was so demanded by phone, by mans, by friend, everyone cherish her and admire her, sure they were others who didn't like her, elisa her sister had only 2 friends and was into study and stay home all the time, she was

a snitch, repeating everything to Celina and even make up lies and cried over nothing, she always complain about everything, and emilia, was liked in her school, sportive, talented drawer on the conservative side, she liked berta but she also could create huge dramas and commission when she felt like it, she had a weird personality she was scared of height, driving to fast, the thunder and so many things like roller coasters ect…, , but never for too long they usually changed their mind or forever kept distance for some reason i think they were afraid to begin to become nice if they had to talk to her so since they chose to be pissed then not much we could do for them. Berta always had a new ideas, new ways to improve fun and existence in general, always knew about the newest coolest spot to go too, people like her peacefulness mind, fun and relax presence, she simply never got upset, in the 10 years they had knew her since elementary, she was the very shy, sweet, silly type of kid who engage everyone into playing with eachother but nothing had changed she had a way about her, her loyal friendship, peace spirit will connect others who usually wouldn't get along, and this way she was remarkably recognise to be a peacemaker, someone you could call at any hour and talk to someone you could ask anything, someone you could always rely on and someone to be your best friend when you needed one, Berta was like the super star of the all neighnotood but some people will take her kindness for granted of course and she was so sweet that she will lose friends, regain friends because her inability to see the bad in others she will only concentrate of people good quality lets just say that is really all she could see. Having such peace inside was generating strength and drive into berta she was so happy all the time she couldn't get enough of life, then one day everything started to change, after leaving and growing up surrounded with so much attention in the family the focus on berta toward her sister and brother strike deep jealousy and develop resentment, hate that later build up into more hate, but with berta's brother it was different at least she thought it was different, they were close and she help him to find his first girlfriends and always wanted to set him up but he was to shy to go out there, he admire her for her ability to easily make friend with anyone anywhere, that was her special talent, she could come across any type of person and a few minute later they would be laughing having a drink, even the most looking depressed people. Berta felt bad for her brother because he never had a girlfriend until he was 24 and they all left him and broke his heart, while she never had trouble finding mans they usually were at her feet, line up for her, she try to hook him out and find ways to find him a good woman but it never work so she even tried dating site and had to post picture for him but he wouldn't even check to see if he had message, she came out of ideas after trying for 5 years, After moving from Portugal in Europe to Japan, she needed to start over, fresh start from her over possessive manipulative cruel mother and abusive boyfriends, she had so many boyfriend that instead of meeting only the good ones she started to come across some very violent, possessive, destructive one who made her life a living hell and even started to annoy her family. Ricko seem to always try to keep up with her boyfriend like berta was his little trophy sister, he was proud of her and knew guys really find her attractive and maybe he wish he could have been the same with woman and woman will find him irresistible but that never happen, because he had no confidence and was too shy to make the first move instead he started to be vindictive and develop a drug addiction and turn his vindictive thoughts towards hate for woman, he started to talk about woman like they were object and to be used. Berta knew the truth she knew her brother was deeply heart broken from woman leaving him and he felt so little, so alone, has no one wanted him and it made him feel like a undesirable boy who couldn't grow up maturely into a man body.

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