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   Chapter 46 Epilogue

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POV: Daniella

"Come guys! It is a group picture now!" Standing beside the podium, I shouted, straining my voice enough so that all Fancy Pants members could hear. Hired by Suri and Amano to be their wedding event coordinator, I had contacted a famous photographer in L.A. to capture the video and photos during the private event. The line-up of picture taking starting from the small entourage, parents and relatives had just finished. Now, it was the Club's turn.

Vincent, Karl and Alec were already in the dais, congratulating the newlyweds while Enrique was busily talking to one bridesmaid who was Suri's distant cousin.

Erik was sitting in one of the front pews in the chateau chapel, silent and rather too relaxed. Of all of the members, he was the one who hadn't stood up and expressed his greetings. Well, at least not yet as Suri and Amano had been continuously surrounded by the jovial crowd.

I straightened and rested a hand on my right waist, one Jimmy Choo-wearing foot forward, while I gave him a raised brow, silently sending him signals of lifting his butt off the wooden seat. He ghosted a smirk then and stood up with his debonair aura clothed in the latest Armani suit.

"Yes! I've been waiting for this!" exclaimed Alec who I didn't even notice was already standing beside me.

"Come here Dani, " he stated giving me a cheeky grin. He pulled me in by the shoulder and pressed us side by side.

I would have given him a slight playful nudge had it not for Erik's sudden interruption. He shoved Alec aside and inserted himself in between us.

"Ah Prez!" Alec shot him a confused, pouting look.

"You stand together with Karl, Alec, " muttered Erik with a clear glare on his way.

"But Prez, I want to stand next to Daniella!" I heard him complain. I had to keep myself from giggling as I watched their little argument.

I bent a little to see Erik's reaction and true enough, it was what I expected. He glared even more - exactly his signature don't-mess-with-me look - towards his Make-up and Prosthetics Expert.

Alec looked defeated. He raised his hands up and stepped inches away rather comically. "Okay, okay. Karl it is then, " he sputtered.

Everyone lined up in their chosen places. Amano and Suri were a stair down from us, right in the middle. I, wearing a floor-sweeping Venus cut light pink dress, stood directly above them and being towered over in between Erik and Vincent. Enrique dashingly stood beside him, in the far right. Alec, although disappointed, stood next to Erik, and followed by Karl.

It would have been a better scene if Rohan was around. I had to breathe hard to free myself from the heavy burden in my chest when his memory crossed my mind.

I knew that in every Club member, that was what they were thinking, but at least this joyous occasion reduced that sadness a bit. It has been a month since his death. Each day was difficult, but the Club members helped each other cope with the loss.

Under the Fancy Pants Club supervision, the Le Chateau de Esclavette's daily operation returned. ISA had stated that the Club had served its purpose well and for this, the members were given a chance to choose their own future endeavors in life, be it to continue being an undercover agent or to proceed with a normal civilian danger-free life.

Amano and Suri, of course, had chosen the latter. To build a family was what they have dreamed ever since. Alec, Enrique and Karl decided to serve ISA further, preferring to stay in the chateau while there were no operations being done yet, while Vincent, he stated he will have to lay low on being a Tactical Operation's Specialist as of the moment, citing that he needed to take care of some 'matters.'

Erik, on the other hand, was left to care the chateau. Since his battle with his family and Iopata had ended, he decided to make himself my personal bodyguard/master/lover - until such time we wed of course. As the President, he had appointed me as the Head of Public Affairs of the Club and by that I meant the head of all fancy parties being held inside the chateau. Since the renovation of the Presi

hen I saw a painting that was hung on a white-gold wall. It was his creation, the one painting that he did in his entire life that looked like a cross between a pineapple and my face.

"Oh, Erik, you framed it!" I shouted, embracing him with all my might.

I heard his throaty chuckle then before answering, "Yes, I did and I asked Vincent to hang it here."

"Then this would be your first ever art donation to this gallery?" I pressed my forehead on the crook of his neck and examined the painting again, smiling from ear to ear thinking of the fond memories it bestowed.

"Yes, it would, " he answered, holding me in place by the shoulder.

"Hmmm, Erik, why did you paint me like this by the way? Why a pineapple?"

Although I already knew the answer, I just had to ask again.

"I told you didn't I?" His finger curled under my chin and lifted my face up. "Your attitude and the pineapple fruit are the same - prickly."

I pouted at him. In response, he grazed a thumb on my bottom lip and smirked.

"But I painted you like this because I was very jealous of Enrique and Vincent that time, " he continued. "They had your attention. I hated it."

This made my heart flutter.

"Hmmm, what are the odds, the President, jealous, " I teased.

His playful gaze turned stormy - filled with combined lust, desire and love.

"I have always been jealous, Daniella. It is just that my rudeness covers it well. I loved you since the first time we met in the vineyard. I have never forgotten about you since then."

"Oh Erik..." I lifted my hands up and traced his jawline. He let me, but I felt his other hand press tighter on my shoulder, drawing me in even more.

"Then, we feel the same way, " I added, planting a chaste kiss on his jaw.

This didn't seem to satisfy him because he swiftly swooped down and captured my mouth for a heady, soul-searching kiss.

Time and tide we have kissed and expressed our feelings for each other. Who would have known that a simple but dangerous collision in a French vineyard under an orange and violet dawn sky would yield to this kind of love. We may have undergone numerous battles during the process, but it was worth it in the end.

"Hey, remember you once asked me where I like to go for a vacation?" I stated once we regained our breathing.

Erik nodded and eyed me expectantly. "Yes, have you decided now?"

"Yup, I would like to go to France. In my family's vineyard where we first met, " was my sure answer. I had thought of Hawaii, Coron, and the Bahamas, but I believe the vineyard would be my best choice ever.

Erik seemed to agree with this for he smiled and answered before devouring my mouth again, "Then we shall, my Sweet Daniella."




The End.

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