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   Chapter 45 Somewhat of An End

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POV: Daniella

It was the second day in the hospital when I opened my eyes. The first face that greeted me then was my mother, holding my hand that was free of an intravenous line. She sobbed quite vigorously. I had to try to calm her through a squeeze of my fingers on her flushed cheek. We talked after she quieted down and I was informed of everything with regards to my condition.

Miraculously, I survived the car crash without any fatal injuries aside from some glass lacerations in my legs, bruises, a broken left wrist and a head concussion. The doctors wanted to make sure everything of my body processes were stable so they needed me on hospital bedrest for the next two weeks together with my scheduled wrist surgery.

I was fine with that and stayed as per recommendation, but as the days passed by I noticed something was missing.

Not one Club member visited me.

No Erik, Vincent, Karl, Alec, Enrique, Amano or Suri stepping inside my room.

I got confused and at the same time worried.

Because of this, I asked my mother how she learned of my situation but she only just shrugged her shoulders and answered that a hospital staff had called her about my unfortunate road accident.

I asked her if she met any of the Fancy Pants Club members upon arriving at the hospital and she answered me that she hadn't met at least one. Apparently, no one had visited me since she arrived.

I had trouble believing it of course. Erik and the others wouldn't just abandon me like this unless something happened to them. I wanted to know the truth but since I was still on bedrest, I had my mother check on the chateau and the Club the following days.

What I learned paled me even more.

She said that the north side of the chateau was burned down. Due to this, the staff had to shut all operations indefinitely. No news about the Club and its Club members were released except for the state of the chateau's north side, in the President's Hall particularly, wherein bullet holes decorated the walls and charred human bodies were seen lying with firearms in their sides. The media was all over the spectacle and for that, I borrowed my mother's laptop to search.

My hands went frigid after confirming my mother's accounts. Although I fought it, tears dripped in great amounts down my cheeks.

There were various theories from the media explaining the popular Fancy Pants Club's sudden disappearance. It ranged from them dismantling the Club, a party gone wild and disastrous, and an altercation with some not-yet-confirmed mysterious syndicate. The last one was probably what the public had been tuning on considering an amateur video leaked showing Nikola's Bugatti crash and Erik's apparent rampage on his brother.

I was in the video too, the unconscious me, and because of that I had to spill out everything to my mother that pertained to the Club, to Iopata and to my lover, Erik and our past.

Surprisingly, she was all thumbs up with my relationship with him amidst the dangers that went along with it. She was even happy that I have finally found someone to care for, and even a Fancy Pants Club president at that. I could see how she was worried though, so I had to reassure her that everything was fine, now that Nikola and Iopata had been eradicated.

Or at least that's what I was hoping for.

I didn't want to think that Erik and the others are dead. I didn't want to think that those burned bodies in the President's Hall were them, but what else am I to think? I was out cold those first two days. It was possible that Nikola survived the crash too and together with Hyde made their plans of bringing down Erik and the Club a reality.

God, no.

But as the days went by, no good news arrived in my doorstep, or even familiar faces that I considered my friends, or even my lover who my heart yearned for.

It saddened me and because of this, it affected my recuperating process. Luckily, my mother understood my situation. She tried her hardest to cheer me up and accompanied me the whole hospital admission amidst our busy business demanding her.

What was meant to be two weeks of hospital admission became three. When I was cleared of my doctors for discharge, at my mother's insistence, I decided to leave with her for New York. I asked her to give me at least one day to check on the chateau though and she gave me that.

I needed evidences - evidences that would clarify and answer everything: why Erik and the Club didn't visit me, why they suddenly disappeared, and if...if they were truly gone.

On my day of visit in the chateau, I was allowed entry even though it was prohibited. The front guard had recognized me being one of the Club members so he let me in. I didn't miss out how he seemed to be too calm after seeing me though.

Once inside, I found the place in a standstill. I caught a faint smell of burning wood and paint and I immediately connected it to the said fire three weeks ago.

Out of the two hundred and thirty Iopata victims serving as employees maintaining the chateau, not one soul was present. Most of the lights were turned off including that of the front desk and the customer service counter. Fresh flowers that were supposed to be changed every other day were in the process of wilting. The finest Persian carpets that were supposed to be vacuumed clean showed signs of dust collection. Even the chandeliers in the main hall, in the second and third floor foyers, and the light fixtures in every hallway exhibited the beginnings of cobwebs.

I was at a loss for words. This was evidence number one.

What came out of my mouth were gasps

t that time.

After this successful last stand with Hyde and his men, we even furthered our operations in Russia together with the local army to destroy their base once and for all. This was the reason why me and the other Fancy Pants club members never got a chance to visit Daniella these past few weeks.

So that Daniella won't be alone, I had the hospital staff call her mother. I met with her the day she arrived in the airport and explained everything there: the nature of the Club, the problems we were facing, my feelings for her daughter and my will to make her my bride soon.

I asked her to make our meeting a secret and to act as normal as possible. I knew it wouldn't be the right thing to do, but it was in order to give Daniella a peace of mind. She had worried with all of us too much and I don't want her worrying even more.

Although I know that it's in her nature to worry and overthink a lot of things.

When her mother called me two days before their discharge and informed me that Daniella wanted to visit the chateau, I immediately set out for a return flight to Beverly Hills.

ISA and my fellow Club members didn't need to stop me anymore. Iopata and its base had now fully been destroyed.

When I arrived in the chateau, I immediately went straight into the Club's underground hideout - to my chamber specifically - and pulled out a certain blue velvet box in my safety deposit box.

In haste, I looked for Daniella then. Surveillance cameras in my room showed that she had just entered the north wing so I went there.

What I saw when I arrived crushed me really good. Daniella was nestled against the frame of the main double doors, sleeping serenely yet tears in her eyes streamed down her face.

I had the urge to wake her up. I had the urge to lift her, bring her in my bed and press her head against my chest in order to comfort her.

I wanted to do that but I was afraid she might jump out of my hold in surprise, thinking I was Nikola.

I decided to stand a couple of feet away from her and wait, wait for my lovely Sweet Rose to wake up and see me.




POV: Daniella

I couldn't hold back the fresh new batch of tears from falling when Erik cupped my chin and held my gaze with so much passion.

"I apologize I couldn't be with you in the hospital, " he said, putting a thumb against my bottom lip. "I was in Rus-"

I placed a finger in his lips to stop him. "Let me guess, Iopata related isn't it?" I asked with a little sob.

He nodded and made an apologetic face.

Gods, this expression just doesn't fit him well.

"Stop that Erik, I like you more when you are scowling at me, " I teased, but I must have been a sight to see, teasing and crying all at the same time.

He lifted my chin up. "Are you going to marry me still?"

My heart swelled with that. "Of course, I will."

"Then, I'd like you to wear these for a start."

To my surprise, he pulled out a blue velvet ring box from his pants pocket and opened it for me.

I gaped.

The contents inside were a sparkling green and blue.

Green for my emerald ring and blue for the sapphire stone set in a silver band, surrounded by exquisitely-cut teardrop diamonds.

"Oh, Erik..." I felt my chest constrict with utter happiness. He was smiling when he took out both rings and slipped them side-by-side in my ring and middle fingers.

"You are mine forever Daniella, always remember that, " he uttered in a possessive yet husky voice.

"I am. Yes, I will always be yours forever." I nodded at him; my broken heart slowly healing from the pain the nightmarish dream had made.

He brought me chest to chest again and without further waiting, devoured my lips passionately for almost a breathless minute.

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