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   Chapter 44 Fancy Redecorating

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POV: Erik

Death had circulated my life since I was born. First was my mother, second were the strangers that Hyde had killed, and third were the Iopata dogs that I killed during our Club operations. I had known of death, too acquainted with it even that seeing a lifeless body unaffected me.

The death of Rohan as expected didn't have that much impact amidst him being a good friend of mine, but it reminded me greatly about what Daniella, my precious Sweet Rose, would soon face if she continues to get tangled up with the dealings of the Club.

She was already drawn into danger because of Nikola. Experienced considerable amount of trauma due to what happened in the Iopata Mansion and Rohan. I don't want those to happen again.

Shit. I don't want her to suffer or get hurt again.

That exactly is the reason why I kept any news from her regarding Iopata and Nikola. I had instructed Karl, Vincent and the others to keep everything a secret from her especially my twin's recent notice of threat.

How he got my number was beyond me but I believe it was because of Luca's existing reports about me and the Club. He called one day after the incident in the Iopata Mansion and told me about his desire to steal Daniella away, make her his slave and sex toy as a way to make me suffer.

In response to that, I had kept Daniella in the underground hideout, increased security and kept a watchful eye on her. I had also ordered our Club associates to secure the safety of her mother in New York; discreetly guard her twenty-four seventh so that Nikola wouldn't get any chances of using her as bait.

All went well to date and so far, I had calmly kept all of these from Daniella. I had acted as if nothing was wrong, but every night, as we lay together in bed, the guilt of keeping her caged like an animal unsettles me.

Although all of this means her safety, still she needed to live her life normally; work, travel and relax without fear of the dangers ahead.

Vincent's suggestion of going on a vacation together was approved by all of my Club members while I thought it a good idea. Daniella, of all people, needed the respite since she was the one who saw the heartbreaking final breath of Rohan. Aside from that, I needed to get her away from the Club too while my twin brother remains at large thinking that she'll be safe away.

However, I have never thought that in a peaceful gathering like bringing Rohan's ashes in its final resting place would be invaded by him.

When the prayers and the throwing of ashes were done, I turned to return in Daniella's side who I expected to be standing with the crowd; standing beautifully with her unshed but gleaming tears.

The expression in my face was already cold. When I found her absent in the spot where I left her, it turned even arctic.

She may have gone to some other spot to shade from the sun's rays, that's what my mind thought at first, but something in my veins called out an alarm.

I immediately scanned the available area; right to left, the front and the back of the crowd but she was nowhere to be seen.

That's when a reflection of a car's hood caught my eye.

"Shit!" I cursed loudly, my eyes trained on Daniella's fragile form inside the front-seat of Nikola's Bugatti Chiron. I saw red immediately and felt a strong craze to slice my twin's throat.

I noticed Vincent beside me tense. "Daniella!" he shouted and then looked at me in alarm too.

They were parked a lengthy distance away from where we were. Nikola, who stood in the driver's side saluted me with a grin and then he slipped inside just as I scrambled to my feet and shouted his name in anger, "Nikola!"

"Enrique, the copter!" I heard Vincent yell instinctively.

In the hopes of catching them on time, I pushed and rammed into the mourning people in my way, hissing the whole time when I saw the Bugatti leave.

"Prez! I'll help you!" Vincent voiced out when he reached my side.

"Take care of Daniella for me! I'll kill the bastard this time!" I gritted my teeth and willed my feet to take flight towards my Ferrari.

I got there just in a matter of seconds, but it was enough for Nikola to speed out of our sight.

"Fuck!" I cursed again, gripping the wheel tightly just as I stepped on the gas pedal.




POV: Daniella

Crying won't help me one bit, so I fought back the salty liquid that wanted to fall since I followed Nikola to his getaway vehicle.

The glock he had used awhile ago was lying in his side of the dashboard. I had c

. The mother f*ucker.

He was sitting in an awkward position in the driver's seat, panting. One bloody arm was on his stomach while the other held a gun that was pointed at Daniella's forehead - my precious Sweet Rose - who was unconscious, leaning against the dashboard with her soft curls partially hiding her face.

"Say goodbye to your woman, brother, " he hoarsely spoke. I didn't have enough time to pull my gun out or punch him in the face when I saw his finger move in the trigger.

"No!" I shouted with dread etched in my face.

The fire of a gun resounded in the air, but as I watched with my fingers trembling, blood didn't trail down from Daniella's forehead.

Nikola's hold on the gun loosened. It fell on the cracked floor of the car with not a sound.

How? How?! my thoughts cried out.

Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw Vincent holding his revolver; its mouth aimed towards Nikola.

Relief washed through me, but it was just brief.

In one move, I pulled the limp Nikola out of the car by the collar of his shirt. I threw him on the sidewalk where I poured out my rage and punched his fucked up bloody face again and again.

He didn't fight at all. He didn't so much as lift his arms to block my knuckles.

"Prez! Stop it!" Despite my vengeful state, I heard Vincent speak loudly. "He is dead. Daniella isn't. Let's get her to the hospital. NOW!"

He was already holding Daniella in his arms, standing a couple of feet away from the now-flaming car.

I nodded but before walking away, I took out my silver gun and released five bullets in Nikola's head without caring that random drivers in the bridge would witness it.

Contentment washed through me.

I can finally say that Daniella is safe now. From danger. From Iopata. From my twin.




In the same hospital where Suri was in, Vincent and I brought Daniella. I would have wanted to stay and wait for news regarding her status but Karl arrived and informed me of another problem: Hyde.

Apparently, he was able to slip inside the chateau while we were in the funeral, together with a number of goons at his side. Surveillance cameras showed that they had been there waiting since mid morning.

I had a feeling this was his and Nikola's plan all along. The surprise birthday party project that Daniella was in was meant to bring the Club down, but no. They got it all wrong. They had underestimated what the Club can do.

I stood up from the hospital bench with my hands itching for a fight. A small smile grew on my lips then. Vincent saw it and I knew from the way he smiled back that he understood what I was thinking.

"Prez, " both he and Karl spoke in front of me; their faces waiting expectantly for my orders.

"I guess it is time to change the carpet in the President's Hall, huh?" I asked, thinking of something crimson red and sticky staining it soon.

"Yes, Prez. I believe so, " was Vincent's reply.

I nodded. "Then, let's go and do some fancy redecorating."

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