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   Chapter 40 Mask of Indifference

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POV: Daniella

Mr. Svaneti strode first out of the balcony with us following behind him. He had a noticeable limp in his left leg and he supported it with a metal cane engraved with the symbol of Iopata.

As an old man, he wasn't really someone to be feared with in terms of physical strength. It was possible that all the admiration, respect and submission under his rule came from his previous conquests in life. I don't second guess his capacity to kill someone though, and I don't second guess that he'd even feel guilty after it. No matter the warmth he showed me earlier, Mr. Svaneti as the Iopata Boss meant that he was the one responsible for all the misfortunes of many people.

If I am to contemplate on it, his sons, yes, his sons were better fit to be feared by many. Not only do they have the blood to wreak havoc, they also have the youth, strength and intelligence to do so.

It is just fortunate enough that the world has at least one on its side - Erik specifically - who doesn't have an evil will like Nikola.

Or does he? With how Erik acted uncaring earlier, I'm beginning to think otherwise.

Apparently, the second floor had a dining area for we only crossed the drawing room and out to a connecting door to reach the place. The whole time we did so, Erik was right beside me, an armslength away while Nikola's possessive hand rested on my back.

I seriously contemplated on kicking Erik's balls for his apathy. How dare he act as if he doesn't know me. How dare he show no concern while I was under his brother's hold. But I played the temporary obedient fiancée instead, keeping my fury to myself until I had the right time to unleash it.

In a rectangular table we sat. Sergio Svaneti was on the head of the table while his two sons were on each sides. Of course, I seated next to Nikola while Hyde sat next to Erik.

All courses were readied. The table setup was too. And we were just about to start eating when without warning, Nikola started throwing a question on Erik.

"By the way, you mentioned something about business, brother. Care to enlighten us about it? You don't look like a businessman to me."

I paused from spooning the corn soup and watched the one asked with a quickening beat in my heart.

Nikola and I have similar sentiments. I also would like to know how Erik fabricated the alibi, but I am worried with how he was going to deliver it to all of us. If he misses a beat, it would be detrimental to him. Sure Nikola knows that he was just lying to their father and there's a possibility that he was just waiting for a prime opportunity to reveal everything to him.

But then, Erik cocked a brow at him and smoothly replied, "Guns, Nikola. I sell guns."

"We met in a meeting in NY, son, " their father butted in, looking at Nikola. "Apparently, he supplies quite an extensive armory to drug cartels in New York."

"Oh?" was Nikola's disbelieving reply. "It is amazing that Iopata doesn't know of your significance in that city. Otherwise, if father knew of you being alive and even supplying to his associates, he would have had you back in the family circle by then. How did you elude us until now?"

I widened my eyes. It seems Nikola made it sure to place him in a tight spot.

"I used my alias of course, " was Erik's flawless reply and in reflex, my mouth dropped when he continued, "'Erik Romano Fancii', that's my alias since I prefer to be discreet in my dealings."

Nikola suppressed a laugh. "Of course you did."

"I have told father of my reason for showing myself now after all these years. Maybe you want to ask him for it?" Erik continued, bringing me at the edge of my seat. Now that I remember, Erik doesn't know yet that the Club had a traitor in their midst - Luca.

I saw Nikola exchange glances with the silent Hyde and then to his father.

"Yes, I'd like to know otets. Was it just a bad case of amnesia from drowning in the dam?"

Their father shook his head and snickered.

"Nothing like that, son. Nikolai here was too caught up with his new life that he didn't see the need to show himself to us."

I almost nodded in agreement. The reason was fair enough but that didn't seem to convince Nikola.

"That easy huh?" he asked, tapping a finger in the table as if impatient.

"In the meeting, I of course recognized him and ask that he return to the Svaneti roof, " Mr. Svaneti furthered. "I thought that with the connections he has here in the US and his business, the benefits are endless."

"Your empire is already in full force Father. We don't need him, " was Nikola's urgent, clipped reply, dismissing his laid-back tone earlier.

"I need him as the heir to the Svaneti name, Nikola, and as the heir to Iopata. Older brothers have that right, " Mr. Svaneti reasoned.

Since I was near him, I saw Nikola's jaw tense as he murmured, "You don't seem to think of that when you preferred me over him when we were born."

I blinked a couple of times, stunned.

"Nikola, enough, " their father growled. "I don't want to deal with sibling rivalry now. You two are old enough for that."

"But he can't just waltz in here and take what I have worked hard for!" his shoulder's stiffened as he grounded.

I swa

feed that crumb of clue that he could use against me.

Luckily, Daniella had wisely restrained herself too, but I didn't miss the confusion in her eyes and how she was let down of my cold shoulder treatment.

"I miss you too, " she replied gently but then I felt her hands clutch the back of my collar, "But Erik, how? Why? You're so stupid! You showed yourself to your father!"

I smirked at that. "I have no other way to save you, Love."

"But no, Erik..." The shakiness and care in her voice cut straight to my heart. How could she think of my welfare when she was in a tight mess herself?

"I can't just leave you here with them, " I uttered. "Hyde, my twin brother, father - they are all capable of tearing you to pieces."

"Who's to say that they won't do the same to you?!" she stressed.

I straightened and backed away enough to cup her face and look at the uncertainly in her eyes.

"They won't because I'll do that to them first. Don't you trust me?"

She blinked her tears out. "I trust you, but I'm afraid for you. God, so, so afraid for you."

Using my free hand, I held her trembling right hand to ease it and then kissed the knuckles tenderly. She responded by relaxing and closing her eyes.

"Daniella, what have I done to deserve you?" I asked but the question really wasn't directed to her, but directed to myself. Indeed, what have I done to deserve this lovely creature?

I pressed my forehead against her own and waited for her to speak, but she didn't. Instead, she opened her eyes and looked at me filled with desire.

In one swoop, she grabbed my neck and captured my mouth with hers. It broke all my defenses down. I answered by drawing her closer and palming her face. I groaned in approval of our union, taking into account that my desire for her only flared even more.

Our lips crashed with an intensity like that of a suicidal airplane hitting the ocean. It was explosive. It was fiery. And even though she was the one who initiated our long-overdue kiss, it was I who slipped my tongue first, colliding with her own and tasting her wet walls.

She moaned, but it seems it wasn't enough for a big chunk of me wanted her to cry out my name - being in Nikola's room didn't even deter it. Yeah, screw him.

I hoisted her up in my waist. She didn't delay on hooking her legs around me. With my strength and the support of the wall, I devoured her mouth and made a trail of kissmarks on her neck and a small part of her chest.

Yes, let these be a reminder that she'll forever belong to me.

"Erik..." I heard her pant and felt her fingers rake my hair.

I looked up and saw her flushed and wanting.

"Make me forget please. Make me forget Nikola's touch."

"What did he do to you?" I growled like a predatory lion, my desire deflating for a moment and replaced with the will to kill my twin.

"Nothing other than kiss me and graze his hands on my skin, but God, he wants to ra*pe me, Erik. He wants to ra*pe me!"

Her voice broke off and in a heartbeat, I saw the suffering in her eyes.

"I will not allow that to happen, " I underlined and then took her mouth again, this time with so much hunger I feared I would have drawn blood on her lips. But she didn't seem to mind. She raked my hair again and pressed her face even closer to me.

"I want you Erik, " she breathed in between our kisses, "I want you inside me."

My pride inflated. "Then let's bring passion in the cold bed, my Love."

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