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   Chapter 38 Twisted Game

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POV: Daniella

Clad in a well-ironed suit, Erik stood before me. He had an amused grin on his face, barely visible, but still there and he studied me from head to foot as if it was his first time seeing me.

If it wasn't for the chains that stopped me, I would have leapt into his arms and embraced him right then and there. I instead just stood still with my left hand pressed against my bounding heart and my right hand restrained by the cuff. A part of me was relieved that it was him, but a part of me was confused too.

"You're the boss?!" I exclaimed with furrowed brows, but I bit the inside of my lip thereafter when I thought that maybe my question came out wrong.

"Wh-what is the meaning of this?" I inquired the second time. A tornado of questions attacked my head as I waited with bated breath for his answer.

What came out from his mouth however cleared all of it in just a snap.

"Daniella is it?" Erik's voice weirdly sounded different and the same all together; like it was a pitch lower yet in the same quality. "You're more beautiful than I imagined. No wonder my twin brother chose you."

He highlighted that one word and that one word immediately racked my logical thinking.

"Twin...?" was my shaky response.

"Oh?" he cocked a brow this time, "He didn't tell you? Now that's...unfortunate."

My gaze drifted from his face to his neck tattoo and of course, it was clear to see. As oppose to Erik with his black spade and red spears, this man who claimed to be his twin had blue spears.

"No, " I breathed out, unable to believe what I was seeing. "It can't be. Twins?!"

He grinned. "One and the same, mishka."

I wouldn't even pretend that I know that Russian endearment, but as I stilled, something in my lodged memory clicked into place.

"You're the man I saw in Crescent Moon!"

"Took you long enough to realize, " the twin immediately expressed with a rough Russian accent.

From my peripheral vision, I saw Luca sit in the earlier seat near the wall chuckling at our exchange. I ignored him and chose to focus my attention on the mirror of Erik, scanning him from his messily styled hair to his black well-polished shoes.

I give it to him, they have the same self-important aura radiating out of them just by standing. Stoic and stiff in the shoulders, apathetic and has that intense gaze that reflected of darkness and all things horrific. Well, that was before I acknowledged my feelings for Erik and saw the good side in him.

Does this twin have one too? Is he an ogre who just has a layer of emotions that he hides?

"Your hair was silvery white then, " I recollected, cutting off myself of the uninvited thoughts.

"Yes, but I decided to dye my hair back to brown in preparation for my reunion with my brother, " he answered directly with quiet menace in his voice.

The icy coldness of his stare made me shiver from head to foot. The way he spoke what should have been a warm family term was charged with enough threat to make me think twice. It seems he wasn't intending to reunite with Erik under normal circumstances.

"No... Erik..." I breathed out shakily when blood and death popped out of my head. "What are you planning?! What are you planning to do to him?!"

I felt a sudden sense to protect the man I love. On impulse, I stepped forward and launched towards him wanting to strike his chest with my fist, but the chain pulled me back.

Judging from the little shift in his stance, I can say that he was taken aback with my sudden outburst, but it was just brief for he snickered, likely amused that I am helpless in my restraints.

"For a whore, you care that much for him?"

I gave him a pointed glare. "I am not a whore!"

"Oh? You're not?" he stepped a feet closer, but it wasn't close enough for me to use my punching skills I have learned from my kickboxing training with Armelia.

"You entered a Kamasutra-inspired building with him and I can only guess what you both did there isn't virtuous. You ride in his car more than a normal club member would too and that makes me wonder... what else do you ride other than his car huh?"

There was a mischievous glint in his eyes as he pointed those at me, but I wasn't affected with it. What got me more focused on was the fact that he knew about Rohan's building and my simple, harmless car rides with Erik. Was it possible that he was spying on us?

"We got pictures of both of you miskha, " he conveniently provided the answer as if he knew what I was thinking. "Although all of them were taken outside the chateau, those were enough to tell me that you are his whore."

I clenched my teeth and fists, overheated with anger. "If I am just his whore, why did you abduct me then? What use do you have of a woman who gives the best blowjob in the world?!"

I'm sorry. I just have to be crude with this guy. Although I'm not so sure that my BJ was the best, I can only guess that it was basing on Erik's pleased grunts from back that time.

The twin chuckled along with Luca's irritating snicker.

"Hmmm, for fun of course, " was his clear answer, but it got me arching my brow.


"Yes, for fun. I want to take everything from Erik starting from the woman that warms his bed."

He stepped closer to me. I stepped back and positioned myself in a defensive stance. Without warning and speedily at that, he looped one arm around my back and pushed me against his chest. His other hand grabbed a fist full of my hair and I yelped feeling the pulling pain in my scalp.

He disregarded my alarmed voice and went to bri

w his mouth into a thin line.

"We have a problem, " was Mr. Startsev's announcement.

It immediately elicited an arched brow from Nikola.

"What is it?"

"Your brother, " he eyed me again and then to the twin and then proceeded, "Nikolai, had reunited with your father in New York."

"Blyad!" I heard Nikola curse quietly. I'd expected him to kick something out of spite, a table or chair maybe, just to add effect of his apparent rage, but he didn't. He remained calm amidst the heavy breath he released.

I, on the other hand, was agape. Erik? The real Erik had reunited with their father? What does that mean?

"Big Boss wants you to meet him in the safe house an hour from now, " Mr. Startsev added.

Nikola eyed me with burning depth and after a pregnant pause, remarked, "You're lucky. You're very lucky. I expected my brother to come barging in here with a gun and a life to sacrifice for you, but it seems he turned the tables to his side."

"Bring me to him!" I ordered confidently to which the two immediately shook their heads.

"No, no. Not yet, " was Nikola's statement. "You'll meet him soon enough, but as of now, you will have to stay here and wait for me because I am certainly not done fucking you."

I paled at his remark.

With a last threatening glance, he left the room leaving me all alone with Mr. Startsev who had his arms crossed in his chest.

"How are you faring Ms. Rosecraft?" he asked as soon as the door closed.

"You..." I uttered, feeling suddenly like a fool. "Huh! Of course, with that bad scar in your face, I should have known that you are one of them."

"Quite right, " he smiled, but it didn't give off any sunshine.

"What about the birthday party you reserved? Was it a hoax then?" I asked, remembering the project which I now believe is a trap for the Club.

"Oh, no no. The birthday party is real, " he answered. "Nikola and Nikolai will be the celebrants. Do you like it?"

I sneered at him, "Are you planning a blood bath Mr. Startsev?"and clarified after remembering that he specifically requested towels for the other celebrant which I just found out to be Erik.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, that was the plan at first, but since Nikolai stepped in and revealed himself to his father, I guess the blood bath will have to wait. Let's just see then what happens during their reunion."

"You're sickening."

"I appreciate the compliment, Ms. Rosecraft, " he grinned and then pulled out something in his pants pocket. It was a key.

"Here, let me make things easier for you."

He approached me and then reached for my right hand that was handcuffed. I resisted at first but his strong hand grabbed my arm like a vice-grip.

"An order from Nikola: I'll free you with this cuff but not in this room."

I snorted. Huh, like that would make me happy.

He inserted the key through the hole and with one twist, it was done.

Escaping quickly was my first choice, but I remained sitting still, unable to move because of the man's grave threat: "Escape and you will die, believe me."

I thought of giving him a caustic comeback, but a sob escaped from me instead.

With a snappy turn, he strode towards the door and before he could close it, he said, "Enjoy your stay, Ms. Rosecraft."

And with that, he left me to drown in the silence of the room. I dropped in the mattress, back first, and covered my eyes with my forearm to hold back the tears.

I wasn't given a chance to dry them up though when the door opened again and in stepped Nikola wearing a sly grin. I furrowed my brows.

"On your knees mishka. I changed my mind. Today, you will meet my father as my fiancée. Let's see then what Nikolai's face will be."

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