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   Chapter 36 Needing a Knight-In-Shining-Armor

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~ Daniella ~

A whole day.

That's what Erik told me and true to his word, we really did stay for a wondrous whole day inside his room.

He had instructed Mr. Ian through phone call to leave our breakfast, lunch and dinner meals including snacks outside the main door. He also issued all club matters directed to the Vice President and even those that pertain to Iopata set aside for the next day.

Weirdly enough, not one of the club members called or texted him. I am not so sure if it was intentional or if they knew of my presence in their president's bedroom, but the zero bother made me feel at ease. As of the moment, I don't want to think about how Suri and the other's had reacted on the advancement of me and Erik's relationship.

I doubt that they would be surprised though. I have an inkling that they knew something was up between the two of us right from the start.

Erik and I discussed a lot of things during our stay. If we were not busy moaning and groaning that is. The topics were common ones like my family, our business, the vineyard that we first met last year and me in general. He discovered many things about me by forcing me to confess. Some of these are my craziness about cookie butter, my inability to swim in deep waters, my fear of koalas and my advanced college degree.

I in the other hand learned little about him other than his allergy to peanut butter, his hate for puppies and him being certified and a black belt in all martial arts-related courses. He mentioned about his childhood life, about being an orphan since birth and raised by Dominican nuns, but that was that. He never added more to it and I didn't dare delve deeper as the sudden cold, lifelessness of his eyes was clue enough for me to stop.

There was only one word to describe Erik during our whole-day stay and it was: robust.

I tell you, as expected of a man who just got ripped from his celibate life, he sure took advantage of it. We made love on all corners of the room and for crying out loud, he almost caused my voice to sound hoarse from shouting out too much. He made me feel like a Goddess hallowed by a lowly man. As oppose to his rude and insensitive attitude a month ago, he was sensitive to my needs and took care of them like he was my servant.

My heart, if it wasn't swollen enough, swelled again and again and because of that, he almost, almost choked me out the coveted three words in our twelfth love making.

Late in the morning the next day was the time I was finally able to return in my own room. Erik, although against his wishes, left me to take care of an urgent matter that he received through text message early in the morning from Vincent. It said that Luca Tristram, their inside man in the Bratva, had arrived since yesterday.

He left me in front of my door still wearing the overused black bathrobe and after a soul-searching, heavily passionate kiss. Yeah, we almost made love right in front of the door for that matter.

Everything was just as I remembered to be in my room. Even the royal blue shimmering gown remained in its same position: in a hanger hung inside my walled closet. Since I already bathed together with Erik in the Jacuzzi, I went straight ahead to dress myself with a pink off-shoulder sleeved blouse and black slacks.

Once done, I strode towards my bedside table to check on my phone. There was a message in it coming from Suri telling me to have lunch with her in a restaurant near Alec's boutique and to bring the gown with me. Smiling, I typed in a 'Yes' and a 'See you two hours from now' reply.

Her response came quickly with a 'Looking forward to it' message complete with a cute smiley.

From where I stood, the queen-size bed beckoned me to look. I did and my breath immediately hitched when I saw what was in front of me. I placed a hand in my chest as I stared at the rumpled white sheet wherein the evidence of Erik's conquest of my virginity lay, reduced to a dark, dull red stain.

Pain and pleasure mixed together was what I could remember in that moment and it made me feel warm inside having remembered how gentle he was that time with me.

I hastened to pull the sheet out and dropped it in the laundry basket grinning to myself. Surely, the chateau laundry staff would have wild imaginations tonight.

I went back to my bedroom and stood in front of the vanity mirror. I've heard about stories that women change after their first night with the man they love. In a physical or emotional sense? I don't know, but the answer made me curious.

A change after their first night... I'm not so sure about this since I am now standing in the mirror after my second night with Erik. Other than my backside sore, my energy slightly drained, and my muscles overworked (including the one below that had received thorough attention), there was nothing significant to say that I really have changed.

A change after their first night with the man they love... Now, that made my insides clench.

"I love him..." I whispered softly as I watched my glowing reflection. Eye-to-eye with myself, there was suddenly a realization inside me and that was the irrevocable truth of my feelings for Erik.

"Yes, I love him!" I said it loudly and clearly as if trying to nail it inside my heart.

But I don't know why two rogue tears fell from my eyes then.

Maybe because I regretted that I wasn't able to tell this to

club members remember? He just arrived yesterday from Russia bearing important Iopata news for the Club. You should meet him, he is a charmer, but not as charming as your man."

She then winked at me.

"Ahh, ha ha." I rolled my eyes playfully.

I don't want to lie to her so I kept myself silent and let her assume that I haven't met the man. Although I would want to tell her about the stolen kiss Luca got from me, it was better this way that she didn't know. Like I said, I had already erased that bothersome memory away and to tell her about that now would invite unwelcomed questions from her... and an unsavory scowl from Erik.

"Hey, Dani, I want to tell you something, " she then stated after a few minutes of silent eating.

From being comfortable earlier, now she suddenly released the utensils and fidgeted with her fingers.

"What is it Suri? Do you have a problem?" I asked, quickly worried with her. I placed the glass in the table and focused my attention on her.

"Well, you see, Amano and I, we..." Her cheeks then blushed a deep red. Her stare shifted from mine to the floor and continued, "We are getting married."

"Seriously?!" I squeaked in excitement. I almost stood up from my seat out of happiness. I grabbed her tensed hand and gazed at her with big eyes. "Wow Suri! That's great news!"

"I know right?" Her stiff shoulder then relaxed. "This is the ring that Amano gave me."

I dipped my gaze on the blue sapphire ring that sat royally in her ring finger. I have noticed it since she fetched me in my room, but thought of it as just an anniversary present. "Wow, congratulations Suri. I'm so happy for you!"

But then, my happiness was short-lived. Why? Because there was suddenly a black van that crashed inside the restaurant's glass wall.

Our table was not affected by the crash, thank God, as it was situated at a far corner against the brick wall but it still elicited a shriek from us.

As five burly men in black masks disembarked the van, Suri and I just sat in our seats too stunned to run for safety. I felt her grip my hand under the table as one of the men pulled out a 0.45 caliber handgun out from his black trench coat and released two bullets straight to the ceiling.

"Nobody move or else the next bullet will be inside your head!"

I heard the other customers wail in panic after hearing it, but a waiter near us stupidly did the opposite. He ran towards the back door but the armed man gunned him down in the head just like he promised. He lay dead on the aisle near us.

Another wail from mostly women came instantly and I swear I heard myself join in with them whilst staring at the lifeless body.

Breathing unevenly, I pressed myself against the brick wall and acted like a statue. Suri did the same and I was aware her pulse and breathing was just as fast as mine.

Then my jaw dropped as I looked at her.

As oppose to my horrified expression, hers was with determination looking at the commotion in front of us. God, she looked as if she was Scarlett Johansson ready to kick ass a mad man.

Certainly she's not thinking about fighting them?!

"Suri?" I strained to call her.

"You stay still, Dani. Just stay still, " she grounded without looking at me. Whatever sweetness she had on her was gone. She looked like a badass chick staring at a bully ready to cut his pe*nis. "They will not harm us if we just stay still. Let them rob this restaurant to their heart's content."

Oh but apparently, money was not what the men wanted. It was me, and I realized that when I saw the armed man gliding directly towards me.

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