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   Chapter 31 Meeting the Crabby President

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"So, how was your visit with your fellow club member, Sweetie?" my mother broke my blank, lifeless state with a tap in my shoulder. I was in the pantry of the office making a morning coffee for both of us when she stepped in and ask that question.

I know I had been acting like a zombie since I left Suri's house, not to mention mute, and it seems my mother noticed it.

"It was okay, " I answered her but honest to goodness, no, it wasn't.

I turned to face her with one mug of coffee in hand. Although I didn't offer it to her, she took it with a raised brow.

"Okay?" she parroted in a questioning tone.

I took mine and sipped a little of the warm liquid.

"Yeah, " was my scarce reply.

"O-kay, " this time she stated it with a roll of her eyes. I just ignored it. "You know you can tell me anything right?"

I smiled weakly at her. God, I shouldn't make her worry.

"Yeah, thanks for worrying Ma, but I'm okay. I just needed some time to think what Suri meant in her letter."

Yes, a letter. I drove like crazy to get to her house only to find out from the caretaker that Suri and her butler left early in the morning. To where, he didn't know, but I have a suspicion they returned to the chateau. I was disappointed of course, but it was at least lessened when he gave me a letter from Suri.

The letter didn't have much information though, just a vague explanation that she needed to leave asap as ordered by Erik and an instruction that I should patiently stay in New York until further notice. 'For your safety' that's the last words in her letter that got me to deeply sigh in surrender.

I get it, I know. She still needed some degree of secrecy when it comes to the club activities, but the least she could do was to inform it to me in person.

"Alright, I'll give you space." My mother walked out of the pantry after giving me a kiss in the cheek while I stayed in there with my mug on hand.

It pains my heart...

It saddens me...

It pisses me off that I can't get a hold of them through the phone. If not for Suri's instructions, I would have already been in the chateau by now (safety be damned) asking Erik questions and possibly sermoning him for acting distant.

Sitting at a cushioned chair, I watched my cellphone resting on the table. The person I had been expecting to text or call me stayed MIA and it bothered me a lot.

"God, I shouldn't let this bother me, " I voiced out after putting the mug out of the way and me leaning with my forehead pressed on the table.

I stared at the emerald ring now safety worn by my ring finger. Whatever the reason why Erik gave this back to me, I have to wait to know it when I return in the chateau. As to when it will be, I don't know, but I hope it will be soon.

Soon enough that my patience can bear.

And soon enough that I wouldn't have to worry too much about their safety and welfare.


"Three weeks, " I grumbled to myself. "Three fucking weeks, dammit!"

I stood from my bed with a stomp on the floor. It was early in the morning, but not a beautiful one since my sour mood immediately surfaced the moment I woke up.

This day would be officially the twenty-first day that I still haven't got any message from the Club members or from Erik.

And yes, I actually counted them.

It was hard for me to live day-to-day when all I could think about was them. Especially Erik. I was able to act and work in the office normally yes, but my mind definitely preferred to wander around and think about the welfare of the club members. Especially Erik.

Many questions clouded my head. Especially Erik-related.

How are they doing? How is he doing? Did the Bratva find them? Did his father find him? Are they still alive? Is he still alive? Is the chateau still operational?

God, I'm going crazy.

I tried my best to research about them this whole twenty-one days, yet I couldn't seem to catch any news from the net about the chateau's status and theirs. If there was, it wasn't even updated.

I was at wit's end and it took a toll on me. I couldn

wards the grand staircase.

"Come Daniella. We should go. You are not supposed to be seen by Erik until later."


I let myself get dragged along in silence until we reached the second floor. In the farthest hallway of the west wing, there Vincent took me. We entered in a guest room with him stepping inside first. When I followed, my jaw dropped seeing Suri and Alec inside, already waiting for me with make-up paraphernalia set-up in the vanity mirror and two gowns and one grey tuxedo hung on the clothes stand near the mattress.

"Oh Dani, I'm sorry I left you in NY!" was Suri's immediate apology then.

She raced to hug me. I just welcomed her with a smile.

"It's okay, but I am not going to forgive you if you wont tell me what is going on here."

She, Alec and Vincent looked at each other with mischievous grins on their faces.

What the hell?

"Well, the plan was for you to dress up for the ball later, " Alec started. He pointed his eyes on the beauty products with great pride.

"Okay. What else?" was my reserved response.

"Erik doesn't know that you are here." It was Suri who said that.

"Yeah, I realized that, " I said as I glanced on Vincent's way, standing in my right side. He just gave me a knowing smile.

"We plan to surprise him because he is being an ass about your absence, " Suri continued.

"We miss you a lot Dani, and we know that Prez too. He is being snappy at us and the staff know, since you left, " Vincent expounded.

I couldn't be more surprised with that.

"Isn't he already snappy and rude since then?" I stated, remembering the Erik that I first met way back.

"Well, much worse. If you know what I mean, " was Alec's response.

Briefly, there was a chill in my spine. I've seen and experienced Erik's crabby attitude many times, and if Alec says it is much worse, then I can only think it to be scarier.

Silence stretched for minutes as they waited for me to speak.

They looked expectant though.

"Alright, I'm in with your plans, " I answered tugging up a wicked smile on my face. Erik has a lot of explaining to do, but before that I need to see him drop his jaw.

The three of them somehow lightened up. I heard Suri's audible sigh of relief and I saw Vincent close his eyes in satisfaction.

Alec moved forward and picked up a bath towel hanging in one of the sofa. He tossed it to me and said, "Then, you better go and freshen up Sweetheart."

I caught it cleanly. "I think I should if you are going to turn me into a Goddess again, Alec."

Suri clapped her hands and squealed a big YES as I walked into the bathroom.

"Hmm, this sure is going to be interesting, " I heard Vincent say before I closed the door.

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