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   Chapter 29 Between Distance and Hallucination

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"Mi hija!"

Mrs. Sofia, my family governess, said out aloud with wide eyes once I stepped inside my two-storey modern apartment. Wanting to surprise her, I didn't use my apartment keys in order to get inside. I let her open the door for me and as expected, I got the right response — with a warm hug that could suffocate the life out of me.

"Tia Sofia! Oh my God! You look good!" I stated giving her a once-over when I was able to pull away. I never thought that my month-long absence could change the way I see her. There weren't many wrinkles in her forehead at all, and the white hair that she used to tie into a bun was now replaced with a vibrant burgundy color in a short bob. She still wore the usual granny clothes though, but it was a welcoming sight for me.

"How have you been my child?" was her instant question, disregarding my observation of her.

"I'm doing great, " I beamed her a smile. "I see that you fed Paris well." I stared at my Persian cat with great pride as it padded all the way into my feet.

"Of course, I would, " she nodded and smiled. "Your cat is just too precious to just be ignored."

I crunched down and scooped my pet with both arms. "Hello baby, " I cooed, making silly puckered lips. "Are you behaving while I'm away?"

My cat meowed as if he was giving me a big, fat, honest yes. I saw Tia smirk at Paris' response and touched one pointed ear.

One thing to note of my cat was that he never, ever behaves, so I know well that Tia was just teasing me.

"You must be famished dear. What do you want me to whip up?" she asked after I placed my cat on the floor.

"I had dinner while on the plane Tia, but it would be great if you could make me my favorite. I really miss it."

She awarded me a proud smile. "Triple chocolate and Speculoos cookie butter pancake coming right up then."

After giving her a cheeky grin, I dragged my luggage and headed for the second floor staircase.

"I'll be in my room, Tia. Just bring my snack there."

She nodded once and waved her hand. "Sure, I will.

I didn't have the urge to arrange my packed clothes inside my closet. All I wanted to do was to fight a bit of jet lag off my head. Yes, no matter how short my flight was, I still got the post effects.

I dropped face down into my mattress not caring to change my clothes at all. With the softness of the bed and with me being so tired, I dozed off for a little while until I heard my phone ring inside my shoulder bag of Ericka's 'Twerk It Like Miley' ringtone.

"Hey, Boss!" she spoke immediately after I pressed the answer button.

"Ericka, what's up?"

I have already informed my mother of my departure from California five hours ago and she replied with a 'Have a safe trip' message. I guess Ericka found out the news about me returning to NY through her that's why she immediately called me.

"Goodness me, are you really in New York like what your mother said?"

I guess my assumption was correct.

"Yup, I'm in my apartment right now."

"Wow, then we should celebrate your arrival. How about we go to our favorite hang-out huh?"

My thoughts immediately fell on the club members. It would be unjust of me to party and 'celebrate' when in fact the reason I am temporarily deported here was because of the Club's possible endangerment.

"I don't think that would be proper, Kee, " I answered with that in mind, sounding sorry.

I heard her disappointment through an audible groan and then she said, "Aw, com'n. Don't tell me you still need to ask permission on your Master?"

Erik's face popped out of my head consequently and the recent thing we did together. Shit.

"Ahaha, no, no, no." I waved my hand in the air as I felt my face heat up. "That's not needed at all, Kee. He— I...I don't need to ask permission from him."

"Hmm, what's keeping you then?"

I paused for a moment, weighing things down.

I definitely don't want to explain the complications of the club to her so in the end I yielded to her demand, and besides, I honestly missed my nightouts with her and the rest of the group.

"Alright, we'll go, but can I bring someone with me? She's a Fancy

, " the lady bartender said, interrupting me successfully from calling Erik again. My focus momentarily stopped on her and I said, "Thanks, " before taking the bucket.

When I looked back at him, he was no longer there, and dammit I couldn't zero him out from the dancing people in and around the dance floor and the bar.

"Suri, when did Erik arrive in New York?" was my immediate question when I arrived, practically racing, to our room. I didn't even bother to sit back on my seat and just crossed my arms whilst acting like a detective in front of my girlfriends.

She furrowed her brows then. "Huh? What are you asking Dani?"

"I just saw him standing at the other side of the bar a few minutes ago."

"What? Are you serious?" She narrowed her eyes at me as if she didn't believe a word I said.

"Yes, I am. I'm not joking at all."

"Huh." Shrugging her shoulders, she tapped a pointy finger in her lips as if thinking. "That man probably was just his look-alike, Dani, " she then said. "I am not aware that he would follow us here. He's still solving the problems in the chateau as we speak, you know that."

"But I swear it was him Suri, " I shook my head in disbelief. "We even made eye contact."

"And were you able to talk to him?" was her inquiry.

I blinked and looked down.

"No... No. He disappeared before I could approach him."

"You should contact him maybe? If he is in NY, then he might reply to your message or answer your phone call."

This time, I eyed my phone in the table and weighed her words. I would love to do it actually, but...

"Ah, I guess, I made a mistake, " I stated after remembering a piece of detail. "On second thought, the guy did have a lighter shade of hair."

"What do you mean light shade?" was Suri's clear confused response.

I sighed.

"Platinum blonde. A bit like Karl's but much silvery."

"Hmmm, then its official. That man you saw is not him, " Suri confirmed, while the others all but nodded. "Prez disliked coloring his hair. He had kept his natural dark brown shade since time in memorial, or that's what at least Alec told me about."

Huffing, I sat down on my seat. "Maybe that's the case, " I said, but a certain second memory had me thinking the latter; a memory of the man's neck tattoo, exactly just like Erik's. I chose to hide this information from Suri instead, thinking that maybe...just maybe it was really just a random man who looked creepily a lot like Erik and had a neck tattoo of spears and spade.

"Hey, Boss. Stop thinking about men and enjoy the night instead! You are a free woman!" Ericka butted in, effectively cutting my deep contemplation.

"Alright, " I said and then beamed all of them a smile.

I was in the party mood all over again.

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