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   Chapter 20 When Lips Do the Talking

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POV: Erik

"Time's up."

That's what I said to myself vocally before I kissed Daniella.

True, time is already up on my part. It has reached to zero with me willingly surrendering my self-imposed shackles.

I am done with my charade. I am through with lying to myself that Daniella meant nothing to me when in truth she is everything in my dark-clouded life.

Countless of times I am tormented by this bind I have placed upon myself.

For the better... that's what I always chant in my head, but it turned out to be just my fucked up alibi.

I truly yearned for her, and so after craving her lips for what seemed like an eternity after kissing her while sleeping, I have finally tasted it again. Giving her a sample in her tummy wasn't enough.

But even with my shackles released, I still had a residual of doubt, especially when she didn't reciprocate my kisses. With the way I was rudely treating her, I thought she hated what I did, but guess I was wrong...

Now, caught by surprise of what she did to me, I stood staring directly at her as the elevator door closed.

Between running and staying on the spot, I chose the former.

I ran. Ran like a lovesick fool, catching the conveyor before it fully closed.

A little bit of pain lanced through my digits but that didn't divert my attention on Daniella who looked like a frightened mouse. Her confident face seconds ago disappeared.

Brought by my flaming desire that she ignited by her audacity, I charged towards her, pushed her against the mirrored wall and fastened a hand on her waist.

"Erik!" she squeaked just before our lips molded once again.

If there's anything to describe what I feel now, it would be hunger. Hunger for this woman.

I know my kiss would be bruising her lips but it didn't matter anymore. All I ever desired now was to taste more of her. I am a greedy man anyway. Greedy for her.

Putting my hand on her head, I was able to secure our position. I angled my face to the side to gain more access and to delve my tongue deeper into her mouth. She released a soft moan, mixing it with the elevator jazz beats as we rose up the floor. It was music in my ears.

Her hands, from being frozen in the sides, moved to touch my jaw. I honestly thought she'd push my head away, but she didn't. She surprisingly responded to my kiss, caressing my tongue in hot, slow strokes as did I.

My heart fell in jubilee. Immensely.

I didn't need words to convey that I wanted her. She in the other hand didn't need to whisper her submission to me. Our actions were enough. So, so enough.

But then the elevator dinged, hinting new passengers to come.

Frantically, we pulled ourselves free and stood an armslength away from each other a little out of breath. I was very, very conscious of her; her flushed cheeks, her shifty eyes, her swollen lips, and the way she placed a hand to cover them.

When the door opened, three persons revealed themselves. Rohan, Karl and Vincent.

Judging from Rohan's smirk on my way, it was mildly suggestive that he had an idea on what had transpired between me and Daniella inside this blasted elevator.

Judging from Vincent's slight frown, it was safe to say that he was unhappy on whatever thought he had in his mind.

When they entered, it was Vincent who inserted himself in between me and Daniella. Rohan stood next to me taking in much of the space on my right, while Karl shyly stood next to Daniella, blushing in reaction when she awarded him a tight-lipped smile.

"What a nice surprise. We are supposed to go to the gym to see you, Prez, " Rohan spoke first right after the door closed. He looked at me playfully before pressing the fourth floor button.

"I am here now, what is it that you want?" I said, acting cool and composed, but deep inside, my heartbeat was still loudly drumming and I was in heat. No amount of high-temp air conditioner could douse it.

"Karl here has something to discuss with you. Very important, " Vincent highlighted the word, shifting his eyes to the left corner where Daniella was silently lowering her head.

This subtle gesture was enough for me to know that this very important discussion had something to do with our mission.

"I see, " I cleared my throat. "Then let's go to meeting room."

"Of course, " it was Vincent who said that but the three of them nodded in unison.

"Hi Daniella, " Rohan suddenly cut in, sounding in his cheerful voice.

She raised her head up and waved briefly at him. "Oh, hi Rohan." She released a bright smile and then nodded on the other two. "Vincent. Karl."

They both gave her their own handsome smiles.

"How's your training with the President? Was everything in order?" Rohan asked, not at all afraid of questioning her even if I was present.

"Did you have any difficulty?" Vincent added abruptly, face contorted with worry.

"Is Prez here a passionate trainer?" Rohan recaptured her attention.

She, in haste, went to look at them with eyes wide.

"Uh, y-yes, yes, " she stammered. "He is." And then her eyes fell on me briefly. I felt the suddenness of renewed heat rush over me.

Shit. If these men weren't here, I would have ravished her again.

"I have just started learning different styles of punches. They are good stuff, " she explained.

"I hope it is worth a knock-out then, " Rohan remarked, eyeing me with suspicion.

"It is, " I supplied to him. My gaze fell back on Daniella where we instantly have our own set of understanding what the word knock-out meant.

"Good for you Prez, " butted Vincent appearing too casual for my liking.

I played along instead and gave him a refreshed smile. "Why thank you Mr. VP."

"By the way Prez, what's that oily thing in the corner of your lips?" Karl, in his innocent self, asked suddenly. He looked so curious, staring at my mouth without blinking. It was not only him though, Vincent and Rohan were too.

"Lip balm, " I replied quickly, my heartbeat leaped altogether when I trained my eyes on Daniella's lips that had a pink dull shimmer.

'Interesting, ' I heard Rohan mumble to himself, while Vincent audibly cleared his throat.

We had a short

day. But somehow... a part of me didn't like this easy way out. A part of me didn't like to leave the chateau yet.

'You really want to do that? Because I would take the challenge.'

I asked him after thinking it thoroughly. He replied after I counted to three minutes with a message that spoke of a much deeper meaning.

'Do you not want to see me again?'

The proud smirk that I had been wearing for a long time disappeared. Since he wasn't in my front, I couldn't tell if he was just jesting with me or he was really sincere with this question. Either way, I thought that a safe reply would be better than giving him a yes or no.

'I refuse to answer that question, Erik.'

Was my reply instead.

'Just wait for me. I'll finish killing all these pests as quickly as I could.'

Pests? What does he mean by pests I wonder?

'I am not an obedient servant you know.'

I sent almost immediately. He replied not a second past.

'I know.'

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I decided not to reply anymore. Since it was already ten minutes past six, I stood up and went towards the main door. Before I twisted the knob however, I noticed my cellphone vibrate again.


For some reason, I imagined him rolling out my name softly...tenderly.


I replied, controlling the goosebumps that had threatened to manifest in my arms.

'I'm imagining our kiss right now.'

Shit. Of all things, why that?!

It is good that he's not around; otherwise, he would have seen me blush furiously.

'You mean your sexual assault on your maid?'

I corrected. I leaned against the door and raised a brow. After a few moments he replied again with words that chilled me because it was true.

'I don't consider it an assault when you yourself was open to it.'


'Don't give me ellipses Daniella. Say something.'

I huffed and closed my eyes after I pressed the send button.

'Kissing was never on my maid contract.'

I pointed out.

'It is.'

Was his short but concise reply.

'You are funny...AND blind.'

If he was standing in my front, he would have seen the sarcasm in my face. If I recall correctly, the word kiss was never written on the contract that I signed but defiled with a big X mark.

'I did say that you should please me. Kissing was a good way to do it.'

Came his reply.

'Stop toying with me Erik.'

I warned. If he keeps on advancing, my heart won't be able to take the damage.

I jerked my spine straight when my phone buzzed with a call which came from him of course, but I chose not to answer it being a confused coward that I am at the moment. His call persisted for about five times until he decided to send me another text message.

'Did you think that the reason why I kissed you back in the gym was just because I was toying with you?'

I hauled a deep breath and typed a reasonable reply.

'Yes. It was your challenge and I accepted it.'

'How can you explain what happened to us in the elevator then?'

My mouth dropped the second time. I can't believe we are having this conversation through the phone! And after three weeks had passed!

'Just the heat of the moment.'

I replied easily, but if I were to vocally express this in front of him, I would have stammered a hundred times.

'Oh really?'

'Yes, really.'

'Wait 'til I get back...............'

I didn't reply anymore. My heart was thumping so loudly, I thought it would almost burst out of my chest.

Had I just provoked him? I hope I didn't but judging from his last text message and the many ellipses accompanying it, it was a threat and a promise of pleasure all at the same time. I shuddered. I really shuddered.

After two deep calming breaths, I tucked in my phone inside my matching green purse. I believe I am already late now, so I chose to push Erik's words at the back of my head and focused more on my Club responsibility. I twisted the knob open with renewed determination but then I was left speechless when I saw the man in my front.

"Good evening, my beautiful rose. May I be your escort for this evening?"

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