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   Chapter 17 Dodging Cinderella's Duties

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POV: Daniella

As the saying goes, "Take up the challenges of the present and leave the past behind." Yesterday was a past I would happily leave in the deep recesses of my brain. I won't allow it now to hunt me especially that today is my unveiling party. Still, Erik didn't mention about it last night, but when I checked on my phone the moment I woke up, his message told me the exact information I wanted, but with a different twist.

'Before you go to your ball at eleven, my Cinderella, clean my bathroom first. My bed needs some attention too so don't forget to change the linens and pillow cases. I'll be in the gym with Enrique doing kickboxing, so make sure when I arrive, I have a full-on protein breakfast ready.'

Tsk. Certainly I feel like I am in a cheap Cinderella movie where I am forced to become a maid to an evil soul. Only the difference is that this remake doesn't have a mad step-mother but a devil and that devil is in the form of my eager master, Erik Romano Fancii.

Before going in his room, I did my morning routine first. I showered, brushed, did my hair into a ponytail and wore light clothes of a simple tee and denim shorts.

I was intent on doing everything he wanted (although it was against my will), but then, when I stepped out of my room, Suri was already waiting for me outside wearing a cheeky grin. Behind her was Mr. Clyde, smiling kindly at me.

"Hi Suri! Good morning. Why are you—"

"Change of plans, " she then said and grabbed my wrist. "Come with me."

"What the— where are we going Suri?" I hurried to close the door.

"You are coming with me to a salon."

"Wait, why? And where exactly is that?" She continued to drag me out of the hallway; her butler following behind us.

"You'll see, " she gave me a wink. "We will beautify ourselves for the lunch party later."

Okay, now I feel that she is my fairy god mother. I guess I don't have to be alone in my plans anymore.

I paused suddenly and pulled my arm from her. "Wait Suri! My dress! I need to bring my dress!"

Yes, my special, sexy dress that I had brought to wear supposed to be in the wedding reception but then decided not to. It is a blue long-sleeved lace gown, with a plunging neckline and a low-cut back.

"You won't need it, Dani. The salon also has a boutique. We will pick a new gown there, " Suri informed.

She pulled me again, but this time she was smiling widely, all giddy with the prospect of playing doll together. "This is going to be great!" she exclaimed when we reached inside the private elevator.

Somehow, her giddiness clung to me. I smiled too and decided to just forget the worry that was lodged at the back of my head. Yes, the worry that I won't be able to do what Erik had ordered me this morning.

I guess, I will just have to face the consequences later.

POV: Erik

With what had happened between me and Daniella last night, I needed a good outlet to release my pent up tension... a good diversion and that diversion ended up beating Enrique in our kickboxing practice early this morning.

I feel kinda bad for him, but as the Head of the Club Security he should have defended himself better than this. He didn't even give me a scratch.

"Well... as expected of you Prez. You really are good with hand-to-hand combats, " he remarked as he stood up slowly from the rubber mat, holding his left shoulder.

That body part is probably sore right now after a roundhouse I gave him. Since he requested me not to mess his face up, I didn't have any choice but to target his limbs.

"We are done here, Enrique. Take care of your injury before the lunch party later."

"Oh, I will." He quickly gave me a wide smile as if he wasn't even wincing earlier. "I can't miss Daniella's party for anything. I can't wait to see her again!" he exclaimed with dreamy eyes. I eyed a small dumbbell on the floor and for some reason I wanted to throw this at him.

Shrugging off the thought, I took my towel from a table and strolled out of the basement Club gym towards the private elevator. Sweat trickled down my forehead, my neck and my bare chest, so I used the towel to wipe it off. Looking at the wall mirror, I smiled to myself. Huh. He doesn't even know that the woman he adored is in my bedroom right now probably preparing my breakfast.

Excited of the prospect, I reached my chamber quickly when the elevator opened in the fourth floor, but what greeted me in my room were silence and not a single sign of Daniella.

I checked on the bathroom, but she wasn't there. I checked on my walk-in closet and my private office, but it yielded the same result.

"Where is that woman?" I complained to myself, pulling out my Iphone from the bedside table.

Her number was on speed dial number one, so I pressed it. After two rings, she answered my call. I readied myself a string of questions to throw at her yet when I heard another female's voice, Suri's in fact, I fell silent.

'President, why are you calling Daniella?' I heard her say.

For this to happen unexpectedly, I didn't have a contingency plan, so I stammered when I answered her, "I'm—I'm just checking up on her to see if she's rea—" I coughed and cleared my throat, "ready with this noon's party."

'Oh, how cute of you. Well, she is i

e that these Fancy Pants Club men seem to have a surplus of these kinds of cars for their usage.

As I rode with Alec, never was a dull moment with him. When I asked about his disguises, he happily volunteered funny stories that went along with it. He also shared to me his many clients who needed prosthetics makeup in their Hollywood movies. I was listening to him attentively, nodding my head from time to time to show my fascination of his work.

"In the club however, I only got one customer, " told he when we were about to enter the chateau gate.

I raised a brow and looked at his way, "Oh? Who is it?"

"The president, " he answered.

"Really? Why does he need prosthetics makeup anyway?"

"He wanted me to cover a certain tattoo in his neck. He says it is too bothersome if people recognize it."

I was in awe again not because of the mysterious tattoo he mentioned, but because of how good his work was. I have had enough exposures of Erik to know that not once have I suspected that he had a tattoo in that particular body part. "Now that's an interesting fact. You say that it is in his neck right? You must be that good to cover it up as if it was nothing."

He released a sexy chuckle so much so that I blushed when I heard it.

"Thank you for the compliment Daniella. Mr. Svaneti sure is very lucky to have you."

"Mr. Svane—what? Who is that?" I shot him a look of curiosity, ready to string him my questions, but then he just shrugged his shoulders and smirked at me.

"No one Sweetheart. Forget about it."

He turned the ignition off, twisted his key out and said, "Let's go?"

How smooth of him to bring the name out to me only to dismiss it quickly. I found it odd, but since I have a present matter to attend to, thinking about it now would be unnecessary.

Shoving the name out of my thoughts, I nodded at him in response.




We entered the chateau's main foyer at eleven on the dot. Since my party will be held at a private club function hall in the fourth floor, we had to ride the club elevator. Our stroll towards it was met with venerated stares and open-mouth ogles from the guests and the staff of the chateau. I had to contain myself from rolling my eyes when I saw Alec waving at some maidens in his side of the path.

With this kind of behavior, it was a surprise I still didn't see him as a player. I actually thought of it as playful. Since I stayed in this place back when I was still managing the wedding reception, I knew already that the Fancy Pants Club has a wide fanbase. Alec, I assume, has his own share too, so it was only normal for him to show some attention to them.

When we arrived in the Club dining room, Amano and Alec were the ones who stepped inside first through thick double doors. Suri stopped me before I could follow them by holding an arm.

"Wait, " she said.

I gave her a confused brow. "Why? What's the matter?"

"Stay here and wait for my signal. Erik has to make a welcome speech first and I have to do the introductions for you."

"What?" Her informing me this while we were still in the boutique would have helped lessen my surprise, but she didn't, so I am truly at a loss right now. "I don't think that I warrant any grand entrance Suri. Why must you introduce me?" I asked, feeling suddenly nervous.

"Because that's just how we do things here, " she winked and gave me a positive smile before entering the room.

I failed to stop her, so I ultimately surrendered on this unexpected arrangement.

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