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   Chapter 16 When The Aphrodisiac Strikes

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POV: Daniella

Once again, our ride back to the chateau was the same: silent, awkward and suffocating, but this time it wasn't because Erik was brooding, it was because I refuse to answer him when he apologized for what Rohan did to us earlier.

I didn't want to talk about it. I want to forget all of it especially now that my skin is still burning with want... with the need to be sated. If I were to speak to him, he'd notice my trembling voice. He'd notice that I was still affected with the lesson. And he'd notice that I was partly irked of his calm demeanor... too calm for my liking. In fact I bet that's the reason why our God-forsaken ride had already lasted for thirty minutes. Our ride was supposed to be just ten or less. Why was the car so slow?

"Daniella, speak to me, " was his order when my silence continued to drag on.

I was looking at my window; my hands were resting on my lap with the rhinestone purse and my feet were close together. What I'm feeling now would be called a double whammy. Because first, I am sure that my body temperature is rising, my blood pressure is increasing and my sensations are heightening. Second, my hormones are acting up and I say not just any hormones. Those damn ones that goes on a high whenever I innocently watch romantic (but in truth erotic) tapes with Ericka.

Normally, I cool them down with a simple walk in her house's front porch or binge eat, but now that I'm inside Erik's car, I can't do it.

I seriously feel like exploding right now and I don't know why.

"Are you giving your master a silent treatment?"

I rolled my eyes when I heard the ridiculous word. In the reflection of the tinted window, I saw him look at me, his expression showing irritation. He released a deep breath and returned his slow driving when he got no response from me.

When I felt my nipples suddenly tingle, I pressed my lips and closed my eyes, quickly wrapping my arms with my purse around myself to stifle a...moan?

What is wrong with me?!

"Wait, " I heard him say and then I felt a hand touch my forehead. I quickly leaned away and shot him a sharp look but all I can see in him was a big surprised expression.

"Did you eat the fruits in the table earlier?"

Since it was an odd question, I had to answer this time; trying to keep my voice stable. "Yes... and I drank the wine too."

"Shit." He immediately cursed.

"Why? What's the...matter?" Now I feel I was in deep trouble with Erik looking genuinely grim.

"Those were aphrodisiacs, Daniella, and the wine is a special beverage that has the same effect, only much stronger."

What?! My mind blurted out.

"It seems you have a remarkable ability of ingesting edibles that contain unique components huh?" was his remark hinting me back to the time in Lotus Spade where I took the drug-induced blue liquor.

I don't think he was complementing me with it so in my defense and irritation, I ranted, "How was I supposed to know?! Rohan didn't tell me. You were sleeping. I had the urge to eat and drink it!"

Then his deep gaze fell on me again. "You must be burning right now, " he said straight-to-the-point.

God, it was the truth but I won't give him the pleasure of knowing that. It's just too embarrassing to tell him that I'm feeling hot and horny right now.

"I'll be just fine. Don't mind me, " I spat, dragging my gaze back to the window.

"There are only three ways of addressing this situation of yours you know, " he stated.

"And what are those, do tell me."

Curiosity won although I was trying my best not to start this kind of conversation since I know where it would lead.


He changed gears and revved his Ferrari.

"You touch yourself."

My mouth dropped. Goodness, I can't believe he mentioned that!


He looked at me with hooded eyes.

"Allow a man inside you."

My cheeks overheated. I hope he wasn't talking about himself.


He paused for a moment and then glanced at the dark road ahead. "I do this."

I saw him smile wickedly before he stepped on the gas pedal and off we went, zooming out like we had turbojets attached in the sides.

"Shit! Erik!" I grabbed my seat and braced myself. For some reason, the sensation in my body had flew off and replaced with an adrenaline rush out of fear.

"Hold on. We will be in the chateau in less than a minute."

He swerved to the right, maneuvered the wheel to the left and stepped on the gas pedal again like we were being tailed by a T-Rex.

"Are you planning to kill me?!" I shouted; my heart racing in a way that was different when in a sexual arousal.

"No, I'm not. I'm saving you, " he stated, his focus was still on the road.

"How's this going to save me you asshole?! Slow down the car now!"

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. If we are going to die now, I will make sure I strangle him when he is in Hell's gates.

Then the car slowed down and then it finally stopped. The silence probably lingered a few seconds before I heard Erik say in his stern and unyielding voice, "Go to your room now Daniella."

I opened my eyes and found that we were already in the entrance portico of the chateau. Thank you Lord!

"Don't let anybody come inside your room and I mean it. Not even me or else you'll be sorry in the morning."

I don't know if it was guided by worry or he was just threatening me, but his words gave me goosebumps for its double meaning.

I did as he s

phone is one thirty-two in the midnight.

I rolled my eyes when I opened the mail, thinking that it could just be a message reminding me to come in his room early in the morning, but when I read his text, my mouth dropped.

'Don't touch yourself.'

Those were only three words, but packed quite a powerful punch for me.


Complete with a death skull icon, I typed in without thinking or worrying that he might have been already asleep.

A few seconds later, my Iphone sounded. My heart jumped a beat. Shit. Is he still awake?


Was his clear message.

In capital letters huh? Asshole.

'What are you talking about?'

I typed back.

'You know what I'm talking Daniella. Go back to sleep now.'

I huffed and crossed my arms. Not knowing what to reply, I pulled out the truth card.

'Well, I believe you are in luck Mr. President for I have never done that even once. You can relax your butt in your comfy bed now.'

'Oh really?'

Came his reply, IMMEDIATELY.

Shit. I bit my lip and typed:

'Okay, I refuse to talk about masturba*tion topics with you, Erik. Goodnight!'

I expected a rude comeback from him, but instead he texted me this:

'I shouldn't have brought you there. It was my mistake Daniella. Please forgive me.'

I was in shock when I read it. Goodness, the rude president asking for my forgiveness? Huh? What are the odds?

'For you to use that word, Vincent must have hit you huh? Or maybe you banged your head in your bathtub?'

I asked him, feeling confused of the change in his attitude, but then he replied a scarce—


I couldn't help but giggle at myself.

'Where's the rude Erik that I know?'

I typed it without a thought and waited for his reply, but seconds turned into minutes and the minutes summed up to ten, so without thinking too much about it, I left the cellphone in the bed. I went to my bathroom, refreshed myself and changed my clothes to a more comfortable sleeping one.

When I returned to check on the phone, still there was no message.

I released a long sigh as I lay on the bed. It seems this is his way of answering me huh? Becoming silent.

For a moment, I thought that we were making a civil conversation, although it was through text messages, but at least it was a good development than us bickering.

I twirled on my cellphone, played with its pads for long a time while looking at the unlit chandelier until an idea formed in my head.

Shit, this is going to be my first, but what choice do I have? I am still feeling the residue of the aphrodisiacs!

Slowly, I placed the gadget on the mattress, closed my eyes and sighed deeply as my fingers went down south. But just as I had inserted one finger inside my undergarment, my cellphone suddenly rang.

I jerked up to sit; my heart feeling like it was coming out of my chest.

I snatched the phone without delay and checked on the screen. Erik's name was registered on it.

Mother of God, I thought he was already asleep?!

"What?" I snapped at him through the speakers.

"Sleep. Daniella. Now!" was his only command and then he hung up.

My mouth just dropped. I blinked twice, thrice just in order to process out what had just happened.

I don't know if he had a CCTV camera set up in my room and he interrupted me intentionally or he just had an uncanny ability of knowing what I was about to do, but hell, it really fumed me inside.

"Okaaayyy, " I pressed my lips thinly, arranged my duvet with heavy arms, and tossed my phone on the other side of the bed. "Sleep it is then!" I shouted as my head hit the pillows.

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