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   Chapter 13 Building A Harem

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POV: Daniella

Here I am my head against the door; hands pressed firmly on my heaving chest, on the verge of insanity just because I have seen Erik in his vulnerable, mouth-watering state.

Oh my God, what was I thinking! With his 'amazing' personality, I'm supposed to be immune to his charms right? Right?

No, you're not, my subconscious immediately rebutted.

Okay. Okay... I'll admit it. I'm not immune to the President's physical elements and that was already obvious when I first met him. I've always found him sexy, but I never expected him to be this sexy! Like he could easily charm his way into a convent, shirtless!


Mortified by the realization that I had zoned out the moment I saw him like that, I had to retreat to my room quickly. I couldn't give Erik the pleasure of finding out I admired his lean, hard torso; the sinews, the obliques, the gorgeous valleys of his compact muscles, all of it in the form of him.


God, the man is ripped. He could well become a Calvin Klein model without even undergoing a go-see. From the looks of it, I think he does enjoy a lot of physical activities (gym related, I presume) while being the President of the club.

Taking deep breaths to douse the heat inside me, I crossed the receiving room, ambled straight to my bedroom, dropped my new cellphone in the bedside table next to my old one, and stretched my body in the mattress.

Tonight I'm not going to let the President's memory fill me in. I am not going to let his half-nakedness trouble me. I'm going to sleep like I baby and forget all about it come morning.

I hope.




The new Iphone Erik had bought me rang a couple of times. I was unfortunately taking my morning shower when I heard it. I am an early riser; a routine that I find helpful since I'm beginning my employment as a maid. Maids are expected to wake up before their masters right?

God, I can't believe I'm calling Erik my master now.

In the sixth call, after running with my hair wet and with only a towel to cover my body, I finally answered it.

"Yes?!" I shouted already knowing that in the other line was the President himself.

"You are supposed to answer me immediately, Daniella, " was Erik's grim reply.

I twisted my lips. "Mr. President, had it even dawned on you that I'm in the shower?!"

There was a momentary pause and then I heard a rush of air through the earpiece before he remarked, "Shower huh."

Wait. Why do I feel that he is grinning against the phone?

"Come here. Now."

"What for?" I opened my closet and stared at my organized clothes; my brows furrowed.

"Maids aren't supposed to ask questions, Daniella. I'll give you twenty minutes to take care of yourself and then come here. We need to go to Karl's office an hour from now."

"Right, " I released a sigh. "Twenty minutes is what I just need."

And the phone went dead. He actually didn't reply or give me a parting word.

What an ass.

I raced to clothe myself choosing a black blazer to cover my pink sleeveless blouse, a black skort and a three-inch gladiator sandal. I'm a fashionista by heart, so I love mixing and matching my wardrobe. Me being a maid doesn't mean that I have to dress in a French maid costume, and besides, Erik didn't mention about the dress code so I can say that I am safe with my appearance right now.

Taking a small sling bag with me that had two of my cellphones, I went to Erik's room. When I knocked, he didn't answer, but one of the phones vibrated thereafter. I pulled both out and found that the new model had a message.

'I don't need to help you enter, Daniella. The door is unlocked. Feel free to come inside.'

Was what the message told me.

Tsk, lazy dog.

Like he said, the door was unlocked, so I stepped inside expecting to see his cocky face, but I found no trace of him in the receiving room.


Then seconds later, I received a second message saying that he'll wait for me in his bedroom.

"Are you serious?!" I shouted to myself and then glared at the bedroom door. "What is this man up to now?"

I reached the said door stumping my feet the whole time. I meant to knock on it but then realized it was already slightly open. There was a muffled sound of Chopin's Nocturne in piano inside the room. I smiled, finding the music choice unexpected in a male like Erik.

Stepping into a man's room, I know, isn't a wise thing to do, but since I have no choice, I entered. What greeted me immediately was the President himself wearing black trousers and a white long-sleeved shirt (thank God) but unbuttoned.

"Good, " he said looking at me in a strangely casual way, scanning me from head to foot. He lingered in my bare legs and noticed his mouth clench. "You took so long to arrive that I had to prepare my bath on my own. This is your transgression number one. Don't be late next time, Daniella."

What I said about maids waking up before their masters? This is exactly the reason why.

"But now that you're here, do this for me." He pointed a finger through the length of the buttons and I gaped in response.

"Are you telling me to fix them?" I asked, frowning. Standing some distance away from him is already making me nervous, how much more close to him and doing the task he asked? The fact that his damn abs are als

lent weird, and I know that he isn't the type of man who remains mute the whole course of a meeting. This fact intrigued me of course, and without intention, a memory crossed my thoughts about him and how he announced in my face that he wants to pursue her. We always have a friendly competition with each other, but unfortunately, I don't do friendly when it comes to Daniella's welfare. Probably, that's what's bugging him.

"Is this the only thing that you want to say Rohan?" I grumbled, feeling a certain degree of threat. I can't say that Daniella is charmed by Vincent, but she could be when he makes a serious move.

"Hmmm... let me see, " Rohan tapped a finger in his chin and appeared as if he was contemplating. "Since Daniella is our official member now, to celebrate it, how about I invite her for a free session this evening?"

"Excuse me?" the one concerned immediately butted in with brows drawn up.

Then, Rohan clapped his hands like he was having a eureka moment. "Yes, that's it!" He turned to Daniella and held both of her hands. "I would like to invite you in my Kamasutra session tonight beautiful lady."

From the expression of her face, she was taken aback. "I don't think that's a good idea, " I heard her say without hesitation.

"Huh, still shy are we?" Rohan leaned towards her. I almost wanted wring his neck because of it.

Daniella stepped back and managed to say albeit shyly, "I'm just not open to, you know, uhmm..."

"Don't worry, " Rohan cut it and I knew immediately what he was about to say, "All participants are dressed. We start at six with a cocktail party and then a short seminar about the history and basics of Kamasutra. Mrs. Elaine McKenzie-Roslin will be there."

Daniella's face brightened. "Really? She will be there?"

It looks to me that they are good friends if she had that kind of reaction.

"Yes, " I saw Rohan nod, "she and her husband are my regular customers."

Looking at the progress, I thought that she would say yes, but I didn't expect her to say again; her face turning red, "Ah, but still... I don't think I would fit in there."

Rohan patted her shoulder and winked at her. "Virgins are always welcome you know, " he said whilst beaming a smile.

Daniella immediately waved her hands in the air. "Oh! You get it all wrong! What I mean to say is...I—I don't have the time to go there. My schedule is...full."

She looked at me, not with pleading eyes, but in a way that she was subconsciously asking me if her schedule is really packed since I alone knows about it.

"She'll be there Rohan, " I blurted without a thought. I saw Daniella open her mouth, no doubt to argue with me, but I raised a hand before she could say anything.

Rohan, however, narrowed his eyes at me. "And you? Are you going to go too Prez?"

"Of course, " was my blunt reply, not thinking of the implications of it. I can't just leave her alone in a building that's full of sexual vibes nor do I want for her to get another man to chaperone her there.

"Excellent!" Rohan smiled at us, rather mischievously I'll admit. "I like it. I really like it. Tonight is going to be interesting indeed."

Rohan is the Club's secretary, but in truth, he is what I call the 'Bombs Expert.' He is a skillful man with regards to explosives; very careful on making them and where to situate them. After our conversation with him, I have the feeling that he'll most likely do well with his position.

I wonder... what landmines are waiting for me and Daniella when we get in his building.

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