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   Chapter 12 Steady As She Goes

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POV: Erik

"What's gotten into you? Why would you invite Daniella into the Club?" asked Vincent to me when we were left alone in the table.

This man is notorious for his keen eyesight that's why we call him the Tactical Operations Specialist. He'd look at say, a blueprint of a castle, and in just an amount of thirty minutes he could already memorize all of the details in it. My plan, even though it is embedded in my brain, didn't escape his inquisition. Even though he looks like the combined Shakespeare and Beethoven with his talent in Arts and Music, he is one hard core killer.

Like me.

The only difference between us is I have killed more damned souls than him, and I enjoy it.

"I have my own reasons Vincent, " I stated whilst shifting in my seat. I stared at the half-finished cranberry juice Daniella had left, specifically the trace of pink lipstick on its rim.

"Yeah right... reasons, " he cracked a mocking grin. "I hope it is more important than her safety."

"She will be safe, " I remarked, addressing it in a different way. I can't really say that my selfish reasons are more important than her safety, but I can assure myself and the club that she'll be safe...with me. I have to nail this fact since I can't make the same mistake again like last year.

"Do tell me how when you know very well that our Club isn't just a club." He tapped a finger in his clean plate and waited for me to answer, but I didn't give him one. I just continued staring on the pink smudge; a wave of longing coming over me.

I heard him sigh then. "Really Erik, tell me what she means to you other than sharing one unexpected incident last year. I can't believe you are doing this, especially now that our goal is going uphill."

And I can't believe that this man in my front is nagging at me like an old hag. It made me cringe. It annoyed me. It pissed me off, so much that I announced without a second thought, "She is nothing to me."

"God, you're a big fat liar, " just as quickly, he reacted, disbelief stamped in his face, and like the tease that he is, he immediately proclaimed, "If she is nothing to you, then I can court her."

Somehow, when I saw the determination in his eyes, it made me feel that he wasn't teasing at all.

Damn, this Altair man.

My blood boiled for some reason.

"President, would you mind if you take that death-like stare away from me, please?" he stated even though he wasn't even looking at me and was focusing on the raspberry mascarpone he took from Daniella's plate.

Not waiting for him to scoop the stolen dessert, I stood up from my seat. "I'm going back to the chateau, " I announced dryly.

"Wait!" I saw him drop the spoon then. "I'm coming with you!"

"I thought you used your own car."

He stood up and using his fingers, he raked his wavy hair. "I didn't. I hitched a ride with Enrique earlier, but since he drove Daniella back, I don't have any means of transportation anymore."

I pressed my lips thinly. "Then, keep up the pace, " said I as I turned around.

"God, you're so stiff, Erik, " he mumbled, scrambling to get behind me.

POV: Daniella

There were two things that I did once I returned in my guest room.

First was I called my mother and informed her of my supposed decision. It was a good alibi; telling her that the Club wanted me as their member (which was true, except in a different way) and needed me to stay for six months to join their Club activities. Of course, my mother was all hyped up on it. She knew that I always dreamed about living in the chateau, and now that it was happening, she was all thumbs up on me without one hint of suspicion.

'Consider it your long overdue vacation, ' she told through the phone. I just nodded and made sounds of giggles so that she would think I was happy and excited about it. I am not honestly, but I would have if not for the Fancii blackmail brand stamped on my forehead.

The second thing that I did was to finish packing my bags. I only got one large suitcase and a small personal bag. Since Erik told me to wait in my room for Ian, I did whilst recollecting Ericka's over-the-top reaction when I shared the truth to her a few hours ago.

"Oh my God! Really? Really?! You are going to become his personal maid?" She was jumping excitedly in the center of her bed. I rolled my eyes in response. I was sitting in a sofa near the coffee table; in my front were the papers that I have signed.

"Shhh, keep your voice down! I don't want anybody to know that secret." I admonished her.

"Oh. My. God!" She squealed again and dragged her eyes heavenward, dismissing my words. "You and the President. I can't believe it!"

"I am just his maid, Kee. Don't think of anything beyond that, " I told her firmly, crossing my arms. Under normal circumstances, I would have rejoiced with her. I've had my own share of fantasies you know. I have daydreamed about a man who would sweep me off my feet like the ones I've read on billionaire-maid romance books. It is just unfortunate that I don't see anything other than bickering in between Erik and I, no matter how fucking hot and handsome he is.

"I know, I know..." she sighed and then bit her bottom lip. "I just couldn't hold myself. You know me, a hopeless romantic, but who knows, maybe this hunch of mine might hap—"

"Okay, stop, " I stood, unable to take in her goading. "I'm going back to my room. Kiss my mom for me when you get back in NY."

She gave me a cheeky grin and although she was still in the middle of her fangirling, she answered, "Sure, I will, boss. Enjoy your stay here."

The last thing I did was release an exasperated sigh before leaving her room. I couldn't help it, she just gave me a silly wink the ones like cartoon Cupids are supposed to do before they shoot an arrow to poor helpless humanity.

At exactly three o'clock in the afternoon, I heard a knock on my door. I immediately thought that it was the man Erik had sent to fetch me. I strolled out of my bedroom to the receiving room and then opened the main door.

"Good afternoon Madame, " a gray-haired man greeted, standing poised but with his head bent. He was wearing a well-ironed uniform similar to those I saw the chateau staff were wearing but he had a brooch of the Fancy Pants Club logo of two golden horses and a crown atop the FP initials. "I am Ian Thacher. The Presid

elt a tad bit of panic inside me when I saw her back.

"I'm going back to my room." Her brows furrowed as if she found my question odd.

"Stay, " I ordered in a firm voice.

"Why? My question has been answered, I don't think I need to stay here any longer."

"Warm my...bath first." I blurted out without a careful thought.


"Your what?" She looked surprised. "I believe you have a hot and cold shower, President. I don't think you need my services for that."

"I don't want a shower. I want to soak in my tub. It takes minutes for me to prepare it, but I have some work to do, so I'd like for you to set that up for me, " I managed to say without pausing.

Based on her facial expression, she was either taken aback or thought of my order absurd.

Then, I gave her a cold eye. "You are my maid, are you not?"

With that her normal fiery self returned. "Fine, " she huffed and placed one confident hand in her lovely waist. "Where's your bathroom so that I can get on with it. The sooner I do this, the earlier I get to leave this place."

In the back of my head, I was grinning with victory.

"There, past my bedroom, " I motioned my head to a white painted door. Inside it is my haven. The only place I can rest and clear my head of the many responsibilities dumped on me. It is also the only place where I dare not think of this woman else I might find myself aching for her in what all men calls a normal desire.

But how stupid am I now. I am only torturing myself even more by asking her to set up the bathtub. Even her presence in my room is a great problem already, but I knew of this since the beginning... in that moment when I blackmailed her to be my maid.

One thing is just clear right now with all of these mess in my head, it is just that I wanted her to be close to me that's why I halted her from leaving my chamber.

Without saying anything, I watched her open the door of my bedroom and strolled inside as if she wasn't even worried that it was a man's lair. She wasn't even worried that I could pounce on her, bring her to my bed and...


"Stop now Erik, or else you'll be in a tight mess, " I said to myself, releasing a frustrated huff thereafter.

I glanced at the clock, read it at ten past eight. It will be about fifteen minutes before she finishes setting up my bath so for the meantime I will just leave her alone and check on the reports my inside man had sent to me about Lotus Spade's recent activities. In my mini office across the receiving room, I entered, planning to wait until eight twenty-five before I check back on her.




Exactly 8:25 pm. No more, no less.

I quickly stood up from my seat, left my office desk, and raced to my bedroom walk-in closet to change into my bathroom attire: shirtless with a loose black pant.

I carefully opened the bathroom door just so she wouldn't jerk in surprise and found her back to me sitting at the third step of my elevated bathtub; one hand was dipped in the almost full tub and the other was under her chin.

She was muttering unintelligible words to herself, but in one moment, I heard her call me a bastard clearly. I had to smirk, finding her condition very cute and the fact that she was oblivious of my presence.

Looking at her and how her skin molded with the premium alabaster floor created a vicious tug in my restraints — a restraint that I have been tightening since I left her in a French hospital a year ago.

Shit. I had to clear my thoughts now or else both of our nights would turn out unfavorable.

"Are you done?" She speedily stood up and turned with a start at my snappy voice. Her eyes fell from my face to my naked torso and I swear I could see an interested, appreciative glint in there.

"Ye—yes..." she uttered, or rather sighed. She was momentarily lost.

I smirked, amused with her obvious reaction. When she saw it, her face blushed furiously. Blinking many times and taking a deep, deep breath, she speedily walked past me after dropping a heavy, "I'm leaving!"

It didn't take long when the bang of my main door was heard, loudly I should add. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and inwardly thanked myself that my torture is over.

Well, for this night at least...

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