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   Chapter 11 Lunch Date with the Three Gods

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(The Fancy Pants Club Pledge)

I, _Daniella E. Rosecraft_, of legal age, and a rightful resident of _Gracie Mews 401 E 80th Street, New York_, do hereby solemnly pledge myself before the Fancy Pants Club President, its Honorable Officers and its Witnesses to practice faithfully my duties as a Member of the Club.

I hold the care of its activities as sacred and I will come to assist the officers with loyalty and honesty. I will not knowingly permit harm to come to my fellow members. I will not partake of, nor administer any unauthorized fancy events or parties without the written or expressed consent of the President.

I will hold all personal matters pertaining to the private lives of the Members in strict confidence. I dedicate my mind, heart and all abilities to the Club. I shall do all in my power to show in myself an example of all that is honorable and good throughout my membership.

And lastly, I will hold true to anything that is fancy as dictated by the President and its Officers.


Signed and verified by the Fancy Pants Club New Member

Ms. Daniella Emile Rosecraft


Signed and verified by the Fancy Pants Club President

Mr. Erik Romano Fancii


This is my official pledge to the Fancy Pants Club signed with my own signature. In the President's Club office at the second floor of the chateau, Erik handed this to me first to read and then sign. I guess this is for formality's sake which I understood, but when he handed me a second copy of it revised to suit our arrangements, I thought to myself that to him, this is more important than the first one.

The first few sentences were expected to be reasonable, I just shrugged my shoulder the whole time, but as I read down to the end I couldn't help inserting a few exaggerated reactions in it and they are as follows...


I, _Daniella E. Rosecraft_, of legal age, and a rightful resident of _Gracie Mews 401 E 80th Street, New York_, do hereby solemnly pledge myself before the Fancy Pants Club President (the sole witness of my agreement in this sham) to practice faithfully my duties as his personal maid (uh... slave). Whatever he wishes, I shall grant. Whatever he tells me to do, I shall do. (Are you serious?)

I hold the care of his activities as sacred (really?) and I will come to assist him with loyalty (I doubt it) and honestly. (Heck, I'm no liar!) I will not knowingly permit harm to come to him. (What is he a baby?) I will not partake of, nor administer any service to other persons or any of the club members without written or expressed consent of the President. (What am I a puppet?)

I will hold personal matters pertaining to the President's private life in strict confidence. I dedicate my mind, abilities, heart and body to him. (Are you freaking serious?!) I shall do all in my power to show complete subservience to the President.

And lastly, I will hold true to anything that is fancy as dictated by the President.


Signed and verified by the Fancy Pants Club New Member

Ms. Daniella émile Rosecraft


Signed and verified by the Fancy Pants Club President

Mr. Erik Romano Fancii


So this is how it all ended up. I returned the second paper to him after reading it, sliding it across his mahogany desk for him to pick up. Nope, I didn't sign it because of the two most obvious words I didn't like. It was heart and body. Erik, who was sitting in his executive office chair, had to raise a bitter brow at me when he saw the encircled words.

I returned the gesture to him just the same, but with crossed arms. "What?" I snapped.

I thought he'd ask to further elaborate my rationale of the encircled words, but he actually didn't and instead he said, "I am not typing again, Daniella. These corrections are insignificant."

I scoffed and flipped a hand in the air. "Those two words aren't just the only problems in that second pledge. It is basically it as a whole. I am no puppet, Mr. President, just to remind you, so I have free will to do anything I want to do even though I am your maid."

"You have free will, " he corrected which actually surprised me. "You can do anything you want to do while you stay in the chateau."

"Then what is that second pledge meant for?" I asked, "The first one is just enough. Why do you need to revise it?"

He released a long sigh. "Just sign the damn paper, Daniella." He glared at me and then handed the paper back.

I wasn't intimidated at all, but in order to make things quicker, I signed my name but not before putting a large X on the paper. I returned it to him with a victorious grin, but he just stared at me blankly.

"Suit yourself, " he said after taking it back.

It was already a void copy because of my corrections, but he still handled it with utmost care as if it still had a binding effect. I just watched as he placed it in a safe behind his chair.

"Let's go, " he said when he turned back to me.

I cocked a brow. "To where?"

"Lunch remember? I'm sure two of your 'knights' are already waiting impatiently for your presence." He crossed the room leaving me scurrying out my seat, but then I paused midway from the doorway after realizing something.

"Huh, that's it?" I said, looking at his back.

He turned to me and raised a questioning brow. "That's what?"

"Am I going to sign the pledge only? How about the duties and responsibilities of my employment to you?"

He smirked this time, leaving me wondering what plan he was concocting in his mind. "You don't need to Daniella. You'll know when you start working for me."

"And when is that if I may ask?" I crossed my arms.

"Now, " he simply replied. "Come, let's not keep the others waiting." And thereafter, exited the door.

I had to blink twice to understand the word in detail.

Really? As in effective immediately I am going to start my services to him? No one day leeway or something?

I hauled a deep breath, closed my eyes and prepared myself mentally. It is my usual ritual whenever I am to go through a situation that needed courage. However, right now, courage is not what I expected myself to have, but nerves of steel and immense luck to deal with this kind of a man for the whole six months.

Erik used his red Ferrari to drive us to our destination. The restaurant Vincent had texted me was inside Beverly Hills, just a three-minute drive away from the chateau. The whole time I was in his car, I felt nervous because of the silence between us. He didn't even say a word about my seatbelt and just pointed it to my attention.

I never expected that I would ride on this car again after that incident in Lotus Spade, but I guess I will have to change my expectations starting now since I know I will be working with him for months. Under the bright noon sun, looking at Erik's profile now and how his hands and feet coordinated well with driving the sports car, I couldn't help but secretly be at awe with him. He just looked good, and cool, and...

"What are you looking at, my precious esclave?" he suddenly said, snapping me out from my fanciful musing. "Liking what you see so far?"

Luckily I understand French, so I was irked with how he called me. I quickly shook my head, gave him a pointed glare, then dragged my eyes away from him to the tinted window. "Nothing, just thinking how égo?ste you ar


I gave him a worried face. "But really, you guys don't need to hide anything from me. If I'm unwelcome, I—"

"Daniella, " I glared at Erik, the source of my problems, who so most smoothly interrupted my sentence again.

"What?" I bit.

From his mesmerizing orbs, I could see his actions. It rolled from my face down to my cellphone I had placed in my lap. "Your phone is ringing."

Really, I had forgotten about it since I turned it to silent mode during our car ride.

"Oh..." I swiped it up and when I checked the screen, it registered Ericka's number. "Uhmm, excuse me for a bit gentlemen. I'll have to take this call."

My two knights nodded at me.

Before I could stand however, the ringing stopped. I paused in my chair to check on a text message she had left and typed back a reply.

'Hey, Dani. Where you at? The papers your mother asked are already printed.'

'Out on a lunch date. BRT.'

Releasing a deep sigh, I looked up to the three men who seemed eager to listen to me. "I'm sorry guys, " I made a sorry face (to Enrique and Vincent specifically), "I need to go now. I need to sort out some paperworks before my team leaves later."

Knowing that I won't be able to leave with my team back to New York, I will have to sign the paperworks like ASAP. And while I'm at it, I'm going to inform Ericka and phone my mother about my change of plans for the next six months. I bet Ericka's going to fangirl on me when I tell her about my contract with the President, and I bet I'm going to have one heck of a time explaining my alibi (which I badly need) to my mother.

"I'll drive you back to the chateau, Se?orita, " Enrique immediately offered, standing up before Vincent and Erik could.

I awarded him a grateful smile. "Ah, thanks Enrique."

After a casual glance on the two remaining men on the table, I managed to say, "I'll go now, " and off I stood (rather speedily might I add) before Erik could order me again.

I couldn't explain it thoroughly, but my goodness, I feel as though my back was burning when Enrique and I glided out of the restaurant. I'll bet my sanity that it wasn't because of his hand on the small of my back, but because of something else... something that Erik alone could specifically make me feel: dread.

In Enrique's black Bugatti, we rode back to the chateau. I threw him wild praises of how his car looked cool and classy which I couldn't when I was with Erik in his drool-worthy Ferrari, but he just smiled at me and quickly changed the subject.

"Hey, listen, " he started, glancing at me briefly. I have a feeling this is his serious side. "Don't misunderstand what happened earlier. It's definitely not about you why we questioned the President on your membership. It is another...confidential reason that is beyond your concern."

I curved a small smile and lowered my head down. "I understand. Don't worry, I'm not going to let it bother me."

And then smoothly, he released one hand from the wheel and wrapped it with my left.

"Good, " he said.

I glanced at him and saw how his face looked expressive.

"Daniella, since our lunch date is a disaster, can I invite you to dinner tomorrow? And, I mean just the two of us."

My breath hitched. Wow, what a way to pick up the pieces, Mr. Noble.

"That's so kind of you Enrique, " I gave him an apologetic smile, "but I still need to take care of some matters. I'm afraid my schedule is full for now."

It was my safest answer since I actually don't know yet how full my schedule was. Since I work for Erik, he alone owns my time whether I like it or not.

Enrique let out a long sigh, "I see, " and then released my hand, but not before kissing the back of it. "Then, I will just patiently wait. Thank you for being honest, Se?orita."

For that reason, I felt we have created a sense of camaraderie even though we have just been introduced to each other for three hours. "Thank you for understanding me, " I said as I felt a blush creeping up my face.

Letting him focus on his driving, I remained silent thereafter. When my phone buzzed a message, I checked on it and found an unknown number. I almost jumped from my seat when I discovered it is the same as that number who called me in Lotus Spade.

I wonder from who this is? I asked myself before opening the message, but when I read the name, I choked on my saliva.



'Oi, go to your room, get your bag and wait for a man called "Ian" to guide you to your NEW ROOM.'

- Erik



This is Erik's number the whole time?!

I rolled my eyes. I guess it was expected since he was the one who pulled that hostage-taker stunt on me last night.

I read his message again after I was over with my initial shock, and then it dawned on me that he wanted me transferred to a new room. To where? That was my question, but I guess it seems I'll find out soon enough.

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