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   Chapter 10 Pineapple Art Model

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POV: Daniella

The second half of the session had started and here I am making a mannequin out of myself again. I did say that I felt like a queen an hour ago because of Vincent and Enrique's warm gazes at me right? Now, I tell you, I feel like a prisoner with Erik's accusatory and possessive glances. After doing some hasty strokes and weird actions with his brush, he hadn't touched the canvas thereafter. It had been probably fifteen minutes past since he sat on his artist chair, silent, with one finger tracing the fine curve of his bottom lip. It was the middle finger and I would have thought of it as just insignificant if not for the object he was wearing...

The spotlights were really bright but even so I still could determine a small greenish flare from Erik's direction. Curious, I moved my eyes to see what was causing it. My mouth immediately opened after realizing he was wearing the ring (my RING!) in his middle finger. If I'm not mistaken, I think he was flagging the ring clearly for me to see. I couldn't believe he has my family's heirloom all these time!

I remember when I went to the Lost-And-Found Section yesterday morning before I went to the grand ballroom, the male staff told me that no one had come to surrender the emerald ring. I thought that a staff in the grand ballroom that was present during our decoration must have found it and probably handed it to the Section, but I guess not. I was dejected, yes. I couldn't possibly return to New York without that heirloom with me.

Mom is going to kill me if she finds out I lost it.

So I pleaded my case to the man. Long story short, the Section manager said they would do a thorough interview and inspection on all of the staff of the chateau for the ring, and before I leave, they would give me a response and I hope it would be favorable.

Favorable, my ass now.

With Erik wearing the ring, I can't possibly see a good future on myself. He still has a score to settle with me and I have a feeling he is going to use that important object to gain it.

"Time's up. Show your artworks please, " my thoughts were cut off when Vincent announced to the class.

As expected, nobody groaned in disappointment with the time limit. It seems they were used to it. I saw Suri examining her work and Amano's with a big, pleased smile. I saw Enrique look at his canvas and then to me with a wink. I saw Karl who was silent but immersed with his creation. And I saw Erik, who, well... never mind. There was nothing to say with that brooding and arrogant appearance of his. Nothing at all.

Vincent sauntered from one canvas to another with not a hint of expression in his face. He was just examining the works silently with his arms crossed in his chest.

I have to say, I admire this side of him. It really shows that he is deeply-connected with his craft.

When he arrived in Erik's canvas though, his expression gave way to that of amusement. He covered his mouth and controlled his laugh from escaping.

"Why President, " he said as he looked at the nonchalant man, "You're creation is somewhat out-of-subject."

"Is it?" I heard Erik say. I saw all of the artists gather around Erik's back and they suppressed a laugh of their own.

Just what did Erik paint anyway?

"What do you think Daniella?" Vincent, with a brief bob of his head, urged me to look.

Me, being a curious cat, jumped up and walked to them. I furrowed my brows at Erik as I did so and as a precautionary measure, I held my breath at the same time. I didn't want my temper exploding in front of so many people once I see the painting.

I thought something like a caricature or a stick figure of me in the canvas, but after seeing the thing for myself I was like: "A pineapple?! Seriously?"

Yes, seriously, he actually drew my eyes, my nose, and my mouth but with the face of a ripe pineapple complete with details and razor-sharp leaves.

I threw Erik a pointy glare and fisted my hands.

"It suits your prickly attitude, Ms. Rosecraft, " was what he simply said.

God, how my volcano had exploded.

"My what?!!"

Vincent immediately raised a hand to stop me.

"Now now, it is a fine art work, " he actually complimented, "very uhmm... unique.


"And what would I do with being a maid? You have countless of employees here. They maintain the chateau clean and grand. I think one additional maid wouldn't make a difference."

He licked the bottom of his lips. He freaking licked the bottom of his lips! Someone help me, I'm going to faint!

"Oh, but you won't be a maid here, Daniella."

I gulped. The fucking suspense is killing me. "What do you mean?"

"You will become my personal maid. My slave."

And that's when my cheeks heat up like a magma. His slave... I had to toughen myself up just in order to shove not-worthy-to-mention thoughts out of my head.

"When I'm contented with your service, I will return this ring to you. If not, then you are in for an indefinite stay here in the chateau."

"No, " I said sternly. I can't just let him make all the rules if I'm going to say yes to this absurd blackmail. "Give me an exact time. I want a concrete time period, Erik. I am working in my mother's company you know, I can't just tell her that I'll be staying here indefinitely. That's the same as her strangling me because I don't have the ring!"

He released a long sigh. It seems he got my point. "So be it. One year. It would be enough, yes?"

"How about one month? That would be so much better." I crossed my arms and pressed my lips thinly.

"Ten months, " Erik replied.

"Three, " I bargained.

"Eight, " he tilted his head.

"Five, " I haggled so more.

"Six months and no more!" he snapped. "That's my term, Daniella. If you won't accept, then kiss your ring goodbye."


"Fine!" I dropped a heavy foot on the floor. "If that's what makes your insides tickle, I will serve you for six months. After that, you will return the ring to me."

He shook his head and tsk'd. "You forget that you should please me, Daniella. Working as my slave for six months would be naught if you keep that prickly pineapple attitude of yours."

"How am I supposed to act then? With that contemptible personality of yours, I doubt I'll be able to act like a servile maid like you want me to! I'd rather frown than give you a plastic smile."

He shrugged, "That's your problem, not mine, " and turned away from me. "Come with me if you want to sign the Fancy Pants Club Pledge."

I inhaled a breath, the one that my Yoga instructor had taught me, and then followed him from behind. His blackmail was downright dirty, but I have to accept it as I am the loser here.

Please him? Yeah, I can do that. I can act the part perfectly, but in no way am I going to get touchy with this guy the whole time of my service. I will make sure to draw this line in my pledge to the club and I will make sure to point this out in that thick head of his.

Yes, skin contact is a no no.




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