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   Chapter 9 The Suave Spanish Son of A Duke

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POV: Daniella

One hour and a half later, I am still in my position. My bottom had started to feel sore and my nose had begun to itch, but I remained as still as possible. I didn't want the artists and Vincent to think that I am uncomfortable in my spot.

Actually, I am kinda having fun like this. It is just amazing to think that my face is being copied and immortalized in a canvas. I am honestly excited what the club members and Vincent's students would create. It would be great if I get to ask or buy at least one of it so that I can have a souvenir during my stay here in the chateau.

Aside from my bottom and my nose complaining, I have this dilemma right now which I can't seem to shrug off. Have you ever experienced not being able to move yet you have this urge to look at a certain direction? It is a nagging sensation in the back of your head that would never leave you alone. That's exactly what I'm feeling right now and that direction for me apparently is the door of the studio where Vincent had left open. My head was turned away from it so I can't see what was in the gallery that made me want to look.

Surely there's no interesting thing that was happening there. I can't even get a single wave of sound from the airconditioners. But, when a certain man stepped inside the studio, it was only then that I realized the reason for this weird urge of mine.

In the periphery of my vision, I could see Erik in his regal self, one hand tucked in his black jeans pocket while the other was dangling in the side. His slim jacket was a royal blue, partnered with a white shirt. It seems that he and Vincent had the same taste of clothing - simple but elegant -, but at this moment, Vincent's jacket was a bit edgier than his.

I don't know why my heart suddenly hammered when I saw him. Maybe because I haven't thought he would attend the Arts Class since he didn't have a painting of his own in the gallery.

No one bothered acknowledging his presence as he entered. Well... except for the three outside students who quickly stood up and bent their heads in his way. I saw Vincent produce a smirk, but it was just brief. The others were engrossed with their work, or were just acting the part. I can't really tell.

Erik didn't seem to care for their lack of respect though as he just continued on his way and picked a spot a few feet away from the door. Conveniently, there was already an easel with a canvas and a spread of oil tubes in a mini table close to his artist chair. When he started setting up the palette, that's when I realized that he intended to paint me.


As in me. I wondered then how it would turn out.

POV: Vincent

Daniella didn't ask for a break, but I decided to have one. I saw Erik enter thirty minutes ago and thought of one thing: how predictable. I had already invited him a couple of times in my Arts Class yet he didn't attend at least one session saying that it would bore him, but now that Daniella is the model, he magically comes here and begins to paint without even a morning greeting to us first.

Well, I have already expected that he would take the bait. I purposely made him listen to our conversation last night. It just amuses me how he begins to unravel that cold-hearted facade when it comes to Daniella. Never have I seen him like this; even last night when he impulsively retrieved her from that dangerous night club.

I knew that he had some kind of attachment to her after that incident last year, but it doesn't mean that because of it, I am just going to stand aside and be an audience. I like Daniella just to make things clear. She is refreshing to be with and her whimsical self is beyond compare. I would have loved to paint her, but I needed to do my job as the Art Instructor and critique my artists' work on-the-spot.

I saw her release a deep, thankful sigh when I called for a break. She rubb

a, " he said. "She'd feel suffocated if three gorgeous guys would accompany her."

I want to laugh at his remark, but didn't. Instead, I turned to Daniella and asked her, "Would you Daniella?"

She frowned a little, pinched her thumb and heaved a breath. "I don't think so."

I could feel that she was simmering inside, maybe because of Erik's comment. Well, I am not surprised at all. His awesome personality is always a turn down when it comes to women, Daniella included.

Crossing my arms, feeling proud of the progress, I looked at Erik with a smug smile. "Then it's settled. You are coming with us President."

"Wait, " Enrique suddenly butted in. "Is there anyone who noticed my distress? I meant coffee with me and Daniella alone."

I patted his shoulder and shrugged, "I guess you should have voiced that earlier mi amigo."

He sighed heavily. "Clever. Really clever Vicente."

"It's Vincent, " I corrected, then turned my attention on front of the class. "Let's continue our session guys. We still have an hour and a half to go."

POV: Daniella

I can't really say I'm happy going with Enrique for a coffee and lunch later. Probably, it stems from the fact that I haven't went out to lunch with a guy and also, I'm not fond of drinking coffees. I prefer to drink lemon tea with creamer. But this is just a minor problem for me. What I'm really concerned about is the fact that I'm going out with three sexy Gods; two of which are fond kissing my hand and one who has a personal vendetta to me.

Other women would probably drool if they are in my shoes right now, but me, I'm already fretting. My circle of friends is composed of mostly women. Like I said before, I don't have much experience with men. I know having coffee and lunch are just simple things, but with three guys? I would probably suffocate.

It seems Erik was right earlier. I guess I shouldn't have agreed. God, me and my impulsivity.

I have just met Enrique for like two hours, but I know already that he is a charmer. He could be easily called a Casanova because of his finely-sculpted face and studly overall appearance. He has thick eye lashes and black hair just like Rohan, but his differs quite a lot since it is highlighted with blue and is curly. Enrique radiates a regal aura just like the other male members I have encountered so far, but he seems to take the crown as he is a son of a duke. For now, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and not tag him a Casanova. To learn more about him through his actions and attitude is better than simply basing it on appearance alone.

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