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   Chapter 8 Eyes On Me

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POV: Erik

There are things that just go unplanned and unexpected. Like the two things that happened last night because of Daniella's innocence and charm.

Innocence is because she didn't know that the club she and her team had visited is a drug den in disguise. They didn't know that all of the staff there are members of a syndicate and are willing to drug unsuspecting customers with their laboratory-developed power drug called 'Cloud Blue'. It takes one on a high; give grandiose delusions and hallucinations if it is taken in great amounts. It makes the customers think that the club itself is heaven, hence their constant visits, and that means big money for the syndicate.

Because of her actions, I had to break the Club protocol, which is really unexpected of me. Another thing is I always plan things ahead. I can't believe I acted impetuously for her.

With regards to Daniella's charm, well... it was that time when I almost kissed her. Her desperation and genuine care for her friends were really commendable, but her worried hazel eyes looking at me were unbearable and it almost tore my defenses down.

'I just had to taste her lips, ' that's what my mind blurted out, but luckily a car horn woke me up from my spell. I was relieved yes, but looking at her expression, it didn't escape my notice that she was anticipating my kiss too. Her, Daniella Rosecraft, the ever witty and confident woman, wanted my kiss. I had to keep myself from grinning in happiness then.

I was drinking my favorite brandy, lounging in my usual chair in the club man cave when I heard Vincent call Daniella. I couldn't help but hear their conversation since he was a chair away from me and he had it on loud speaker.

The nerve of him. It seems he was doing it on purpose knowing that I and Daniella had a past together.

They were talking about her supposed debt after I asked him to play the violin in her organized wedding reception. I did say that he can't collect payments for it, but it seems he was taking advantage of Daniella's kindness. So now, because of it, she will model in his Arts Class tomorrow, which I will of course join — for the first time. It would be interesting to find out how this woman's quirkiness affects the other club members, and probably, my presence there would be advantageous as I can guard her with Enrique's Spanish charms.

When I come to hear Vincent asking her if she was in a club and after hearing her mention Lotus Spade, that's when I grumbled. I left my chair and stood in front of Vincent, now listening to their conversation more thoroughly.

Vincent had a grim look as he stared at me and it was enough for both of us to know that this woman was in a tight mess.

I couldn't contain my disappointment however when I heard her disagreement so I took the phone out of Vincent's hand and talked to her myself.

When I said I will drag her ass out of the club, I really meant it, but it was a risky move. It might catch the syndicate's attention on me, so I devised a better, low-key plan. I know for sure she's going to be hysterical because of it.

"Do you really want to go there?" Vincent said as soon as I gave back his phone.

"Yes, " was my answer. I drank the remaining content of my brandy in one gulp and turned straight to the door.

"Wait, Erik." He caught my arm and stopped me. "Do you really want to break our protocol?" he asked in a grave tone.

"I have to." I gave him a sharp look telling him subconsciously that he can't stop me.

"Just be careful then, " I heard him say and for that I awarded him with a small grin.

"You know I always do."

An hour later, I returned to the chateau with Daniella with me, or rather, I should say with Daniella in my arms. She had already slept in my car before we arrived, probably due to exhaustion and a lesser side-effect of the drug. I had to carry her all the way to her bedroom before I could inject the counter drug in her bloodstream. Suri, the Personal Relations Officer of the Fancy Pants Club, had to help me with the procedure. She and Amano, her boyfriend, who is also a Fancy Pants Club member, are the only persons who know the antidote's exact measurements. They are called our medicine couple. Amano is in the safe house dealing with Daniella's friends.

I left Daniella in Suri's care, including the changing of her party dress into a comfortable sleeping wear while I went outside the bedroom phoning Amano to check on her friend's status. Fortunately, none of Daniella's team have ingested the drug in a large quantity so they are safe. I can have them brought later in their own rooms so that they can comfortably rest.

With everything in order, I decided to leave her bedroom, but not before checking on Daniella for one last time.

"I will leave first, President, " informed Suri, holding with her a tray containing a disposable syringe and a vial. It is sometimes unbelievable to think that this pink-haired, petite woman has a vast knowledge on medicinal plants and drug concoctions.

"Thank you Suri, " I said with great appreciation. She left after we exchanged nods and closed the door of the bedroom.

Now, I was left alone together with Daniella who was sleeping peacefully. I watched her chest rise and fall, watched her eyes twitch for the faintest second and watch her lips briefly curve.

Ahhh, her lips.

If anything, I feel damned now wanting to taste them.

I shouldn't have allowed myself alone with her if I am this weak on her charm. But move closer I did, with careful, careful strides on the edge of the bed

de the studio. I want to introduce you to my students and the other club members before the class starts."

Once we were inside, I was quickly guided by Vincent into a small stage where there were soft spotlights in every direction and a single Victorian sofa in the center. I didn't sit on it though since I am still to introduce myself to everybody inside whose eyes were riveted on me the moment I stepped in.

"Good morning everyone, " greeted Vincent initially. "As you may very well know, today we have a special guest." He looked at my way and gave me a playful wink. I returned a nervous smile at him. "She is our life class model in this day only. She is the daughter of Mr. Magnus and Evlin Rosecraft, the owner of the Rosecraft Weddings and Events Concepts. She headed the recently-concluded, extravagant wedding of Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Elaine Mckenzie-Roslin. Let us welcome, the beautiful and talented, Ms. Daniella Rosecraft."

I didn't think that an applause for me was warranted in an elite class like this but they all clapped their hands, smiling towards my way.

"Uh, good morning everyone." I waved a hand shyly and bowed my head low.

"We only have seven attendees now so I think it is convenient to name them one by one, " informed Vincent.


"Nice to meet you."


"Good morning, Senorita."

Were the greetings I received when Vincent introduced each of them.

A short wave, a nod and a cheerful smile from Suri greeted me thereafter. I was all smiles to them in response. Vincent told me that three of them were his outside students — all from respectable families — while the other four were elite members of the club. Karl Eisengard was the Webmaster of the Club, Enrique Valiencoso was the Head of Security and Amano was — well... just a member as what Suri told me and Vincent backed it up.

"Well, now. Since we have established a connection with our model, let us all begin, " Vincent stated changing from his prince charming demeanor to a strict Arts professor.

He held my hand and guided me to the sofa. "Daniella, please sit here, " he said as he glanced on the furniture.

"Thanks." I sat down with my legs drawn together and my hands clasped on my lap. It is ironic that I am sitting now as a model when two years ago I was one of those people with an easel and a canvas in front, and a paint brush on hand.

"All you need to do is to sit down like a statue. You can move anytime you want, but you can't change your position. Is that okay with you?"

"Yup, not a problem at all, " I nodded my understanding whilst awed by his gentle, accommodating personality.

"Good." He produced a slight grin. "Tell me if you need a break and I will give it."

"Yeah, I will. Thanks Vincent." I took a deep breath and readied myself on the three-hour painting session.

"Anytime darling, " and with that he turned around to face the awaiting people. "Let's start, " he said to them and pressed the timer in his wrist watch. Immediately, the outside students and the club members focused their eyes on me — eyes that are now trained to study the contours of my face.

The whole time of the painting session, I just sat poised and unmoving. I tried training my mind to think of other things — a beautiful scenery, my untidy apartment back home, my Persian cat I left with Mrs. Sofia my family governess, or any other memories that I could conjure up just so my thoughts would be diverted to what was in front of me now.

I don't know if it is just me or because of the situation I was in, but I feel like a queen right now. Vincent and Enrique made me feel that way... or at least that's what I think with the way they looked at me the whole session.

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