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   Chapter 7 Kidnapped by Mr. ____

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Thirty minutes passed by after Vincent's call. When I returned in the cubicle, my friends were already there waiting for me including Ericka and Mason. They didn't ask me what's up and they didn't even show any curiosity with regards to my phone call. They probably thought it was just my mom asking for a report about yesterday.

Different topics were brought up while we drank our margaritas, but most of it was all about the company's possible next wedding events. I can see in their eyes that they love their work. Well... I do too and enjoy it very much. I could never see myself working in another job other than this.

As I look around the dance floor, I saw something very odd. The people who were with us in the dance floor were more hyped up than earlier. Their dance moves were wilder and for me, I think it bordered on ridiculous. I haven't been in clubs that much, so I found these scenes a bit odd.

"Hey, boss, " Jiezel, one of my prettier team members, caught my attention, "You should try this one. It's good."

She handed me a cocktail glass that contained a cloudy blue liquid. On the rim, there was a slice of peach and watermelon instead of lemon.

"Thanks, " I said and sipped on it a little. She was right. The liquor tasted good.

"Did you order this one? What's the name of this drink?"

Jiezel shrugged her shoulders. She looked a little bit tipsy to me, but can still manage her own movements. "No, I didn't order it. The bartender gave me seven cocktail glasses earlier and said that it is on the house. It's called Blue Lotus."

"Wow, that's generous of him, " I remarked, smiling, and then sipped on the blue liquid again.

"I need to pee, " proclaimed Ericka suddenly. She stood up but then tumbled onto Mason's careful arms.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, "Ericka, you're drunk!" She gave me a lopsided smile.

"Mason, I think you need to take her back to the chateau now. She looks ready to hit the bed."

I'm no older than my friends, but I believe I have a more mature way of thinking. I know when to quit drinking if I feel tipsy and I have an innate sense of what is happening around me. My friends call me the voice of reason in our group not because I'm their boss but because I act as a leader whenever it is necessary — exactly like what is happening now.

"I think so too, boss, " agreed Mason. "We will just take a cab." Ericka was clinging onto his neck like a koala when he stood up and half-guided, half-carried her out of the club.

"How about you guys? Do you want to leave?" I asked my remaining members once my two close friends left.

"We're still good boss, " my bespectacled Clarice answered. She looked tipsy too but nevertheless, still can move normally.

"Right, " I sighed. Looking at the time in my cellphone screen, it read thirty minutes past twelve o'clock. Most partygoers would probably say that it is still a young night and I couldn't agree more. Midnight is just the start of the party where anything can happen. Anything...

And anything for me started with a call in my cellphone for the second time.

An unknown number again? I remarked after glancing on the screen. It doesn't look the same as Vincent's number earlier. From who is this?

"Hey guys, I should take this call, " I informed them whilst raising my phone.

"Go ahead boss, " said Jiezel with a smile.

Seriously, if this is a prank call I'm going to lose it. It's not easy managing a sea of people while passing the dance floor in order to get to the exit door you know. I just hope that this call is important; otherwise, I would turn the damn thing off so that it wouldn't bother my momentum of partying.

I was still halfway on the dance floor, trying to wriggle myself out of the dancers all the while my cellphone rang. It seemed that the caller is a persistent person huh?

Once I was able to pass by a couple grinding on each other, I suddenly felt a hard object poke on my bare back. Take note, my party attire is a black body-hugging dress with an elegant drape on the back. I wore it because of Ericka's insistence telling me that I might get lucky tonight with it.

I noticed at this moment, the phone call ended.

The object felt like a tip of something. It made me jerk upon the cold contact. On instinct, I whirled around to see what was poking me and who did it, but as soon as I did so, a hand came up my left shoulder and then a voice whispered in my ear, "Don't move."

Alarmed, I did the opposite and turned to look at my captor.

"I said don't move, " the voice said and gripped on my arm tightly to steady me.

My heart immediately drummed like crazy. I guess my luck had run out.

The voice was from a man, slightly familiar but I couldn't really tell since we were still surrounded by the loud techno sound.

"Who are you?!" I shifted from his hold, but it tightened even more as a response.

"Act cool and walk straight, " was the man's only reply, not even answering my simple question.

Although I was beginning to get scared, I did as he ordered. We walked towards the exit with him behind me and m

getting mushy with a spawn of a devil.

"I am not a VIP you know. I need to make sure my friends are safe, " I expressed as I watched the road outside. Judging from the familiar signage on the stores, we were almost in the Beverly Hills district.

"They are safe Daniella, trust me, " he said in a low voice, "You will see them tomorrow morning. I give you my word as a president."

That seems fair enough.

So in the end, I surrendered.

"How is detoxifying me done anyway?" I questioned as I didn't have a clue what procedure I am to undergo later.

"Do you hate needles?" he asked straight-to-the-point.

"You're serious?" I blanched.

"I am."

"Oh God, " I face-palmed myself again. "What have I gotten myself into?"

I don't hate needles. I dread it. I have been subjected to endless needle pricking while I was in a hospital a year ago in Monaco, France, the birthplace of my mother. I was in a ventilator that time as I almost died due to a gunshot wound on my right upper abdomen. A part of my liver was damaged but luckily, my family doctors were able to salvage it through a long, grueling procedure. Numerous laboratory exams and a cocktail of intravenous drugs were introduced on me. Thank God, I was given a second life, but because of it, I came to fear needles — quite a lot more than with guns.

The detoxification process, unfortunately, uses a needle, and because I innocently ingested an illegal drug, I had to undergo the damn cleaning whether I like it or not.

"Vincent and I did warn you earlier right? We told you to leave the club but you didn't listen, " Erik pointed at me, but I was in no mood to argue with that. This time, he had the upper hand. I instead asked him a different thing.

"How did you know about the drug?"

I turned to look at his profile and saw him furrow his brows. "I prefer not to answer that question Daniella."


"Because it's a classified information."

Wow. I gaped. What is he an undercover spy or something?

Aware that this conversation wouldn't lead us to an understanding, I just shook my head and went back to watching the houses -errr- mansion that we passed outside. Since the chateauwas on top a hill, we had to pass by curved roads and numerous intersections.

I remained silent for the remainder of our drive. It was a good choice to make, since I began to feel woozy and lightheaded, and my eyelids were beginning to fall...

"Hey, " I jerked up when I heard Erik's voice.

"What?" Massaging my head, I glanced at him.

"You are starting to feel dizzy and sleepy."

He really didn't have to state the obvious.

"Yeah, I can feel that, " I said.

"Your fingers will soon shake uncontrollably too, " he glanced at them.

"Are you a part-time soothsayer, Mr. President?" I clasped my hands.

"No, but I know the effects of the drug when ingested. The amount you drank earlier is enough to give you some of its side effects."

My mouth formed an 'oh.' That made me anxious all the more.

"But don't worry, we're almost in the chateau. You will feel better in no time once I inject you the counter drug. Just close your eyes."

I don't know if I should feel at ease with what he said, but I guess his words were acceptable enough. I just shrugged my shoulders and for the first time ever, I did as he ordered with no coercion, no glaring blue-green hazel eyes and no gun at my back.

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