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   Chapter 6 A Saturday Nightout Surprise

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POV: Daniella

"So who are those men in the table with you last night Dan?" Ericka asked me the moment we were alone in our cubicle. The rest of our friends (my team) were in the dance floor shaking their booties and grinding with other men. Mason, Ericka's beau, went to the bartender station to order some flaming margarita for us. We are in a night club called Lotus Spade in upper downtown, outside of the fabulous Beverly Hills city.

It is our last day here in the city since tomorrow we will return to New York. Good thing Ms. Elaine granted us an extra day stay in the chateau, all expenses paid by her and her husband. Since it is a Saturday, after taking care of the wedding decorations and flowers for the whole day, we decided to celebrate our successful and trouble-free wedding event last night by coming in this club. It is also timely that it is mine and Ericka's nightout day.

Everything in the reception went as planned (well... except for the violinist but that was already solved thanks to Mr. Vincent Altair). After his Allegro Moderato piece, the newlyweds requested another one since they loved hearing him play. After that, two more requests arrived to which Vincent was kind enough to play. The audience was so captivated with his mini concert that they almost forgot that it was a wedding party. They actually asked for multiple encores in chorus. Luckily, the host was skillful enough to transition to the next part of the program and dismiss Vincent out of the stage without a problem.

I never saw Vincent after that again because he left the area through the other side of the ballroom.

Right after the reception, Ms. Elaine and Mr. Aaron congratulated me. They said that they will recommend me to their friends if they needed a wedding planner. Not that I would need such advertisement from them know, the Rosecraft Company is already popular, but it is always great to know that through my efforts more credits will go to the company which I will inherit someday.

"Ah, those two?" I gave Ericka an innocent face. The lights of the club were playful. The colorful lasers swayed all over the place. I could see her grooving to the beat, but her attention was still on me.

"Yup, " she said whilst throwing a peanut in her mouth, "those two with you in the Fancy Pants Club table."

I pressed my lips as I recollected my time in that particular table. In no way am I going to mention his name because it will only bubble up my suppressed irritation. "Weren't you in the party last night too? I'm sure you know who the man next to me is. He was in the stage giving a message to the newlyweds."

"Uh, na ah, " she shook her head. "Remember you assigned me in the entrance door. I never got the chance to see the whole of the program."

My eyes widened in realization. "Oh yes, I forgot."

Ericka then leaned closer to me and gave me a hopeful look. "So? Who are they?"

She really is determined in juicing up an information.

"The one with the yellow turban is Rohan, " I started after a sigh. "He is the secretary of the Fancy Pants Club."

"Uhuh, I'm listening, " Ericka noted.

"And...the one next to me is the president, Mr. Erik Romano Fancii."

I saw her roll her eyes then. "Well duh..." she voiced, "it is a no brainer. Look at the rhyming words. Fancii and Fancy. Get it?"

I chuckled at her statement. She can be a comedian sometimes. I took my glass of tequila and drank it in one gulp. The liquid immediately stung my throat in the most desirable way.

"But he is stiff, " I heard Ericka say then. "He needs to loosen up a bit."

"Oh, believe me, " I stated, "I so agree with you with that."

She tapped a finger in the corner of her lips and leaned back on the cushion chair as if she was thinking. "The other one though, Rohan, is that his name? He seems easy to get along with, " she remarked once done.

"Yes, he is. Can you believe that he is a Kamasutra guru?"

I don't think it is an information that needed her attention but I guess I was wrong.

"Oh yeah? He is?" she straightened; eyes lighting up. "Can you ask him how much is his fee?"

I gave her a perplexed look. "Why are you asking?"

She bit her lips then and confessed, "Because I'm planning to take Mason with me for a session."

Wow. I never expected this straight-A college student would be courageous with regards to this kind of topic.

"Kee, you know you don't need to tell me that right?" I said feeling my cheeks blush. I so don't need an image of my friends making out or getting hot and horny right now.

"I know, " she sighed, "but I want you to feel the burn too."

Oh my Lord, I believe the burn she is talking about meant desire.

"I think it's high time you get a boyfriend, Dan."

There she is again, playing cupid. We had talked about this several times and it always ended up with me saying 'graduate first before love life.' But now, I can't do that anymore since I have graduated.

"Hmmm, sorry, I don't plan on having one anyt

l have my flight soon.

"That's sounds good then, " I said hoping to hang the phone up. I bet Ericka and others are already wondering why I'm taking too much time.

"Wait, are you in a night club?" Vincent suddenly asked that. I could sense an bit of alarm in his voice.

"Yes, my team and I are in a club called Lotus Spade. Have you visited here? The place is amazing!"

I heard a faint disappointed groan then. I'm not sure if its from him, but it sounded a bit gloomy. I don't think that prince charmings can produce that kind of unfavorable sound at all.

"You should get out of that place now, " was his sudden command. I creased my brows and pressed my lips together.

"Woah, don't sound like a parent now Vincent."

"No, I'm serious, Daniella. You should get out of that night club now. It's not safe."

Now, the tune of his voice turned grave. It almost sounded like Erik in his bossy self.

I heaved a deep breath. I have no intention of giving him a sarcastic comeback as I treated him as a good friend, but still, I don't want to be ordered without any justifiable reason.

"We are having fun here Mr. Vice President and I don't want to become a killjoy on my friends, " I clipped, "Tell me... why should I do what you ask?"

I heard a scratching, thumping sound then. Next, a button pressed and thereafter, a voice of a man I never would have expected to hear.

"Because if you won't, I'll come and get your sexy ass out of there, " Erik Romano 'the asshole devil' Fancii threatened.

"Erik?!" I shouted in panic. After realizing that I actually said his first name, I immediately covered my mouth.

Oh shit!

"Ahh, I mean...ah Mr. President?!"

"Daniella, " he drawled. Dammit I could actually visualize his stern face looming above me. "One warning is enough. I don't think you are too dumb to be told over and over again."

Even though I know he can't see me, I stood my ground and squared my shoulders. "I don't have time for an argument with you Mr."

"Then just get the hell out of there, " he ordered again.

I pressed my lips tightly. Finally, my suppressed irritation towards him has boiled up again.

"You know what you pompous ass, I will not leave just because you command me to. My friends and I are having fun here. You are not my boss. You are not my mother or my father, and certainly not my boyfriend, so you don't have the right to command me just like that."

There, I hope my words pass in that thick head of his.

"Good night, Mr. President."

I hung up the phone not waiting for his reply. I had to, because if I don't I am pretty sure he would release an apocalypse of words again. Tonight is mine and my team's night for a celebration party. I don't want it destroyed just because of some overbearing man who wants all of his commands granted.

The words 'not safe' did linger in my mind though. What could possibly be in Lotus Spade that both Vincent and Erik worry so much? Is it the drunkenness of its customers? Or the prostitutes clearly visible in a corner? Or just because they think that we are too young to party in a high class club?

After collecting cool air in my lungs, I successfully tuned out the negative vibes I had because of Erik's phone call interruption. I went back inside with the hopes that nothing will ruin this night anymore.

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