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   Chapter 5 Making Friends with Mr. Vice President

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I chose not to return to the Fancy Pants Club table anymore. Since Rohan is there to accompany the president, I think my presence and services are not needed any longer. Being away from that man is relieving. It is like being in a beach after a long stressful day in the city. It calmed me ultimately and alleviated my worked up brain. I've noticed since I met the Club president, I have been too racy with my thoughts and...imaginative. I wonder if he gets this kind of reaction with other women.

Well, probably, yes. With that egocentric and aloof attitude of his, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Aside from being away from Mr. Erik, another thing that calmed me is listening to the violin piece being played right now.

It is a romantic piece entitled Allegro Moderato composed by Antonín Dvo?ák, a famous musician in Czech. I have heard of this piece countless of times when I was small, back when I used to accompany my mom in some of her wedding events. I always loved listening to it.

I didn't tell the violinist what piece he would play. I just gave him the liberty of choosing whatever violin song he wanted to play during the last dance. And so to my surprise, he chose this out of the many beautiful compositions he could have picked.

I watched the whole performance in awe together with Ericka while in the backstage. The violinist was so skillful. His attractive face looked at peace; eyes closed and mouth neutral. I can't honestly describe it well but it felt like he was one with the song. It felt like there were real cherub angels surrounding him as his fingers touched the strings.

He looked good in the stage too, like he was naturally born to stand in it with the spotlight illuminating the soft curls of his shoulder-length golden brown locks. It was tied into a low ponytail but still, it looked majestic.

I had to contain the excitement bubbling inside me. Yes, I just can't believe that this man providing a live violin music for the last dance is the vice president of the Fancy Pants Club, Mr. Vincent Dominico Altair.

Listening to him play now, it made me remember our almost-too-personal meeting a few minutes ago...

"What?! The Fancy Pants Club Vice President is our replacement violinist?!" Ericka shouted that when Mr. Ross confirmed it.

I was still dumbstruck silent when that fact was laid out to me. I couldn't believe it myself, but I guess this is the real thing huh?

Watching my friend now, I could see that she almost popped her eyes out. Mr. Ross bobbed his head again, grinning in delight.

"But what about the payment? I don't think that this man would accept values lower than four zeros, " I stated, finally regaining my voice. When it comes to the budget, that's when I turn serious. Money is always a big deal when it comes to event parties especially weddings.

I saw Mr. Ross open his mouth, but before he could say anything, a man's voice interrupted us with a soft, "its okay."

We all turned to look at the source and there he was, our violinist, standing in the threshold holding a violin case.

"What I mean is its okay. You don't need to pay me at all, " said he as he stepped inside to show his full appearance and tall frame. He looked regal even though he was wearing a plain white v-necked shirt under a casual blazer jacket and black slacks.

I gulped unconsciously.

"You are Mr. Vincent Dominico Altair if I'm not mistaken?" I asked, half-smiling, half dazed. This is the Vice President of the Club? He is so...

And then I heard Ericka sigh dreamily in my side. Not the love-struck kind of way, but the adoration type. I know that she always admires beautiful things whether it be objects, humans or as simple as the change of color in the sky. No exceptions.

"Yes, " he nodded whilst showing a comely smile, "it is I, Miss..."

I blinked thrice. Realizing he doesn't know me, I quickly shot my hand and said, "Daniella. Daniella Rosecraft."

"Rosecraft?" he parroted.

There it is again, the odd searching look similar to that of Rohan earlier when he heard my name. I am quite sure now that it isn't connected to me being the only daughter of the Rosecraft Family. I believe it is connected to something else... something that they only know about.

"Then, I am so pleased to meet you Ms. Daniella, " he gradually said, taking my hand and instead of shaking, he kissed it.

I was taken aback. Such a gentleman. I wonder if he is from an aristocratic family.

"So am I, Mr. Vice President, " I shifted uneasily, feeling hot in my cheeks because of the touch of his lips on my skin. Shaking the heat away, I pointed to the two other people next to me. "And this is Ms. Ericka Danes, my right-hand, and Mr. Reynald Ross, Ms. Elaine's talent manager."

They all shook hands and smiled. Mr. Ross showed a grateful face while Ericka was blushing. Knowing her, she would probably dance her victory dance later having achieved her goal of meeting a beautiful man.

"You can call me Vincent by the way. I prefer that. Calling me Mr. Vice President is too formal, " he suggested and we were all bobbing our heads in agreement.

"Then, Vincent it is, " I was the one who said that. "Thank you by the way for being our replacement violinist on such short notice. Your presence really means a lot to me."

I eyed the violin case, carefully studying it and deduced that the stringed instrument inside might be very expensive since the case itself already costs a fortune.

"Just doing what I'm told to, Daniella. No big deal at all, " was his answer and I was left speechless.

Doing what he is told to? By whom?

"Anyway, " he cleared his throat before I could answer, "Like I said before, you don't need to pay me."

"But it is only proper that I have to, " I immediately reasoned, "The company has allocated a talent fee for the violinist."

"Hmmm..." I heard him grumble softly. We were eye to eye and because of that my heart seemed to leap.

Wow... what beautiful eyes. Is there possibly a more beautiful shade of violet in the whole world than the ones I am looking at now?

"You are quite an insistent woman huh?" he said smirking.

I tilted my head. "Part of my job I guess."

"Then, so be it. If you want to pay me then do it, but not in cash, anything but that."

I knitted my brows; confused as to what his point was. "How am I going to do that then?"

"You can call it your debt to me." After putting the violin case in the floor, he took my hand and san

dwiched it with his own. My cheeks instantly flamed up. "If I need your help, would you come to my aid then?"

Judging from the sincerity in his eyes, I don't think that he was joking or concocting a weird plan. So me being innocent and knowing that it's a reasonable bargain nodded in affirmation.

"I guess that's simple enough, " I said.

Feeling the heat of his soft hands surrounding mine, I tried to pull it out. Since I have no experiences on men, this was beginning to make me feel tinglings and butterflies-in-my-stomach kind of uncomfortable. I failed in the end however.

"Good, " he stated then raised our hands near his lips. I was wide eyed when he kissed my knuckles then. The tingling feeling inside me increased. "I'm glad we see eye to eye, Daniella."

"Wait." This time I pulled my hand harder in success, hiding them behind thereafter. "Uhmm... just to make sure, no below-the-belt right?"

I'm sorry. I just had to ask that.

The backstage was instantly filled with an amused yet hearty laugh coming from Vincent. It heated my cheeks even more thinking I had inadvertently embarrassed myself. I watched Mr. Ross and Ericka and they both shrugged their shoulders telling me silently that they were clueless too.

When Vincent stopped, his eyes landed mine with warmth. He brushed a soft curl out of my face and then said, "Yes, no below-the-belt darling."

I smiled in relief after hearing it.

He stooped low and picked the violin case from the floor. "Well then, " he said, "I have to ask, when am I going to play?"

Ericka, after uttering an 'oh', stepped in and informed him confidently, "In a few minutes from now, Mr. Altair."


POV: Erik

I didn't finish the party. I took off and decided to retreat to the clubhouse man cave after calling Vincent. It is located in the third floor of this chateau, in the north wing, where only club members are allowed access.

When I arrived there, I directly went to the wine cellar and took a bottle of champagne the same as the wedding reception offered. I want to enjoy this liquor alone while I lounge on my favorite spot of the room: the billiards area. I have never been a social man.

In here, the furniture are almost modern as oppose to the rest of the chateau that displayed Victorian and Baroque designs. There's a billiards table in the middle of the room as expected and there is a bar that housed numerous brands of spirit. Most of my members enjoy this very much — a good breather from the Club's so-called activities.

I sat on my usual wingback chair and leisurely drank the sparkling liquid. Watching the glass in my hand, it made me remember that woman: Daniella Rosecraft.

It has been a year since we've met... since that accident happened. My conscience has never allowed me peace after it. I didn't expect that I would meet her again. I didn't expect that she would be alive at all. Meeting her today — just this afternoon to be precise — surprised me to the core...

I was strolling in the main second floor foyer where the wedding reception of the year will be held. It is my usual job as a president to check on the area before the party starts and make sure that the organizers keep the decorations and other elements strictly fancy and perfect.

When I entered the grand ballroom, I was pleased with what I saw. Every detail was beyond perfect.

Exactly just as I would expect in a popular wedding company.

Aside from the fact that the groom, Aaron Roslin, is a client of Rohan and his friend, I allowed the couple to hold their wedding party in the clubhouse because of the company organizing the event: the Rosecraft Weddings and Events Concepts. I knew that this company would keep their mission and goal to hold a royalty wedding party suited in a place such as this but aside from that, there was another reason; a reason that was connected to what had happened a year ago.

Now, just as I was about to inspect the center stage, a ring came flying in the air and landed on the floor, stopping near my boot. I picked it up and inspected it. It was a beautiful ring, with an emerald stone in the center surrounded by diamonds. Based on the direction where it flew, it wasn't really hard to know that the ring came from a woman standing in a metal ladder. Since I didn't have the intention of keeping the object to myself, I chose to return it to her.

Once I climbed up the stage, I noticed her worrying over something. She was whimpering whilst looking intently at her hands.

I wondered why then.

Since her back was to me, I decided to catch her attention by touching her ankle. What happened next was what I didn't expect.

Aside from realizing that this woman was Daniella Rosecraft, glue and luster dusts fell on top my head. This situation doesn't really fluster me; I am always good at hiding my thoughts and emotions from other people, but after seeing the deep cut that she had in her forefinger, that had me hurrying to pull her out of the ladder and into my arms.

Explaining that I mean to take her in the clubhouse clinic is only a waste of time so I chose to just dash out of the ballroom with her wiggling in my hold.

I can't really blame her for her noisy outbursts. I can't even blame her that she called me an asshole. I deserved everything she threw at me since I was really acting like a dickhead... a condescending asshole I should say.

But really, her imagination was so impressive. Judging from the expression of her face, she actually thought that I was going to murder her.

I have to give her credit for that though. I agree that my silence and actions could really raise red flags.

When we arrived in the clinic, I was both relieved and amused. Relieved because her wound would be taken care of and amused because I never thought this woman would be this vivacious...

Releasing a deep sigh, I took out the ring that was nestled safely inside my pants pocket and slipped it in my middle finger. I intended to return it to her after the wedding party, but...I changed my mind.

I touched the part where Daniella's uppercut connected — just under the left side of my jaw. It was still sore and I bet it would show a small bruise tomorrow. Anyhow, it is a good souvenir just like the ring since I might not be able to see her after the wedding reception tonight.

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