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   Chapter 2 When All is Perfect Except One

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Oh, God. He knows my name! He knows my name!

Wait. Why does that stranger know my name?

I asked myself that a couple of times already since I returned in my guest suite. After having myself treated inside that clinic -slash- spa, I thought I wouldn't get haunted by thoughts of that manipulative guy, but I guess I was wrong.

God, his glittery face kept on poking at my brain telling me to do this and to do that. What the heck! Who is that man anyway? Why does he boss me around and why does he know my name?

There, I asked it again...

Anyway, I am standing now in front of a full-length mirror assessing myself. Many of my friends say that I am gifted with a curvaceous body. They said to flaunt them whenever necessary and to flaunt them with the right dress. That's the reason why I'm wearing a white lace knee-length dress now. The neckline is low but just enough to provide a small peek of my cleavage... just enough that I look presentable and at the same time glamorous. Since I am the organizer of the reception and not the bride, I chose to be as modestly dressed as I can be.

Why choose white you may ask? That's because it is the color motif of the wedding: all white or silvery.

I wore no jewels except for a thick silver bracelet and stud earrings. Like I said, I am the organizer. No one would care to mingle with me in the party which by the way starts thirty minutes from now.

After doing my long auburn hair into a simple braid and twisted it on top my head with a diamond flower clip, I was ready to do my job. My room was on the third floor, so when I arrived at the second floor foyer through the grand staircase, my mouth immediately dropped seeing the many Stars shining in my eyes.


There were Holywood actors and actresses, famous fashion designers and movie directors all lounging in the spacious area. Some were talking merrily while others helped themselves with the refreshments in the long snack bar my team had set up earlier this morning.

With a deep breath, I strolled into the crowd with my head held high. No one knew me except for the members of my team, so I was lucky to be spared of any awkward conversations.

Funny that with all of these famous people under one roof, there was no paparazzi around. It seems that the Club Council made it sure to make this gathering media-free huh?

Just like me, two people of my team were also star-struck when I saw them in the main entrance door towards the grand ballroom.

Ericka was holding a serving tray with wine flutes on top, while Mason, her hunky beau, was holding a bottle of expensive champagne. They were wearing matching tux that complimented their genders.

Kee is a straight A student, but needed income so she applied in my family's company for a part-time job. She met Mason there who is her senior and they became instant friends and eventually lovers. If we aren't busy, we get to spend time during Saturdays relaxing and having fun in our favorite nightclub back in NY.

"Care for a glass of champagne Miss Daniella?" Mason said when I neared them. He tilted the bottle towards the mouth of the flute, attempting to pour the sparkling liquid on it.

"Sure, I would love to taste that, " I said, nodding at him.

"By the way boss, Mr. Ross was looking for you awhile ago, " Ericka informed.

I took the flute from the tray, "Why?" and asked, after sipping on it.

"He said Madame Mckenzie wants you to join the party. She doesn't want you running frantically around the grand ballroom like most organizers do."

"Oh?" I cocked a brow, "did she say that?"

I honestly was surprised. Mr. Ross is Ms. Mckenzie's talent manager and I know for a fact that whatever the star actress wants, the manager grants it. It is only unfortunate that she wants me to join the party instead of doing my job. Yeah, I called it unfortunate because I would rather find myself at the backstage than in a table sitting and chit-chatting people higher than my class.

"Yes, and he said that she said that you should sit in the table near the wedding cake, " continued Ericka.

I gulped hard then. If I remember correctly, that particular table is reserved for the Fancy Pants Club members as their special guests. Why would Ms. Mckenzie want me to sit there?

"I don't think that's a good idea, " I said, but then from behind me, a hand tapped my shoulder.

"It is a good idea, Ms. Rosecraft, " Mr. Ross said, showing the wrinkles of his face with his old-man debonair smile. He was wearing a moss green tuxedo; his hair brushed up neatly creating a youthful version of him, but seriously, he can immediately pass as my father if need be.

"Mr. Ross! Why are you still here?" I exclaimed, wide eyed. "You are supposed to be in the sponsor's table right now. The program will start any minute you know."

He assessed me with twinkling eyes. "And you, beautiful lady, are supposed to be in your own table too, " he boomeranged. "The bride insists you should sit there as a temporary companion of the Fancy Pants Club President. Unfortunately, his members didn't sent a confirmation if they will show up in the reception. As all seats are prearranged as you already know, it would be embarrassing if the president sits in that table alone."

I sighed. "She has a point, I guess."

No, it wouldn't be embarrassing, it would be catastrophic! Imagine a powerful man such as the President of the Club alone in a table where around him would be famous people of different stature. The whole of society might think there's a problem with the guest list or the seating arrangement which I, as an organizer, don't want to happen.

"Then, I think we should enter the ballroom now, " said Mr. Ross who quickly slid an arm around my back.

"Wait, " I raised a hand. "Ericka, don't hesitate to come to me if there are any problems okay?" I said to my friend before I was whisked away by the talent manager.

Once we entered the ballroom, my breath just paused. I couldn't believe the place now. It was better than I envisioned it to be. Juliet roses were placed in the right spots — in the pathways particularly — while hybrid white orchids were blooming beautifully in every table, nestled inside every elegant silver vase. The ceiling was lit

up with four huge crystal chandeliers while my center stage was completely decorated on time (thanks to my ever-dependable Ericka). I actually texted her earlier to finish it since I was still in the clinic.

"Enjoy the evening, Ms. Rosecraft, " said Mr. Ross before he left me alone in the Club table.

The lights were dim to create a romantic atmosphere just like what I instructed the Lights Director. Perfect.

The scented jasmine candles were lit in every circular table just as I want them. Perfect.

The table napkins, crocheted doilies and utensils were in their right motif color and placing. Perfect.

All of the elements of the wedding reception were in their intended places. Perfect. Just perfect.

I subconsciously patted myself on the back. Good job, Daniella. Mom is going to be so proud of you! Right now, no one can ruin my seventh-heaven, nothing can possibly deflate it.

I was smiling from ear to ear observing all of the happenings around me, but then my eyes fell on my own table and I felt a sudden sense of loneliness.

'Sitting alone really is awkward...' I thought to myself.

Where is the President anyway? He is not supposed to be late because he basically lives in this chateau. The program is about to start and yet he is not here!

Scanning the details in the back of my head, I remembered that he is included in the wedding program. He is expected to give a message to the bride and groom before dinner starts.

So, where the hell is he?

On cue, the introductory music played to signal the newly-wed couple's arrival. All of the guests stood up including me as the entourage started their grand march.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our main celebrants for this magnificent evening, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Elaine McKenzie-Roslin, " the voice-over announced.

Many were clapping when they entered with big smiles on their faces. A greeting here, a greeting there, they waved their hands in each of the table when they advanced towards the right side of the center stage where their presidential table was. Ms. Elaine saw me when she passed by my area and gave me a wink. I nodded back and smiled on her way.

After the minutes long well-wishes and greetings, we all sat down and the program started immediately. First was a doxology dance, then a welcome remark from the father of the groom and then the highlights of the bride and groom's relationship where the video showed how Aaron proposed to Elaine.

I was beginning to fidget in my chair as I was aware of the program flow. If my memory serves me right, what would come next after this montage of videos is the President of the Fancy Pants Club's message to the celebrants. Since he isn't sitting in his reserved seat now, I seriously hope the stage director had him waiting at the backstage.

Oh, God. I wouldn't be able to handle it if he doesn't show up!

The master of ceremonies, a well-known male T.V. personality, appeared after the video presentation ended. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest as he started to speak; silently praying to the heavens that everything would turn out the way as planned.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce to you the President of the Fancy Pants Club, Mr. Erik Romano Fancii."

Yes! Thank the heavens for answering my prayer!

A thunderous clap resounded in the room thereafter when a man appeared from a dark corner away from my line of sight and into the stage. The bright spotlight immediately focused him and that's when my jaw dropped.

Like, drop.

In front of me, a couple of meter's away, was my bedazzled stranger, looking all fancy and attractive - (no, scratch that) - very attractive, wearing a black tux of the recent fashion. Thankfully, his hair was cleaned of the glue and gold luster dusts.

He smiled a shining smile towards the audience and my heart just leaped out of my chest.

So he could actually smile huh?

As he stood near the mic stand, the audience went silent. If I'm not wrong, I think they were eagerly anticipating for him to speak. I think I was too because I found myself holding my breath.

Even though I am this far from him, I can actually sense the air of superiority in him. His overall bearing commanded full attention and respect in both genders whatever status they were. I believe this guy doesn't joke around at all.

"I won't keep my speech long as I know these two lovebirds here want to escape this wedding reception as soon as possible, " he then said in a panty-dropping voice.

Yes, I said it right.

In a panty-dropping voice.

Similar to those adjectives authors normally put in a romance book such as velvety, sexy, honeyed, husky, silvery and whatnot. Any girl would certainly do that in front of him (drop their panties I mean), but me?

Well... uhmmm... let's not get into that path shall we?

Anyway in my head, after hearing him said that statement, I was like:

He made a joke... Right? God, he made a joke! And all of the guests are laughing! Huh! I stand corrected. So, this man is capable of joking around!

"I would like to extend my thanks to Ms. Mckenzie and my friend, Aaron, for choosing the Le Chateau de Esclavette to hold their wedding party, " he continued, looking at the audience with straight eyes. "It is always an honor for the Club to host fancy parties such as this with all of these wonderful people here." He turned to face the newlyweds and said, "Best wishes to both of you and may you have a dozen kids someday."

And the deafening clap followed.

My hands though were still on my lap. Why? Because I was daydreaming again...

Dozen kids... hahhh... I sighed. I could certainly see myself having kids with him inheriting his beauteous face.


WAIT. WAIT. WAIT! Where did that come from???

I straightened myself up and cleared my throat. I think I need a drink to delete those dangerous thoughts out of my head.

Luckily, I still have my wine flute with me so I drank in as much as I could.

I watched the attractive Mr. Erik Romano Fancii approach the bride and the groom and shook hands with them. Then, I saw Ms. Elaine pointed a hand towards my table and that's when it hit me.

Oh, God.

This is the man I am to accompany with the whole evening?!

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