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It was maddening.

Something about the rattling sound inside her veins, the intoxicating smell of her skin, I couldn't stand one minute without wishing to taste her warm blood. And that's what I hated about myself. My predator instinct was unforgiving. Who was this girl?—an innocent human with a deadly charm? I held my breath the whole time I was near her. All details of her features stuck in my mind. Those big brown eyes that stared back at me. Her pale lips pressed together to hide the pain. A mass of dark brown lock whirled around her slender body. Of course, she wasn't perfect like most of us, but I couldn't shake the urge to make her mine. Yet I knew she would never be. Her wrist was cut like a cat's claw. I knew right away who did it. My sister was her mistress now. Who was I to claim the girl? The thought stung my heart. What was wrong with me?



A bang on the wooden door of my room shook me wide awake. A man shouted from the other side as I stirred to life again.

"Get up now!" he yelled. "Get ready and go down to the dining hall. It's breakfast time."

I cleaned myself and got dressed in my maid clothing as was instructed. And we were the breakfast. The vampires would drink our blood first thing in the morning.

In turn, they feed us food.

I went downstairs and was herded to the kitchen. There were other slaves waiting there. They each had a white bandage on their wrists. A tray of wine glasses filled with fresh blood was on the marble island along with other delicacies.

"You get this to my lady." A man wiggled his finger at me. "Don't make her wait."

I collected myself before taking the tray to the dining hall. I could smell the metallic scent from the glasses, and I wanted to gag.

When I reached the hall, I waited at a white long table. Then I heard the sound of heels clicking against the floor. I dared not to raise my face to see who was coming. I sort of already knew.

From the corner of my eyes, the woman moved so gracefully, she reminded me of a stealthy panther. All her movements were consistent and elegant as she took a seat at the head of the table and crossed her long legs.

"Oh, that's my new pet, " the same silky voice that had frightened me spoke. It made my body

shiver. I lowered my gaze with a wince, but I could still feel her piercing stare on me.

"Come here, " she said. "I need my drink."

My feet felt wobbly and my body began to tremble.

"Are you deaf?" one of the vampires hissed at me. "Serve the lady now!"

I jumped and quickly walked towards her. She wore a black knitted blazer and a white cotton blouse with an open neck. The lady of this house was this beautiful being. There was no doubt about it.

I was trying my hardest not to drop anything. My wrist was already healed. There remained only some pink scars, which were hardly visible. It was strange how a vampire bite healed so fast.

But when I put the wine glass down next to my mistress, she seized my hand. I gasped out loud.

"I forgot to mention that I need a warm fresh drink."

She gave me an amused look. Then she pulled me to her and twirled my body around. Before I knew it, I was sitting on her lap like a three-year-old. She locked me with one arm around my waist. Her free hand came up to grip my jaw, forcing me to look at her. I stared into her beautiful golden eyes. Her full breasts pressed against my upper arm. I felt my cheeks burn hot with embarrassment. The other vampires left the hall as if they already knew their cue to leave us in privacy.

"What are you doing?" I said through my locked jaw.

"Having my breakfast, why?" She said, raising an eyebrow innocently. The sound of my frantic heart must have delighted her as she kept smiling.

"Why me?" Tears welled up in my eyes.

"Are you not aware that you're far more delicious than the rest of your fellow humans?" She tossed her chin to the stirring red blood in the wine glasses.

"Fine, " I hissed. "Take whatever you want."

"Good girl, " she said and turned my body over so I was facing her. She leaned into my neck. I felt her other hand slither under my short skirt. Her cold fragrant breath brushed against my bare throat. Soon I felt her lips parted over my skin. My body started trembling. I squeezed eyes shut, waiting for the two tips of her sharp canine teeth. When I felt their edges, a chilling sensation went through my body.

I braced myself for the horrible pain.

But then a familiar voice broke the silence.

"Stop that, Alexandra!"

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