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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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I punched one of the royal guards hard. He stumbled back and yelped in pain. I kicked the other in the stomach and flipped another off my back to the ground. My hands twisted his hand at the joints until I heard a crack. The poor guard cried on the floor. I was mad with anger and heartache.

By then, no one dared to touch me anymore. Their fear of getting hurt like their fellows was visible on their hard faces.

"Your highness, please forgive us. We're only following the order, " they apologized, bowing in surrender.

"Your job is to do as I say!" I yelled. "Now open the freaking door now or I'll rip all your heads off!"

"But Grand Duchess Alexandra..."

"Now!" I said, rushing at a blinding speed to one of the royal guards and lifted him off the floor by the throat. My eyes were ablaze with a burning rage. If anything happened to Avery, I wasn't sure I could stop myself from destroying everything in sight. The other guards looked at each other in nervousness but then they decided to move to the steel door.

"Open the door for her highness, " they ordered their comrades from the inside.

At last, the entrance went ajar. I pushed them aside and spotted Avery from across the hall. I couldn't feel any more frightened than when I saw Alex holding the girl with her face buried into her neck.

"Alex no!" I shot off like there were rockets fired from my heels. All I knew was I had to stop my sister. Her not being herself after coming back to life was predictable and dangerous. I didn't have the time to feel relieved seeing my sister alive again. Not when Avery was lying on the bed completely still. Her face was too pale for a human. Alex's shoulders seemed to shake, but I couldn't see her face.

I rushed over and grabbed Alex by her shoulders, pulling her away from Avery. She wouldn't bud

uch as blood into her system was almost impossible. I had to make her swallow. I withdrew my hand back. Alex frowned at the interruption. I ignored her and sucked my own blood from my wrist before feeding Avery mouth-to-mouth. Her lips were as cold as ice against my own. This once lively skin was unresponsive against mine. All the while, my sister was watching with a desperate look on her face. I didn't stop until my blood spilled back up as a sign Avery could take no more.

I pulled myself away, breathing harder than ever.

"Avery, my dear love, please wake up. I need you here with me, " Alex cooed at her lifeless lover as she stroked her cheek. "You know how much I love you, please, don't kill me this way."

My sister picked up the love of her life, her whole essence and eternity. She held her against her sobbing chest, rocking back and forth as she whispered pleadingly in her ear. My feet felt wobbly as I tried to stand up and stepped back from the devastating sight. I couldn't find anything more heartbreaking than the tragedy of a lover. And then my knees buckled. I collapsed to the floor and the whole world spun around me.

As I stared up into the void of loss and grief, I knew this was over.

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