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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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I had never been so terrified in my life that every breath I took agonized me. The constant craving for the person I longed for and how I might not be able to satisfy its hunger. And now my personal torment was still a never-ending course.

"Ana, " I whispered to Anastasia, who sat near me in the car after we got off the plane.

"Yes?" she said, turning her face to me.

"Who did that to Alex?"

"You don't want to hear about it now, "

"I've heard from Victor, that someone betrayed her, is that true?" I said. Ana looked at me for a moment and then she nodded.

"Who's the traitor?"

Anastasia was silent.

"Who?" I asked again.

"Nikol, " she finally said with a sigh.

Even I had an inkling that someone close to Alex did that, but I could never have guessed it was her. Her hatred toward me had gone too deep, it cost Alex's life.

As if Anastasia could read my mind, she took my hand in hers.

"Avery, trust me, it's not you, " she said then stroked my tear-stained cheek with her thumb. "You're not the reason why Nikol did that to Alex. Don't blame yourself."

"No, " I said. "This wouldn't have happened if I was sold to someone else if we all had never met."

"Avery, how could you say that?" Anastasia took my face in her palms, forcing me to look at her in the eyes. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. You don't know how much Alex has changed because of you. For years, she'd been imprisoned in her own darkness and painful past. But then you came along, and just as you did to me, you freed her."

"But now Alex is dying!" I said, dropping my head in my hands and cried again. "I'm not going to live another day without her. I just can't."

"Avery, " Anastasia wrapped her arms around my shoulders, "We still have hope. I can save her."

"She was stabbed through the heart, Ana!" I cried in frustration. "You told me yourself that anything could die! How could we save her?"

"My blood, " she said. "I told you that we're quite different from the rest."

"What if it doesn't work?"

"It has to be, " she said. "I will do everything in my power to bring Alex back to you."

Even so, I could hear the uncertainty in her voice. I knew we were hopelessly hoping that somehow the miracles would happen.

At last, we arrived at the palace ground, but we were not in Kremlin. The plane had landed at the airbase of St. Petersburg. It was where the state residence of the Russian emperors once located. I recognized the building complex immediately.

The famous Hermitage, the Menshikov Palace, and the Winter Palace soon came into view. I had only seen this beautiful place from some art galleries.

Now here I was, with a heart felt like lead.

The parade of royal cars shot through the main gate in full-speed even we were already inside the palace square. Yet nothing was fast enough for my feverish heart. The anticipation to see Alex kept gnawing at me. Once the cars stopped, everyone flew out of the seats.

Royal guards spread around the doors of the palace. We were not far away from Catherine Palace and the Menshikov. Victor also came with us.

"Your highness, our source has been investigating another lead of this assassination, " he said. "Besides Nikol and the hunters' plotting the attack, there was still another person behind it."

"I already know who that is, " Anastasia said, her jaw clenched as she spoke the name, "Grigori Rasputin."

There were guards at every entrance as they lead us inside. The building had huge marble columns with classic sculptures and Renaissance paintings. After a long walk through many hallways, we got into the elevator and instead of going up, we went downward.

The elevator doors slid open. I realized there was another version of the building underground.

"This way, your highness, " a royal guard ushered us through the hall. As we were getting closer, my aching heartbeats and worried thoughts also grew louder. We reached the end of another long corridor. The gua

time, I lifted her lifeless body up into a seated position. One of my hands wound around her body as I unbuttoned my shirt with the other, baring enough of my shoulders. Then I took a hairpin from my lock and gave a sharp slash on my exposed skin, letting a line of fresh blood formed.

I could still hear the banging and screaming outside the door as Anastasia tried to break through it. I could hear her desperate calls of my name. It filled with misery and heartbreak. Victor winced and walked away. I pulled Alex into my embrace and placed her soft cold lips against my bleeding cut.

"Alex, " I whispered into her ear. "Come back to me, please."

I clung onto her tightly, willing her to drink from my blood as if it was the only way our souls could merge and become one. But her unresponsive lips still rested on my shoulder. Not a slight lap of the tongue was taken place.

"No Alex, don't do this to me, " I said as desperate tears welled up even more.

For a moment, I didn't know what to do. My mind went overdrive. Millions of thoughts flashed back and forth. Memories of us together in the past few months jumbled inside my head. They kept rushing in until I lost my grip on reality. And just like that, I was transported back to the time where Alex and I were together.

"Will you be my rose princess?"

Her golden voice resonated like blissful music in my ears. The heart-warming memory made me smile in spite of myself. I said the only thing I longed to say for the first time.

"I love you."

Suddenly, I felt light-headed as if I had just channeled the most powerful energy out of every cell in my body. Then a slight tickle on my skin broke my train of thoughts. The tingling feeling rushed through my core as a new realization of Alex weakly nibbling on my skin.

"Oh my god, " was all I could utter. This time, tears of worldly joy liberated themselves from my eyes. The taste of my blood awoke her senses. I could feel the tiny tips of her fangs finding their way into my willing flesh. Their sharp edges poked through the soft tissue of my skin as my love was becoming alive again.

Everything started like a miracle. Alex was growing stronger as she kept feeding on the blood from my veins. Her soft velvety tongue lapped over my skin. How I longed for this wonderful touch. By now, I no longer felt the throbbing pain. It was nothing but bittersweet joy.

Until the chill seeped into my body, I realized I was being pulled into the realm of nothingness myself. I tried not to let go of Alex, but my hands and eyelids felt too heavy. No matter how hard I fought to stay awake, the last light inside me slowly began to fade.

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