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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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I stood looking at the Moskva River through the window. Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Red Square were in my view to the east. I could see Alexander Garden sprawled out from the west side. But everything felt so empty. Moscow was empty and cold and sad. Russia, Window to the West, was now a depressing sight.

But it amazed me how I could still survive without Avery up to this point. It hurt every freaking night. I didn't know how long I could live with this. As if my heart would need a fortress stronger than Kremlin to keep it inside Russia. My heart knew no distance or time, all it was beating for was to be with my loved one. I missed the dizzying happiness with her. I missed her soft skin, her delicious lips, her fragrant scent.

But then the undeniable truth hit me. I didn't deserve Avery. She didn't love me. I had hurt her. She was in love with Anastasia. My sister was perfect for her. Why would Avery choose someone like me? All these painful thoughts stirred up a sharp sting so real that I had to clutch my chest with a gasp.

There was a knock on the door. I collected myself, taking a deep breath before turning around.

"Your highness, " Rasputin's voice spoke as he entered the room. "It's already time."

I sighed before stepping away from the city view. It was an annual meeting of the Royal Council. It was mostly about the boring law enforcement and boring banquet afterward. I didn't want to go, but I had to represent Russia at the table. Rasputin just informed me about it last night. I thought it wouldn't start until sometimes later.

"Alright, let's go, " I said, but before we walked out of the room. Rasputin reached out his hand to stop me.

"Grand Duchess, " he said with an uneasy tone.

"You have something to say?"

"" he started, "I mean...nothing, your highness."

But his face looked paler than usual.

"You don't look well, " I said. "That's alright. You don't have to go with me this time."

Rasputin looked at me, somewhat shocked, but then he nodded.

A moment later, as we were in the Portrait Hall, I remembered something.

"Where's Nikol?" I asked Rasputin.

"I'm not aware of that, your highness, " he said, looking a bit fidget. "But why do you ask?"

"I haven't seen her much these days, " I said with a frown. "That's odd."

With a snap decision, I decided to check on her. The guards posted around her chamber stiffened when they saw me approaching. But after they pushed the doors of her room open, there was no Nikol there.

"Where is she?" I asked, stepping out again to look at the guards. Rasputin almost flinched under my curious stare. I wondered what was wrong with him today.

"Who are you looking for? Me?" Nikol appeared from the other side of the hall. She walked up to us and crossed her arms.

"Where have you been, Nikol?" I said.

"Oh now you remember I exist, " she said.

"Knock it off, " I hissed, stepping closer to her. "I don't want anything to do with you either. But you have to come to the council meeting with me."

"What?" Nikol's voice squeaked. "Why do I have to go?"

"Because I said so, " I said. "You have five minutes to get ready. Don't waste my time."

Nikol glared at me. Then her eyes instinctively gazed at Rasputin. It was so quick, you could have missed it, but something in her eyes seemed to tickle my gut.

"What is it?" I asked, looking between her and Rasputin.

"Nothing, " she said and then she turned away. There was this strange aura

ed at me. "I know exactly where to strike, don't worry about it. Evolution moved your heart right here, we all know that don't we?" she traced the curved blade to the middle of my chest. "I promise to get the job done quick and easy, Alex. Just prepare yourself to die."

Nikol raised her hand, aiming the tip of her sharp knife directly at my heart. But when she struck, I caught her hand in mine. She could have run the blade through me if I hadn't stopped her.

"Nikol...don't be stupid, " I hissed, struggling against her.

"Shut up!" she snapped her fangs at me. "You can't tell me what to do anymore." With all her strength, Nikol gave one final push that slid the blade through my chest. I felt it piercing into my beating organ. I screamed like never before. The blood spilled out from my wound. The sweet metallic scent clogged my nostril. I felt my stomach churn. My head spun with dizziness. The pain was insane. I gasped and almost passed out, but I tried to bring myself back to consciousness.

"Goodbye Alexandra Romanov, " she said with a victorious smile. I bit my lips and summoned all my last strength. I clenched my teeth. She didn't expect this. Then I struck my claw into her body, breaking her chest bone. Her blood splashed on our faces. I grabbed a handful of her living flesh and ripped the heart out. Nikol's mouth flung open as she stared down at me in total shock.

"Surprised?" I said, squeezing her beating heart in my hand. Blood dripped furiously from the hole of her heartless body. Nikol turned as white as chalk. And that's when death had consumed her soul. I managed to push her body off and proceeded to pull the blade from my chest. It felt as worse as getting another stab. My breath quickened. My bleeding heart would never heal. I knew I couldn't survive. I was going to die eventually.

Despite all that, I didn't want to close my eyes. As I was lying on the blood-soaked ground waiting for all my senses to leave my body, I watched the dark clouds drifting away from the blue sky. Patches of light appeared over the earth once again.

"I'm sorry Avery, " I whispered into the air, hoping the wind could carry my message thousands mile away from here. "I'm so sorry, I can't go back to you, but I love you, forever and always."

Tears rolled off my eyes. I felt cold and then—nothing.

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