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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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I brushed the tips of my fingers over the smooth black piano, then lifted open the lid and pressed on a tiny white key. The sharp high-pitch note resonated across the empty room. But even after the sound ceased, my heart still buzzed with unspeakable torment. Misery held me down like an anchor and drowned me deeper than the ocean. Painful tears started to sting my eyes as I stared at the elegant piano again.

How could it not be clearer to me? Had I been sleepwalking the whole time? Alex loved me. She loved me more than I could imagine, but maybe there was a clog in my brain that made me unable to grasp the notion. And now it was too late. I let my own stubbornness and ignorance thickened like a fog around my heart. And now it was too late to wipe it away. It was too late to clear my eyes from it.

"I'm sorry Alex, " I whispered, feeling the inside of my throat turn raw. "I'm sorry that I can't love you the way you love me. I know this will kill you, but I have to. I'm so sorry."

Wiping the tears from my cheeks, I closed the piano lid again and walked out of the room. I didn't want to look back at anything in the place, because if I did, it would remind me of the time we had spent together. I would never be able to get out. It was for the best. Alex and I didn't belong together. I was Anastasia's from the start. We loved each other, it was meant to be, and I was doing the r

ulled me to her lap. I curled up into her body and rested my forehead on her shoulder. My eyes kept staring at the tiny white pattern on the hem of her satin dress. Ana stroked my cheek as I was lost in my own world.

"Avery, I could hear the pain in your voice, " Anastasia said. "You have no idea how much that makes my heart ache."

"You're not happy to be with me?" I asked.

"Yes I am, " she said. "I'm just wondering..."

Oh Anastasia, shut up! I thought. You know me too well, it scares me.

"Please, just don't, " I said, bringing my index finger to her lips. "Just let me have you. You're perfect for me. I want no one but you."

In a desperate attempt to convince her, I smashed my lips into hers, kissing Anastasia's moist scented lips with mine. She responded slowly and timidly, but I kept forcing her to kiss me back until she gave in. Anastasia's divine face broke into a smile.

I was doing the right thing.

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