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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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I marched down the corridor between the rows of statues and tall windows, giving a half-hearted glance at the palace maids. They bowed when they saw me. Their red eyes beamed out in respect. The irony was I remembered growing up in an underprivileged home. Now everybody bowed at my feet.

The thought made me smile.

There were still a lot for me to be had. Blame it on my immortality. It had given me a freedom to get whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But nothing could compare to my longing for the Romanov sisters. They had it all. Any one of them in my grip would grant me everything I'd ever wished for. I would just have to work harder.

For many days I had wandered around Alex's palace all by myself. Most of the rooms were locked or abandoned, except the main ones. I had been looking for Alex all over the place, the imperial bedroom, the maple room, mauve room, the duchess's bedroom, and even Aleksey's playground. She wasn't in any of them. Then I decided to go over to where Czar Nicolas II's study was. There were so many guards standing at attention.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but you can't go in there, " a soldier spoke to me. I looked back at him.

"Are you sure I can't go in, young man?" I said. The guards looked at each other nervously. They thought better of it and then stepped out of my way. These undead men need to learn some manners, I thought to myself.

Before I reached the massive door of Nicolas's room, I heard a conversation between Alex and another man.

"The hunters have killed our guards at the city border last night, " the man, who I assumed was Rasputin, spoke. "I believe they are still lurking around the East gate."

"How many hunters do you think they have now?"

"Approximately a hundred or so, " Rasputin said.

"A hundred? How could you let this going?"

"They're gathering more people to join their movement."

"Keep it as a secret, " Alex said. "The humans should never know about this. What we don't want them to have now is hope. Don't let the hunters provoke them."

"Yes, your highness, but we can't keep it quiet for long, " the man said again. "We need to annihilate the hunters to the root. They are a serious threat to us in the future."

"I know that, " Alex exhaled. "But we need to have a well-planned strategy."

"What are we going to do then?"

"Let me think for a while, " she said. "Now you may dismiss."

"Yes, Grand Duchess."

I heard footsteps and then the grand door groaned open and closed again. I walked toward the starets man. Then he turned and saw me, he frowned.

"I forgot to introduce myself, " I said. "I'm Nikol Koreneva."

"I know you, " the man said. "Your father worked for the Bolshevik."

He said the word like it was disgusting. I smiled seductively back, leaning myself forward him.

"And his daughter also works for the strong, " I said, "You've got to be smart like us." I gave him a playful wink before pushing myself past the man and walked to the grand door. I could feel Rasputin's eyes stared at me.

Once I got inside the room and closed the door, I found Alexandra, sitting at her father's massive desk. A permanent scowl marred her face. When she saw me, she murmured something under breath. I couldn't help smiling, knowing that somehow, the two of us still shared a connection. The idea of being bound to Alexandra Romanov already caused a tingling sensation between my thighs.

I didn't bother with the pleasantries of "How are you". I just walked over to her antique desk and sat on it, crossing my long legs as I stared at her. Alex looked back at me with an annoyed look.

"Who let you in?" she said, looking at me as if I was some strayed animal.

"I let myself, why

ou over the sound of your moans, " Alex teased, smiling wickedly down at me.

"I'm sorry, Alex, " I apologized, finally surrendered. "I promise I will never do that again. Just let me have it now, please."

"Very well then, " she said. "I assume you've learned your lesson."

Smiling, Alex eased her fingers back into me, increasing her speed. She started moving her hand furiously inside my walls. Wave after wave of bursting ecstasy rocked every part of my body, yet it felt like she was forcing me to come. I realized I was being forced to enjoy it against my will, and it was the most humiliating moment in my life. But I couldn't do anything about it.

My body shivered. I was heavily soaked from within. The tips of Alex's fingers tickled and nudged at my sensitive spot so repeatedly, a stirring climax threatened to break loose. And not before long, I could feel the powerful sensation coming like a tidal wave.

"Oh....Alex. . . Alex!!!"

The room was filled with my high pitch scream. It echoed off the walls as I exploded. My body shuddered with spasms of a hot, wrenching ecstasy. I nearly tore a chunk of wood from the desk with my claws. I twisted in overwhelming sensation and gyrated my hips as the waves of my orgasm spilled all over me. I thought I was going to faint from the intensity of the feelings that gripped my being.

It could have been two minutes, but it felt like all the world had been lost for eternity the second I came. Another minute passed for me to recover from the shameful bliss. When my breath returned, I started to get up again.

Looking down between my legs, my juices made a gooey string as Alex pulled her fingers out of me. She got off and stepped back, fished out her white hankie from her hip pocket and wiped my juices off her hand. Alex smirked, looking as if she had just done some petty things on me.

"I hope I get my message across this time, " she said, throwing the hankie to the floor. I stared at her with my mouth hanging open. Extreme humiliation got the best of my speech.

I got off the table and smoothed my clothes back in place. Then with one last glare at Alex, I whizzed out of the room and slipped through the door. The hurt could no longer describe how I felt right now. This burn was something that could only be quenched by a sweet revenge. Walking down the hall, I still couldn't shake the anger off my shoulders.

"Don't blame me, Alex, " I muttered under my breath. "You make me do this."

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